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The palace has its own significance, as currently, one grand part of this building is operated by Taj Hotels. It gives a chance to enjoy a royal stay in the blue city of Rajasthan. Stretched over 26 acres of lush green area, the palace will mesmerize you by its picturesque beauty. Explore the royal experience of luxury and heritage with Jodhpur Umaid Bhawan Palace, one of the world’s largest private residences. Read this guide and discover how this majestic and lavish palace is a perfect destination for a memorable trip.

Where is Umaid Bhawan Palace located?

Located in the Cantt Area of Jodhpur city, Rajasthan, Umaid Bhawan Palace is a significant private royal residence. Perched on Circuit House Road, this magnificent building is a preserved heritage to witness the grandeur living style of the historic Rajput family. Three hundred forty-seven rooms of the palace are a living example of an architectural marvel, as well as the museum of the palace provides a glimpse of Rajput artifacts, their swords, and a collection of vintage cars.

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History of the Palace

The foundation of Jodhpur Umaid Bhawan Palace was started by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1929, and the construction work was completed at a slow speed in order to keep farmers engaged with their work. This construction work was finally completed in 1943, when the palace came into being as the largest royal palace. A derived factor behind this inventory was the circumstances of that time, when people were facing severe food shortages and poverty. Maharaja started this project to produce employment opportunities for people. Approximately 2000 to 3000 people got employment by taking part in the development of this building, and it was the last royal construction in India.

What is Jodhpur famous for?

Having numerous tourist attractions, Jodhpur is famous for its incredible scenery due to its settlement in the Thar Desert. Owing the second largest city in Rajasthan, Jodhpur has preserved diverse culture and architectural beauty in the shape of historical forts, palaces, and havelis.

The shopping experience in this city is also well-known for its perfection in handicrafts. Glass bangles, leather articles, cutlery items, and lacquer work are some special offers in shopping.

Jodhpur is also known as the blue city of Rajasthan for having most of the buildings painted in blue. This color indicates Lord Shiva and the superiority of Brahmins over other castes.

Who is the owner of Umaid Bhawan Jodhpur?

The current owner of Umaid Bhawan is a member of the former royal family. This royal family is not in rule, but Maharaja Gaj Singh, the grandson of Maharaja Umaid Singh, is using one part of the palace for residential purposes.

Maharaja Gaj Singh lives in the palace with his two wives, Hemalata Rajye and Nalini Rajya Lakshmi Devi. The daughter of Maharaja Gaj Singh is Shivranjani Rajye, a businesswoman who also leads the girl’s polo team in Jodhpur. Shivraj Singh, son of Maharaja Ganj Singh, is also a polo player and member of the Indian polo team.

All the family live in Jodhpur Umaid Bhawan Palace and overlook the matters of the palace by coordinating the management of Taj Hotels, operating one part of the palace as a private residential property.

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Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Taj Hotels operates the other leftover part as a private, luxurious hotel. This splendid property is used to host wedding functions or grand parties. Indian celebrities Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones organized their wedding functions at this beautiful destination. Moreover, the palace also houses a museum to take a glimpse into the history of Jodhpur.

The construction style of the palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace was designed by an Edwardian architect, Henry Vaughan Lanchester, who prepared its architectural style by blending three different styles of construction. The royal building was a fusion of Indian and European styles of architecture.

The Art Deco movement influenced the artistic work on the walls and lavish interior of the Palace. The high towers of the mansion were symbolic of the construction of the Rajput family’s legacy.

Golden and yellow marble are used with woodwork as the main material. The heavy stones were not bound by cement but interlocked with each other by using opposite corners.

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The museum and the royal family

To take a look into the opulent lifestyle of past kings, the Museum of Umaid Bhawan Palace is a great choice. Located amidst the lush green gardens of the palace, the museum is open to the public.

Inside the museum, you can find a bulk of historical items, such as the culinary dishes used by maharajas and kings. Paintings in the museum evoke numerous stories and traditions of Jodhpur. Moreover, in the weapon collection, you can observe the swords, shields, and other armory objects used by kings and their corps.

The museum is available to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To enter, as an Indian, you have to pay INR 30, but as a foreigner, the charges will be INR 100. The children’s entry fee is INR 10.

Take a stroll around the palace or rejuvenate yourself in the green settings of the garden. There are ample chances to meet with the king, as the royal family of Maharaja Ganj Singh still lives in one part of the Palace. Meet with the royal family to learn a detailed history.

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The hotel and the amenities

The 5-star hotel section of Jodhpur Umaid Bhawan Palace offers a royal stay to its guests. Fine dining options and relishing services allow one to live like a king. The spa of the hotel provides body massage, facial massage, and body wraps. Release all your stress by taking this relaxing treatment or by swimming in the oasis pool of the hotel, which is in a tranquil setting.

Rooms and suites are available at various prices and sizes. All of them are decorated using different themes, and the furniture of the rooms expresses the legacy of the royal family. The residential options are known as the grand royal suite, royal suite, historical suite, deluxe double room, and palace king. The facilities and interior are different in each room.

All bathrooms have a bathtub to enjoy a hot water bath. Two culinary sections of the hotel present different cuisines. Risala is known for serving continental and Indian food, while Pillars Corner is specifically for savoring Rajasthani dishes.

Entertainments at the Jodhpur Umaid Bhawan Palace

To entertain the guests, folk performances are also arranged in which locals perform their ghoomar dance. Additionally, to beat the time, tourists can take a leisurely walk around the palace to witness its majestic beauty and architectural structures.

The lush green gardens are best for arranging outdoor recreation with friends. The hotel provides excellent dining, living, and spa facilities. Everything will give you a feeling of a royal stay, especially the evening setting, which is exclusively arranged for guests and where cocktails are offered during events.

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Final Analysis

To enjoy royal splendor and experience true royal hospitality, Jodhpur Umaid Bhawan Palace is the best destination in Rajasthan. Perched on Chittar Hill, the location gives you a chance to overlook the desert and Jodhpur views from the top of the palace. This royal heritage residence is just a 20-minute drive from Jodhpur Airport.

Guests can book their reservation by using their official website or by contacting the provided number. Front desk service is available 24 hours a day, while the museum and other tourist corners of the palace have specific times for outsiders.

Pack your luggage to embark on a memorable visit to this majestic place and experience the soothing influence of royal grandeur. Keep your camera with you to capture the endless beauty of the palace.

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