Jodhpur in 48 Hours – Adventure in the Blue City of Rajasthan

Exploring Places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days? Plan a two-day excursion to Jodhpur to experience its splendor. Explore this region’s rich history and sample some of its tasty cuisine. Let’s take the opportunity to explore this blue city’s lively and colorful markets, where you can purchase handicrafts and unique products created by the artists there. You will be astounded by the grandeur and royal style of architecture of this city’s spectacular forts.

umaid bhawan, Jodhpur
umaid bhawan, Jodhpur : image credit

The article will explain the main attractions in Jodhpur, and people should visit this beautiful city to enjoy its rich Heritage and historical forts. By planning a trip to the town, you can get a survey of its vibrant and multicolored Market. Different handicrafts, Royal paintings, footwear, marble, jewelry, bangles, and other items can be bought from this Market. Adding the cuisines can also be observed where regional food and drinks increase your appetite. Daal bhati churma is the specialty in the city, and you can also try gulab jamun sabzi, shahi samosa, pyaaz kachori, and other delicious food items. Let’s explore Places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days.

Jodhpur is well-known for being a tourist destination because of its illustrious and regal past. When Rao Jodha decided to build a city in Mewar, he became the city’s founder. Rathors were expelled from their homeland by Afghans, migrating from Kaunaj to Pali, where the current Jodhpur city was built. This location’s previous name was Mewar. The town has other names like “sun city” and “blue city” since inhabitants painted their homes blue to protect them from various pesticides. This area’s culture is vibrant and influenced by Indo-Mughal construction. The regional tongues are Marwari and Hindi. Locals dress in colorful, appealing regional attire; women wear long kurtas and ghagras, while men wear turbans, symbolically recalling Jodhpur’s illustrious past. People are incredibly modest and extend a warm welcome to visitors.

Day 1: Best places to visit on the first day of the trip

i. Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh fort in jodhpur : image credit

Mehrangarh Fort is perched on a steep hill and is the largest fort in Jodhpur. The beauty of the fort is revealed by numerous palaces, latticed windows, carved panels, and hard sandstones used in constructing a fort. Moti mahal, phool mahal, and sheesh mahal are fascinating and allure in beauty. As explored by name, Seesh Mahal has glass windows used by queens to know about announcements in the throne place. Phool Mahal is also captivated due to the use of gold imported from Ahmadabad for the construction and expresses the luxurious living styles of royal families. From this fort, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Jodhpur city. A museum inside the fort has an excellent collection of ornaments, clothing, musical instruments, weapons, and many more.

ii. Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada Jodhpur, India
Jaswant Thada Jodhpur, India

This milky white building was constructed at the end of the 19th century as a tribute to Jaswant Singh. He invested a lot in his people and city. In this peaceful monument, you can see many colorful birds and squirrels in the gardens. Greenery and lake-side views can also be observed in this beautiful landscape. Portraits of Rathore rulers, artwork, and carvings on pillars of the Palace enhanced its beauty. If you visit this Palace during tourism season, the performances of local artists on Rajasthani songs can be seen on the steps of the Palace. This is the place where you can enjoy authentic Rajasthani music. Jaswant Thada is also called the Taj Mahal of Marwar; the main attraction in this Palace is the use of white marble. You can enjoy the splendid view of Mehrangarh Fort and Arvill Hills from the top of it. The surrounding gardens’ side view and greenery give visitors a relaxed feeling.

iii. Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace
Umaid Bhawan Palace

This Palace was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1929. The Palace is also called Chittar Palace, as the stones of Chittar Hill enhance its beauty. Only one Palace was built at the end of the 20th century. The ceilings of the Palace are hand painted, and beautiful sculptures on pillars will fascinate you as you will visit every corner of the Palace and present the royal and luxurious style of rulers. This epitome of beauty is now a part of the royal family’s residence. The Palace is a luxury heritage hotel with an established, fully equipped museum. You can observe the beauty of the Palace by watching that many Bollywood stars choose this destination for celebrations of their special days. The greenery all around the Palace enhanced the scenic attraction for tourists. Walking peacocks commonly in the Palace’s garden is also a marvelous view. The classical car collection in front of the museum will drive you through past eras of royal families.

Day 2: Places to visit on the second day of the trip

i. Bishnoi Village Safari

Bishnoi Village Safari is an organization that arranges a safari tour for foreigners and guides them to know about wildlife in the dunes of Marwar. Gouda Bishnoi Lake, a natural lake, is a foremost point of enjoyment. The tour brings a chance to explore the prominent spots of the Village. In this five-hour tour, you will learn about the culture of Village areas, their way of earning, and understand the lifestyle of Village people who traditionally live with their families. This thrilling activity is available in Bishnoi Village at 5000Rs per head, and the transport will pick you up from your desired destination. 

ii. Blue City Heritage Walk

Blue City Heritage Walk is a walking tour organized privately to explore Heritage, history, and key tourism destinations in Jodhpur. This journey can be planned comparatively in many time slots. The trip will transport you to Sun City’s earlier years, also called Blue City. With the assistance of local tour guides, you will learn about this location’s untold tales and obscure history. However, this tour is not wheelchair accessible, and pregnant women are not advised to do it. You can try street food, learn about local customs, and purchase anything you want from neighborhood markets. 

iii. Khejarla Fort 

Khejarla Fort is also a majestic symbol of beauty. Khejarla was derived from the tree Khejdi, which saved the fort from Mughal cannons. The place is famous for its beautiful lush green garden and white sitting arrangement in these gardens. One can feel the beauty of European-style architecture as one enters this beautiful monument. You can stay overnight in this monument because a luxurious hotel is established in the fort. The beds are comfy, and the staff is there always to serve you. All modern equipment is provided in these rooms. The interior used in these rooms is the finest blend of art and architecture. 

Final Analysis

The article is about the places to visit in Jodhpur in the 2-day tour. On this short tour, you can enjoy historical forts and have a lot of fun with various activities offered to tourists. Desert safari and camping is the most exciting activity in this region. But if you are planning a short trip of two days, you must hire a local guide who can help you explore the prominent and top-notch city areas. This tour is more beautiful and enjoyable If it is planned in winter. But in summer, you can enjoy the region’s night activities or early morning adventures because the temperature and humidity increase in the air at noon.

During tourism season, local dancers and musicians also performed their art at the tour’s destination. Apart from the places mentioned, you can also experience many other activities like zip line, hiking, yoga classes, spa services, shopping, and more. There are also other spots to visit, like temples, parks, and many other places to explore. Camping in the desert of Jodhpur is a beautiful experience to do.

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