8 Things To Do In Pahalgam In Winter

Are you going to plan your trip for a wonderful natural destination? Then Pahalgam is the best option to visit as this destination is a mini Switzerland of Kashmir. Learn about the top attractions of Pahalgam and 8 things to do in Pahalgam in winter.

Pahalgam is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, a famous tourist destination. It is famous for having the nearest annual pilgrimage of Amaranth Yatra, as this destination is just 45km away from Anantnag district. Due to its high altitude, the climate of Pahalgam is cool. August is the hottest month, with 25°C temperature, and January is the coolest month, with a -8 temperature. In winter, you can enjoy snow falling, which starts at the end of October and continues till January. This destination is famous for having panoramic natural beauty, as it is situated on the bank of the Lidder River. Lush green surroundings and snow-covered mountains of the Himalayan range are enough to capture the attention of tourists.

Tourists can connect with nature and enjoy many activities in Pahalgam, as the resort is not only famous for its beauty but also offers a lot to do. Here, you can enjoy rafting in the Lidder River, Fishing, trekking, and skating on high Himalayan mountains, enjoy nature by camping, horse riding in green meadows of Pahalgam, and shopping by buying Kashmiri shawls, handicrafts, and carpets. Let’s explore 8 things to do in Pahalgam in winter in detail.  Read Also .. Is it a safe Kashmir trip with 2-year kids in winter

1. Ice skating And Snow skiing: 

Snow skiing

Both activities are adventurous and certainly entertain you for hours. In Pahalgam, there is an ice rink. It was opened in 2016. This ice rink has a roof, lights, and night skating facilities. Frozen Lidder River and the artificial ice rink at the Lidder Amusement Park are the best places if you love gliding. 

To experience the beauty of the Pahalgam means Kashmir, ice skating is the best way. The local shops rent different equipment to make your ice skating experience unforgettable. 

Pahalgam has the best snow-covered slopes, like Aru Valley, and scenery places. Skiing in Pahalgam makes you refreshed. To go skiing, you can reach the slopes by local transport or a pony ride. Local instructors are available to teach you how to do skiing. 

2. Sledging And Fishing: 


Sledging is a delightful activity that is a favourite of both children and adults. Cold air rushing your face refreshes you, and you relive your childhood memories. Similarly, fishing in Pahalgam is another activity that you can enjoy and feel relaxed about while getting rewards in the form of fish. 

Mostly, a tourist who loves fishing visits the Lidder River because the Lidder River’s trout is very famous. You can also fish mahseer. But you should get special approval from the local fisheries department or the Tourist Reception Centre. 

3. Visit Aru Valley

Aru Valley

Aru is a small village and a tourist destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. This valley is 12km from Pahalgam, and 45 minutes are required to reach the valley. The distance can be covered by private car, or a taxi can be hired. You have to pay RS.25 to enter the valley. 

This valley is famous for its scenic beauty and wildlife sanctuary. Many rare and endangered species are found in the dense pine forest of the valley. Green meadows and pristine lakes are beautiful and have a peaceful environment to enjoy the natural beauty. 

The best time to visit this valley is July to September, but due to snowfall in winter, the mountains are covered with snow and become the best place for skiing. Nature lovers can enjoy the beauty of the Aru River, green meadows, and high snow-capped mountains and can also enjoy the flora and fauna of the forest. The valley also has a lot for adventure enthusiasts, such as this valley serves as a base camp for trekking to Tarsar- Marsar Lake and Kolahoi Glacier. There are also other small trails for trekking. 

You can ride a pony/horse in the green meadows of the valley by paying 1,000-1,500 per person. Camping, Fishing, and snowboarding are also enjoyable activities in Aru Valley.

4. Visit Betaab Valley

Betaab Valley

Betaab Valley is also one of the sub Valleys in Kashmir. This valley is 15km distance from Pahalgam and is famous for its picturesque view. 

The Bollywood movie Betaab, featuring Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh, was shot in this valley and then got its name Betaab. This beautiful Landscape was under Mughal rulers before the early 15th century. 

This valley is settled between two Himalayan ranges, Pir Panjal and Zanskar, on the way to Amaranth temple. It is a base camp for tourists who want to enjoy trekking for further discovery. You have to pay 100 rupees as an entry fee for the valley.

Meadows are lush green, and streams flow through snow-covered mountains, presenting a majestic valley overview. This beautiful Landscape is the best option for romantic couples to capture their memories in the beauty of nature. Kashmiri dresses are available in the valley. 

By paying 60 rupees, you can rent out the dress and click out the beautiful couple of shots. The valley is also featured with deodar trees and pine trees in its surroundings that make the valley full of greenery.

5. Tulian Lake Adventure

 Tulian Lake

Tulian Lake is an alpine Lake tucked 16km from Pahalgam in the Southwest. This lake has 3684 altitudes, and the lake is surrounded by 4800-meter-high mountains on three sides. Lake water is bluish-green, and sometimes, due to low temperatures, you can see chunks of ice floating on the lake. 

This lake has an extremely peaceful environment and is the best option for photography. Photographers can click the pictures of beautiful surroundings and snow-covered mountains, presenting a wonderful view to enjoy.

The trek for accessibility to the lake is quite steep to climb. Thus, the lake is a great attraction for adventure seekers, as to reach there, you have to cover the trek by trekking. 

This trekking takes two days to reach here and is accomplished in three parts. The first starts from the base, and then, in the second part, you come across a beautiful valley on the bank of a river. Then, by starting from the valley, you will reach Tulian Lake. It takes two days to reach the lake, but this trek can also be covered by hiring a pony that will cover this trek in one day. 

6. Explore snow falling At Chandanwari. 

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Chandanwari is a beautiful place located in Anantnag district, 16km from Pahalgam, with 2895 meters altitude from sea level. You can easily reach here by hiring a taxi from Pahalgam Village Taxi, as a taxi from outside the village is not allowed. 

You can visit this valley from 8 am to 6 pm. 

The place’s popularity is due to its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. You can relax from the hectic routine life of the city and can enjoy the beauty of nature. The valley is also important for pilgrims, the starting point for Amarnath Yatra. This yatra is an annual pilgrimage for Hindus.

This valley has many interesting activities to do, such as sledging on an ice bridge in winter is an interesting sport. By paying 300RS for one round, you can enjoy this sport. 

Winter season is best to indulge in snow sports, and a snow festival is arranged every year in January. At this festival, sledging races, skiing races, and other snow sports are arranged by the government, and you can enjoy many of these activities.

7. Visit Baisaran, the “Mini Switzerland of India.

Baisaran Valley

Baisaran is a green hilltop located 5km from Pahalgam, and you can reach it here by pony ride, but if you are physically fit and an adventure lover, then hiking is a good option to reach Baisaran. 

This place was nicknamed the “Mini Switzerland of India” due to its mesmerizing beauty. The valley is full of green meadows and surrounded by high mountains, which are fully covered with snow. Pristine white snow on these mountains gives a picturesque view for photography. It has dense pine forests, and the wildlife in these forests is quite interesting. 

This offbeat place is quite free from pollution, and you can enjoy a remarkable free time in the company of nature. Nature enthusiasts can find a lot to see, and it also serves as a base camp for trekking to Tulian Lake. Here, adventure seekers can also indulge in zipline, Zorbing, horse riding, and pony rides.

8. Visit Kolahoi Glacier 

Kolahoi Glacier is located in the Northwestern Himalayan range and 26km North of Pahalgam. The altitude of this Glacier is 15,400ft, and the trek of glaciers is full of stunning scenery. 

This Glacier is Kashmir’s biggest Glacier and is a water source for the Jehlum River, which is a blessing for Kashmir to use for agricultural purposes. This Glacier also provides water to East Lidder near Amarnath and West Lidder near Pahalgam. The trek to Glacier is classified as easy to moderate, and if you are physically fit, you can cover this easily. 

Aru Valley is easily accessible by car and serves as a starting point for a route to Kolahoi Glacier. Due to reaching a high altitude, you can suffer from mountain sickness, and cider also has some risks, due to which it is recommended to see it from a certain distance, as walking near it can be dangerous. 

While trekking the route, one can see the beautiful snow-capped mountains and captivating views to enjoy the beauty of nature. The trail of Kolahoi didn’t involve any skills, and anyone with physical fitness can cover this. Passing through the green meadows of Aru Valley, you will see dense forest throughout the trek. This Glacier is called the Goddess of Light by locals for having the main water source for rivers.

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Is Pahalgam worth visiting in winter? 

It is worth visiting the Pahalgam in winter because you will enjoy snow falling, beautiful eye-catching views, snow festivals, and winter adventure sports like skiing. 

What is special in Pahalgam? 

Pahalgam’s beauty is very special. It has a huge cultural heritage. It also has beautiful meadows and pastures and offers multiple adventurous activities for all ages and genders. 

What is mini Switzerland in Pahalgam? 

Baisaran Valley is called the mini Switzerland of Pahalgam. It got its name after the Betaab film shooting here. Snow-capped mountains and thick pine forests are the unique features of this valley. 

Which is better in winter, Pahalgam or Gulmarg? 

It depends upon your preferences. If you are an adventure seeker and love snow-falling, then you should visit Gulmarg in the winter season. Visiting there, you will see snow-covered peaks and frozen lakes. If you love peace and relaxation, Pahalgam is the best choice for you. It has a full, lush green scenery so that you will get tranquillizing views there. Snow festivals and cultural events are also a plus here. 

What is the famous food of Pahalgam? 

Some distinct and unique cuisines of the Pahalgam are Matschgand, Kaanti, Modur Pulao, Dum Aloo, and Rogan Josh. Along with these cuisines, you will enjoy fresh cheese, bread and tea. 

Which valley is the most beautiful in Pahalgam? 

Although the Pahalgam has multiple beautiful valleys, out of all these valleys, Betaab Valley, Aru Valley, Baisaran Valley, Tulian Valley, and Sheshnag Valley are on the top because of their attraction and charm. 

Which month is best for Pahalgam? 

Pahalgam is an all-season destination rather than season-specific, but March to June is the best time to visit the valley because, during this duration, the valley gets full bloom with pleasant weather. Similarly, for snow lovers, November to Feb is the best time. 

Final Analysis

That’s all about the top 8 things to do in Pahalgam in winter. Kashmir is a paradise on earth, and its valleys are unmatchable in natural beauty. These valleys are famous for their uniqueness and tranquillity in natural beauty, and Pahalgam is one of these beautiful places. The sub-valleys near Pahalgam have a peaceful environment, and you can enjoy many outdoor activities in these tourist destinations. In winter, the mountains are covered with snow, and you can enjoy skiing on these steep hills. The crystal clear water of streams and rivers in valleys has a soothing effect on the soul. If you want to travel towards Pahalgam, especially in winter, then pack your woollen clothes and thick blankets because it is a perception about Kashmir that it is unbearable in winter.

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