Places To Visit In Manali With Couples

In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali offers mesmerizing and extremely beautiful views. It is the best place for couples to visit. Read these guidelines and have fun in the town with the best places to visit in Manali With couples.

Manali With Couples
Manali With Couples : Image credit

Manali is a charming and serene town that allows couples to enjoy themselves and have fun. Manali offers a romantic getaway far from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The town’s natural beauty, culture, and history allow the tourists to enjoy and learn from the experience.

If you are planning a tour to Manali with your partner, this writing will give you some guidelines best places to visit in Manali With couples. The things to do, the things to avoid, and how to maximize enjoying the tour will all be explained. Your time will be refreshing but also thrilling and adventurous, as there are many activities for an adrenaline rush. Read the article, and you will be ready to plan a tour to Manali.

Places to visit

Manali is a place that will never disappoint you. There are many places to explore, and you should know all these before visiting Manali. Below we have listed the most famous places you can visit during your Manali trip.

Hadimba Temple: 

hadimba Temple
Hadimba Temple : image credit

Having an ancient history, the temple is surrounded by snowy peaks and tall deodar trees. It is related to Goddess Hadimba, the wife of Bhima. In Mahabharata, Bhima was one of the Pandavas. Owing to its location, the temple’s location is very calm and serene. Here you can not only enjoy the natural beauty but also can seek blessings from the goddess. The temple is also known for its architecture. Near the temple lies the Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art. While visiting the temple, you can also visit the museum to learn about the town’s ancient culture.

Vashisht Hot Spring: 

Located near Vashisht Temple, the Vashisht Hot Spring is a natural spring of warm water. The water of the spring is known for its beneficial properties. It contains substantial amounts of Sulphur and some other minerals. People visit the site and dip in the warm water, feeling fresh. There are separate bath areas for women and men.

Solang Valley: 

Solang Valley is a lovely valley where you can enjoy the natural beauty and many activities. The activities include paragliding, skiing, and horse riding. While having thrilling experiences, you will also enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. The valley has a very famous ropeway that guides you to the top of the hill, from where the views are stunning. Though the valley can be visited all year round, the best time to see it is during winter when it is covered in white snow.

Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art: 

The town has a vibrant history and culture. You can learn about this ancient culture and history by visiting the museum as the old tools, clothes, utensils, and instruments are placed there. The models of local temples, homes, and castles are also showcased. Being a center for historical knowledge, the museum provides in-depth knowledge of Himachal Pradesh. 

Jana Waterfall: 

Jana Waterfall, Manali : image credit

Jana Waterfall is in the village of Jana. It comes down from a very high mountain and makes the view beautiful. The sound of the water falling in a calming and serene environment makes the experience more wonderful. You can also go to the top of the waterfall by hiking. The village is full of deodar and pine trees, making it an excellent place to visit.

Things to do

Spa Magnolia: 

A tour to Manali is only complete if you enjoy the services offered by Spa Magnolia. It is a luxurious spa located in the town and offers customized services to refresh and relax you and your partner. The services provided in the hotel include facials, body massages, and scrubs. The management makes sure that the products of the best quality are used to maximize the benefits. Their services can be booked on call or through appointment.

Manali Cooking School: 

There is a cooking school in Manali where you and your partner can learn the delicacies of the local cuisine. This will help you add skills to your life. 

Scooter Rentals Manali: 

The best thing about Manali is renting a scooter to explore the town yourself. There are many rental services in the city from where you can rent scooters at affordable prices. The scooter can be rented for a day or a week. 

Planet Way Round: 

Planet Way Round is a local tour company that offers many adventurous services, such as motorcycle rides in the Himalayas, self-drive jeeps, and various kinds of bicycles to roam around the town. By joining the company, you will have thrilling and adventure tours to Upper Mustang, Spiti, and Ladakh. The services of the company can also be booked using their online portal.

Things to Avoid

Avoid random people asking:

The best option is to book accommodation in advance, but if you still need to do so, look for reliable and reputable places to stay. And avoid asking random people for places to visit. You will encounter some people offering hotels at cheap prices. They will either trap you by charging extra or take you to areas that are not safe to stay.

Avoid renting snow dresses:

When you visit Sissu, Rohtang, or Solang valleys, many people sell snow dresses. Do not rent those dresses, as they are of no use and will not be of your size as well. Bring a water-resistant warm jacket with you, and you will be fine in these valleys.

Avoid booking your place of stay near Mall Road:

If you want a romantic and peaceful tour with your partner, we recommend not renting accommodation near Mall Road. Being the city’s commercial hub, the area is always noisy and crowded with people. Renting a place near it will make you feel uneasy and irritated. Thus, looking for accommodation in nearby areas, such as Prini, Aleo, Burwa, Shuru, etc, is better.

Avoid eating at the fancy cafes all the time:

If you visit Manali, we recommend you avoid eating at the cafes which offer expensive foods and make you spend a lot of money. Instead, look for a local restaurant or place where you can find the local cuisine and delicacies. You will find junk food everywhere in India, but try the local dishes if you are in Manali. Some local words are momos, thukpa, siddur, etc.

Avoid bike ride:

As mentioned earlier, there are many rental services from which you can rent a bike and explore the town yourself. But if you are not familiar with riding bikes in hilly areas, it is suggested that you refrain from doing so in Manali. The roads in the region need to be straight so you can drive quickly. Instead, the streets are curvy, steep, narrow, and often blocked for various reasons, such as snowfall, landslides, or heavy traffic. Therefore, only ride a bike if you are an experienced rider.

Final Analysis

Manali is among the most favorite tourist places for couples. It is a hill station with natural beauty, historical and cultural sites, and many fun activities. You and your partner will make hundreds of memories during this trip. Although there are multiple best places to visit in Manali for couples, some areas are unique. Ancient sites like Hadimba Temple, the Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art, and the wonderful Solang Valley will be seen. The fun activities include Spa Magnolia, renting a scooter, and cooking classes. We have also discussed some things that must be avoided to have a wonderful experience. Follow these tips and suggestions and have a wonderful experience.

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