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Meghalaya, India [CC: Rituraj]

Do you want to visit the wettest place on earth? Are you interested in experiencing the vibes of Scotland on a low budget? Then, plan your next trip to Meghalaya, India. The Meghalaya name originated from Sanskrit, which means “a home of clouds.” It is an Indian state on the northeastern side. Most of the area is hilly with rolling slopes. It is famous for its monsoon climate. It provides a cheerful escape from the summer heat. The state’s mountains have varied flora and fauna to draw the attention of nature lovers. This state has a tribal system and is a relatively safe tourist destination. Most of Meghalaya’s economic growth depends on farming. It includes soya beans, sunflowers, mustard, and fibre crops. Its traditional festivals make it stand out among other tourist spots. This guide will explore the top 10 adventurous things to do in Meghalaya for a memorable trip.

History of Meghalaya

In 1972, the state merged the two districts of Assam with another Indian state. More than half of Meghalay’s area has green forests and rich wildlife. It is the only Indian state that still possesses a matrilineal society. Women have inherited property, and the ancestry line continues from the mother’s side. The people of Meghalaya welcome outsiders. They do it through the soothing playing of musical instruments. Musicians play drums and bamboo flutes in traditional celebrations. The local population belongs to the Hindu and Christian religions. They speak Gero and Khasi. Meanwhile, English has official language status.

How to reach Meghalaya?

You can reach Meghalaya by air, road, and train. The choice depends on how you want to get there. You can book your tickets for Umroi Airport to reach Meghalaya by air. This flying station is just 35 kilometres from the capital city, Shillong. But the Guwahati railway station is the only option if you want to travel by train. This station is 105 km from Shillong. Meghalaya has also built roads. Tourists can take private taxis or reserve seats on buses.

Are there any adventure activities available in Meghalaya?

Yes, excursionists can find a variety of adventurous activities in Meghalaya. It has mountains, water bodies, and deep forests. You can go on all kinds of adventures there for fun. The environment and geographical characteristics of Meghalaya are also ideal for outdoor activities. For the best experience, you should follow local guide instructions for your safety. Here are 10 adventurous things to do in Meghalaya that will make your trip thrilling.

1. Explore the limestone caves of Meghalaya

limestone caves of Meghalaya
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These caves contain fossils and remnants of historical lives. They cover an area of around 600 kilometres and are the most extended place to visit. Mawsmai, Arwah, and Mawmluh caves are top sites for adventure enthusiasts. Their unique natural formation and extraordinary deepness attract explorers. The caves’ composition is 30 to 50 million years old. Dense forests surrounded Meghalaya at that time.

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2. Witness the unique Root Bridges

Root Bridges

Rubber tree roots make these state bridges. Khasi tribes arrange the direction of roots to make them a strong bridge. You can tour the Rangthylliang 1 root bridge. It is in the Cherrapunji region. The bridge has the longest roots. They stretch 50 metres. These marvels take years to form and have the strength to bear the extreme weather of a forest. Their primary function is connecting different villages on Meghalaya’s mountainous trails.

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3. Undertake a Challenging Trek to See the Beautiful Rainbow Falls

Beautiful Rainbow Falls Meghalaya

This trek has manifold ascends and descends. The waterfall got its name from observing a rainbow in its sparkling water. This serene water body is among the most attractive tourist attractions in Cherrapunji. The only way to this adventurous place is to trek through Nongriat Village. It takes nearly 5-6 hours to get there. I highly recommend to add this to your list of things to do in Meghalaya.

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4. Enjoy the view of the Dain-Thlen Falls

Thlen Falls

A fascinating place to enjoy the beauty of dense forests while having high, rugged hills. The waterfall allows a breathtaking view of Sohra village. Locals say this place got its name from a folktale. In it, a resident killed a serpent named Thlen, a sign of evil at this place. The trek toward this natural splendor also houses small streams and hills.

5. Rock Climbing is a must-do adventure

Rock Climbing Meghalaya
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This hilly resort has many heights. It is for both beginners and skilled tourists. Meghalaya has many starting points. They are at the Sohbar and Mawlynnong cliffs. They can help you try rock climbing. The trek to Dain-Thlen Falls is ideal for offbeat rock climbing.

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6. Zip-lining – an exciting adventure

Zip-lining meghalaya

It allows you to experience the vista of Meghalaya’s landscapes. The Mawkdok Valley is the best point for ziplining. It has amazing views of waterfalls and valleys. This adventure will allow you to soar the beauty of Meghalaya from a different height.

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7. Hiking and Trekking

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking at Krang Suri Falls is one activity. Trekking at Wei Sawdong in Meghalaya is another. Both are adventurous. They enlighten your mind. They help you build thinking skills and refresh your mind. They also boost your body’s health. To trek in some areas of this state, tourists must get a permit from the deputy commissioner’s office. The David Scott Trail is suitable for beginners due to its moderate difficulty level.

8. Golfing

Golfing Meghalaya
cc: Meghayalaya monitor

To strengthen your heart and feel good, try golfing. You can do it on the largest golf course in India. Shillong’s golf course is the finest place to play golf amidst the pine groves of Meghalaya. Locals know this Gleneagle of East for its eateries and leisure walks. Rolling hills surround this 18-hole course. The place has a picturesque setting. It is also great for photography and spotting rare birds.

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9. River Canyoning

River Canyoning

This sport is an offbeat adventure among things to do in Meghalaya. It offers a great experience on the swift rivers. We suggest visiting Nohkalikai Falls and Kynrem Falls. They are for subsiding through the rocky slopes of canyons. The captivating settings of rivers and waterfalls attract enthusiasts. For this adventure, you can customize the package. The price is between INR 2000 and INR 4000. It depends on the route and duration of the canyoning.

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10. Water Sports

Water Sports

The flow of Meghalaya’s rivers is superb for enjoying water sports. Rafting, scuba diving, and snorkeling in the Umngot River are popular water sports. They make the trip very fun. The glittering water of lakes is also a way of trying kayaking to create cherished memories. The calming waves of Umiam Lake are suitable for kayaking.

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When is the best time to visit Meghalaya?

Tourists can set their schedule according to their interests and itinerary preferences. They can plan their tour throughout the year. But they should avoid the monsoon season. It brings heavy rain to Meghalaya.

  • The winter season is an excellent time to enjoy outdoor activities and water sports.
  • From December to February, the long treks for sports have clear and nice weather. Yet, summer is good for witnessing local festivals and enjoying local traditions.
  • Meghalaya celebrates its dynamic festivals from April to June.

Final Analysis

This tourist guide explores 10 adventurous things to do in Meghalaya. Plan your next trip to this great destination. Its deep forests have made the region well-known. They have beautiful waterfalls and rivers. Pack your key gear to stay safe during adventures. Follow the local instructions. Respect the culture, traditions, and religious beliefs of residents. This will make your trip hassle-free. Stay tuned to explore more adventurous places.

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