Best Zone in Ranthambore for Tiger Spotting – A Review of the Most Popular and Successful Safaris

Discover the best Zone in Ranthambore for Tiger Spotting. Learn about the timings of different safaris and the importance of each Zone where the National Park wild tigers and big cats are. Learn about the criteria to choose the best Zone for tiger sightseeing.

Ranthambore safari
Ranthambore safari

Seeking tigers in Ranthambore is every visitor’s foremost desire; this adventure is thrilling and exciting. Ranthambore is famous as a land of tigers because the National Park of Ranthambore is the largest habitat for black cats and other wild animals. This National Park is located on the Eastern side of the Madhopur Sawai district. To preserve the forest area, this Park was developed as a Sawai Madhopur sanctuary by the Indian government in 1955, but later on, this area was established as a park in 1980. The Park’s location stretches over 282km and is divided into ten zones. In these zones, tigers of other species are spotted. Seeking tigers in these zones depends on your luck; however, there is a 70% chance of seeing this wild animal, but from November to March, these wild animals come out from their spots and can be seen by foreigners easily. 

This guiding article is all about the details of the best Zone in Ranthambore for Tiger Spotting, where you can observe the scenes of tigers. Through this article, you will learn about choosing the correct Zone to enjoy this adventure fully, and the guide will help you explore the Park’s beauty by selecting a suitable safari that can operate in your desired Zone.

How Ranthambore National Park is divided into ten safari zones 

Ranthambore National Park
Ranthambore National Park

National Park covers an area of 282km, but only 10% of this area is allowed for explorers, and this 10% is divided into ten different zones. Each Zone has its characteristics and carries other species of tigers in it. There is no specific zone that refers to tourists; you can get a chance to see tigers anywhere in any location. Zone 1 has rich flora and fauna, and tigers often visit this Zone, so this Zone has a good enough chance to see tigers. Whereas in Zone 2, many water tanks are available, so tigers come to this Zone to quench their thirst. Zone 3 has Jogi Mahal, Mandook, Raj Bagh, and High Point for interest so that you can spot T-19 and their cubs in this Zone.

Zone 4 also has plenty of types of tigers and their cubs, like T-74, T-75, T-19, and T-28. .zone five is also enriched with tigers, and some famous tiger spotting points are there, like Dhaka, Baghdad, Pili Ghat, and Gular Kui. This Zone also has a specific gate for entry and exit. Other zones also have many famous points for tiger spotting and different popular forms of tigers spotted in these zones. Zone 6 has a vast grassland and hilly landscapes in it. Apart from tigers, many other rare wild animals can be seen in this Zone. Zone 8 has an attractive tourist point, Balas, which is situated in the lap of the high Aravalli hills series, and due to its surroundings, it gives a mesmerizing view for tourists of Zone. Zone 9 is the habitat for T42, T43, T13, and T59 tigers. Zone 10 has natural landscapes, high hilly tracks, and few water bodies, so the chance of tiger spotting is rich in this Zone. Aside from tigers, Ranthambore National Park also has many other wild animals like bears, deer, wild birds, and squirrels, so if tourists focus only on tiger spotting, they will miss many different species to see and the natural beauty of the safari park.

Criteria for choosing the best Zone in Ranthambore for tiger spotting

There is no specific zone for spotting tigers in Ranthambore because every Zone has a different variety of tigers and has sources of life for them. But if you are planning to visit these zones, you have to prefer zones 1 to 5 because, in these zones, safaris can efficiently operate. Winter is the best season to see tigers because, in this season, they come outside from their habitat to take sun busk. So this is the best time for tiger watchers and wild photographers.  

For choosing the best Zone, one should keep in mind the resources of water in the Zone because tigers come to quench their thirst in these zones as well; the zones that have rich greenery and scenic landscapes can also be a habitat for these big cats because they came to eat different wild animals in that area. Zone 7 and 8 to 10 have challenging hilly tracks, so Jeep cannot operate in these zones. Therefore, you have to choose the Zone according to the safari availability. 

Best Zone in Ranthambore for tiger spotting

Ranthambore for tiger spotting
Ranthambore for tiger spotting

According to the criteria mentioned above, Zone 2 is known as the best Zone for tiger spotting because in this Zone, many water holes are available, and guides and tourists recommend it. Most of the sightings are reported from this Zone. In this Zone, T19, T72, T22, T57, T28, T60 are the cats of this Zone. Jogi Mahal, Phuta Kot, Phuta Bhanda, Nal Ghati, and Lahpur are the points where sightings are found. Due to its low density, this Zone is easily accessible for tourists. Jeeps and canters can efficiently operate in this Zone. 

The most popular and successful safaris that operate in Zone 2

Jeep and canters are the feasible options for safari booking in zone 2. Forest administrations control these bookings. Only two safaris can operate simultaneously and are specified for a limited period. A group of tourists is guided by an expert so that you can get bookings through online service. Jeep and Canter have only sitting differences because in Jeep, only six people with two children can sit, whereas Canter can manage 20 passengers. The timings of these safaris depend on the season because it varies according to season. Generally, from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. and then 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., the visitors are allowed to visit the different zones of the Park. In Jeep, Indians have to pay $ 1800/person, and foreigners have to pay 3700, whereas, to travel at canters, you have to pay 1300 as an Indian and 2700 as a foreigner. The pick and drop from the hotel is not included in this booking, and visitors entered the Park with a permit. Generally, morning shifts have more chances to see the tigers because the weather is pleasant, and tigers avoid coming out in the afternoon when the sun shines strongly.

Final Analysis

When searching for the best Zone in Ranthambore for Tiger Spotting, it’s clear that due to its water reserves, Zone 2 is known as the best Zone for tiger sightseeing; this Zone has many other tourist attraction points so that you can visit this Zone without any inconvenience. The visitors who want to see this Zone should keep their ID card with them because it is a must and has to be submitted before departure from the safari. Tourists are recommended to arrive 15 minutes in advance before the release of the safari. Olive Green, Brown, and Forest Khaki are the colors that are recommended to wear with a blend of colors because the use of bright colors can frighten the animals. You should wear seasonal clothes to visit the National Park, like Cotton fabrics in summer and woolen in winter. Tourists should avoid making noise because it can distract the wild animals; moreover, you should carry sunscreen, glasses, and a hat. These will help you to explore more efficiently. Suppose you are looking for a thrilling adventure and experience in the jungle. In that case, the National Park of Ranthambore is an ideal place for you to come and explore the life of the wilderness because this Park has a prominent value for tourism in Ranthambore.


1. How do I book a safari in a specific zone in Ranthambore?

You can book a safari in a particular zone through the official website of the Rajasthan Forest Department or by contacting authorized safari booking agents. Make sure to specify your preferred zone while booking.

2. Can I switch zones if I haven’t spotted a tiger in my chosen zone?

No, once you’ve booked a safari for a specific zone, you cannot switch to another zone on the same ticket. You’ll need to book a separate safari for a different zone if you wish to explore other areas.

3. When is the best time to see tigers in Ranthambore?

The best times for spotting tigers are during the early morning and late afternoon safaris. Tigers are more active during these cooler parts of the day.

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