14 Falta Picnic Spot West Bengal 

Explore 14 Falta picnic spots in West Bengal and enjoy a relaxing day by the Hooghly River with your family and friends. Please read our detailed tourist guide to explore the scenic beauty, trending and delicious cuisine, and unique and mind-blowing entertainment and historical attractions in Falta. 

West Bengal is the fourth largest state of India by area and covers 88,172 Square kilometres. It has many historic sites and tourist attractions to visit. Falta is one of the great tourist attractions in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal state, India. This district is the most populous area in the whole of India. Falta is a gram panchayat and village in the CD block of the Diamond Harbour subdivision and easily accessible from Kolkata. Being a Riverside destination on the bank of the Hooghly River, natural beauty is abundant, and the place is a lot of fun for tourists. Falta is just 51 km from Kolkata.

Public transport is the best option to reach Falta, as the village is well connected by trains and bus services. You can also hire a taxi, the fastest way to go. The nearest railway station to Falta is Diamond Harbour railway station, just 19 km away from the village. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, is the nearest airport to reach by air. This airport is well-operated for domestic and international flights. This writing guide will detail the top 14 Falta picnic spots in West Bengal, which you should add to your itinerary during your trip to Falta.

Aqua Retreated Riverside Resort 

It is a perfect place to get a break from a hectic routine, as you can enjoy the lap of nature with all modern luxury and comfort. This is a riverside resort, and you offer a panoramic view of the Hooghly River from the bedrooms. This resort is developed on 20-acre premises and has all facilities, such as a playing area for kids, an infinity swimming pool, a BBQ facility for families, and a restaurant.

The restaurant’s food quality is pretty good, and you can enjoy Indian, continental, and Chinese food in this restaurant. From lush green gardens to resorts, the view of the river and cool breeze make it a perfect place to rejuvenate life. The country boat ride from the resort is a must-try activity, and you can take a walking tour to explore the village life.

This resort has a check-in time of 113:30pm and a check-out time of 10 am.

Falta Riverside 

Falta Riverside is a peaceful place to enjoy a weekend trip with friends and family as people come here to hang out and enjoy the beautiful sunset view. This riverside picnic spot has lush green fields to sit in and enjoy the calmness of this place. You can stay in nearby hotels and plan a one-day trip to this place. 

Sit in a clean and secluded place or take a boat ride to enjoy the beauty of River Hooghly, which is an enjoyable experience for tourists. This riverside place in Falta has a tranquil atmosphere, and if you are a village lover, then the beauty of this picnic spot will appeal to your senses.

Mon Folk Ira picnic spot

Mon Folk Ira is a picnic ground in Falta and is best for spending a memorable picnic with friends and family. This picnic ground is near the local bus stand and has a great ambience. Sitting chairs and benches are arranged for tourists to sit and enjoy the serene environment of this place.

Here, you can sit and enjoy the riverside beauty of Hooghly, which boats fishermen sell from morning to evening, and tourists can also take the ride boat. The facilities of the ground are well maintained. The walls of the earth are decorated with colourful painted pictures, and the lush green patches are suitable for kids to play in.

Falta old jetty 

This old jetty is a heritage preservation in the village of Basulat, near Falta and approximately 10kms away from Diamond Harbour town. The British originally built this jetty during their rule in West Bengal.

This old jetty is nearly 100 years old but still stands with royal grandeur and is strong by the river as it is rebuilt and maintained by the port of Calcutta. From this point, you can see the beauty of the river from close up and enjoy the serenity of this vast water body.

It remains open throughout the day, and tourists can enjoy the beauty of this place at any time; they can also take a leisure walk in Basulat village to learn about village life.

Bose institute Falta

Bose Institute is originally in Calcutta and has various campuses in other areas. The Falta campus is an experimental farm situated near Falta police station. This grand white building was built in the English architectural style. When Acharya, J.C Bose visited Falta, he lived in this building, and his living room had a museum in which the books he wrote were exhibited.

School and university student groups can take a visit to this farm with the permission of the director. The garden and lawn of the farm are well-maintained with various seasonal flowers, and there is also a pond inside it, used to provide water for plants and fishing purposes.

Visit to this farm is allowed on working days from 10 am to 1 pm.

58 Gate Bridge 

58 Gate Bridge is just 10 km from Falta and an excellent place for family picnics and couples. This Bridge is located on the Hooghly and Damodar rivers and is safe for tourists. 

There is also a park for children on the river bank where children can see deer. A mini zoo with various kinds of birds and animals is another way of recreation with friends and family. There are 58 gates under this Bridge, named the 58 Gates Bridge.

Chalantika resort 

By taking a ferry from Falta to Gadiara, you can reach Chalantika resort, as the ferry journey is an exciting adventure for tourists who come from far-off areas to explore the beauty of India. This ferry service is available at gate no1 in Falta and is full of facilities, as you can also park your four-wheeler on the ferry.

Taking a one-day stay in this resort is very enjoyable with family as the rooms are well maintained and have all modern luxury facilities. This resort is a beautiful fusion of historic heritage and modern amenities. Various fruit trees are well-maintained gardens, and children can freely play there.

Choto nadir park

Choto Nadir Park is just a half kilometre from Diamond Harbour railway station and a picturesque spot for picnics. The park is wrapped in tall green trees and gardens that display magical colours due to sunset moments and work as a mood changer.

This place is ideal for spending time with family without distractions; swings and slides for children are also available in the park. Due to the development on the riverbank, this place is a photogenic point, and you can take your pictures in a tranquil location with a backdrop view of the river. The park has no food stall or washroom, so tourists must come with packed food. This place is worth visiting for a dry picnic with family and friends.

Diamond Harbour Riverside 

Diamond Harbour, also known as Hajipur, is a town on the Hooghly River and Riverside of Diamond Harbour. Due to its natural beauty and vast river view, it is a famous picnic spot for families, especially couples. It is a great place to enjoy the fresh air and get a soothing effect.

This place presents a panoramic view of sunset, and the riverside is considered perfect for morning and evening walks. You can sit on benches arranged for tourists on the riverside to sit and enjoy the scenic view of the river. Fishing activities can be observed at this place, and this riverside is also famous for eating freshly cooked fish.

It remains open throughout the day, and tourists can take a ferry to Haldia or Sagar Island for a beachside picnic.

F fort Raichak 

The British built this fort to keep an eye on movement in the Hooghly River, but it was in a wrecked situation due to ignoring it before independence. The Radisson group of hotels took charge of this fort and converted it into a fortress known as F fort in Raichak,  a very close town near Diamond Harbour.

This hotel has OK rooms with balconies open toward the riverside and comfortable suites to offer guests a warm and luxurious stay. This hotel has a fitness centre and lush green gardens. The restaurant has a delicate and delicious food variety with a beautiful sitting area. In short, this is a fantastic blend of heritage and modern amenities.

This fort is built in the Anglo-Indian architectural style, and every corner of this fort depicts the artistic beauty of architecture. It has w4 24-hour front desk for tourists to stay and enjoy the food.

Lighthouse in Diamond Harbour 

Diamond Harbour lighthouse is also an excellent place to view the town and river from a certain height. Still, tourists need help to go to the top of the lighthouse and come to capture the architectural beauty of the place with its serene surroundings.

 This lighthouse was built in  British times but is still functional and helps the sailing cruises to show the direction at night. Tourists can quickly get access to this watch tower, which is near Raichak Fort. 

Aashram of Ramakrishna Mission 

This place is ideal for those who want to seek inner peace and spiritual empowerment. The priests solve the problem of hypertension through lectures on religion and yoga training. 

This Aashram is settled on the riverbank and also has a serene beauty. Here, visitors can enjoy the architectural beauty of Aashram and talk with priests about any religious issue. This place has a very calming environment to relax the body and soul.

Nicco park

Nicco Park is an amusement park on the way to Diamond Harbour and just 8km away from Kolkata. This park is the largest in the whole of eastern India. This park is full of rides and has a specific aqua section in which water slides are fitted.

 This park is a home for unlimited fun, and 1 day is insufficient to explore all the hidden excitements. The park has a cafe and restaurant to satisfy visitors’ hunger.

This park opens from 10:30 am until 7:30 pm

Victoria Memorial 

Victoria Memorial is a grand white marble monument in Kolkata built to pay tribute to Queen Victoria, who ruled from 1837 until she died in 1906. This Memorial was designed by an English architect, Sir Aston Webb.

This museum has a lot of historical information to explore, and due to built-in lush green gardens, the place is also fabulous for photography in the gardens of the museum. 

It opens from 10:30 am to 5 pm.


Why is Falta famous?

With its natural beauty, Falta is famous for Bose Bigyan Mandir, a beautiful farmhouse of scientist Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, which is now converted into a Falta experimental farm. This village is also famous due to its location on the bank of river Hooghly.

Where do people go for picnics in Kolkata?

People from Kolkata went for picnics in nearby towns or beaches in the nearby cities. Most people went to enjoy the riverside beauty and calmness of village areas far from populated city areas, such as Piyali Island, Falta, Diamond Harbour, Gadiara, Baabur Haat, Machranga Dwip, etc.

Why is West Bengal famous for tourism?

The West Bengal state of India has unique attractions and a blend of historic heritage and natural beauty. Nature lovers come to explore the beauty of snow-clad mountains in the north of West Bengal. Its green forests and rolling tea gardens on mountains, golden beaches with shallow sand, and the World’s largest mangrove delta are also in the South of this state, attracting explorers to come and explore the wildlife of dense forests.

Which state is Falta?

Falta is in West Bengal state of India in North 24 Parganas district and CD block of Diamond Harbour. This village is an attraction for tourists due to its natural beauty and for settling on the bank of the river Hooghly.

Which food is famous in West Bengal?

West Bengal is famous for having a diverse culture and attractions. One of the top attractions is Bengali food, cooked with pure Bengali spices, and mouth-watering dishes of the state are rasgullas, chowchow, and rasa malai.

Final Analysis 

These are all the top 14 Falta picnic spots in West Bengal. Falta is a spectacular village in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, and a trip to Falta is exciting and enjoyable due to tourist attractions on the way to Diamond Harbour and Kolkata. The village itself has various picnic spots and is rich in natural beauty. Winter months are ideal for enjoying the pleasant weather at the riverbank, and this trip will be memorable. Get ready to spend your next vacation in West Bengal and plan your next trip to enjoy the natural beauty of the Hooghly River; I hope this guide will help you plan your itinerary to Falta. 

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