7 Adventurous Things to Do in Malana This Summer

Would you like to visit the oldest democratic village in India? Then, plan your next tour for Malana, in the middle of the Parvati Valley of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This village is about 8701 feet above sea level. Malana is well known for its culture, particular social structure, and eye-capturing natural beauty. Malana is one of the world’s corners, with unique traditions and cultural heritage. Read this travel guide and explore 7 adventurous things to do in Malana that you can add to your itinerary for an entertaining tour in Malana.

History of Malana

When we talk about the history of Malana, we learn that this is an ancient city belonging to the Kullu district.  Malana village has a valuable history of secrecy and myth that takes visitors 200 years back. According to historians, this village was organized by soldiers from Alexander the Great’s army. For many decades, Malana has made its own special culture, social status, and language called kanashi.

The presence of a dam, the “Malana Hydro Power Station,” also adds a historical point to this village. It has a special government democratic system called “Malana Raj.” This system of the village guides the people in different aspects of their daily lives, such as tackling different challenges and handling village matters.

The old temples of Jamlu Devta, a local deity worshipped by the villagers, create a historical aspect of this village. All these things make a remarkable history of Malana for visitors and tourists.

How do I reach Malana?

With multiple options to embark on the journey of Malana, the primary way to go to Malana from Kasol is by trekking. It’s a scenic and adventurous route. You can start your trek from Kasol through the beautiful Parvati Valley. It takes around 4-6 hours and can vary according to your hiking speed.

You can also hire a taxi or vehicle from Kasol to Malana. This is a comfortable way if you prefer to avoid trekking or if you are going with a lot of luggage. The road can be thin and curving, so be ready for a bumpy ride and ensure the driver knows the roads well. The nearest point, Jari, is reachable by road and is the destination of local buses that operate from Kasol.

You can hike from Jari or arrange a local taxi to take you to Malana. Scheduled buses are also available for Malana. You can also rent a motorcycle or scooter in Kasol if you’re comfortable riding in the hilly area.

What are the accommodation options in Malana?

According to the last update in January 2022, Malana is well known for its traditional lifestyle.  Therefore, the accommodation options for this destination are not as good as those of other tourist areas like Kasoll or Manali. But there are some guest houses and homestays in Malana from which you can enjoy and see the beauty and traditions of Malana village.

So it’s good to contact any local travel agency or check online for the most up-to-date information about accommodation availability in Malana to save yourself from any inconvenience. Becoming friendly with some locals and enjoying a cozy homestay in Malana is more favorable.

The Top 7 Things to Do in Malana

1. Chalal Trek Trail

Chalal Trek Trail

Situated amidst verdant surroundings and mountains, Chalal is a stunning village beside the Parvati River. It is famous for connecting visitors to nature. The sounds of the river Parvati hitting the stones throughout the trail, as well as scenic views by the river Parvati. When we go through beautiful meadows and pine forests, the trail offers a mix of challenging terrain and serene landscapes.

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2. Malana Dam

A dam project, the Malana Hydro Power Station, keeps an essential point for Malana. Its ideal location on Malana Nallah and affiliation with the Parvati River provides a chance to spend time in a calming environment. This power plant takes water from the Malana River and helps meet the northern region’s power shortages. This dam provides a scene of natural beauty for visitors. You will find plenty of adventurous things to do in Malana at the dam.

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3. Malana Gate

Malana Gate

The journey from Malana Gate to Malana Village is a memorable adventure that shows the beauty and dignity of the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India. The trek begins at Malana Gate, where the air is fresh, and the eye-catching views of snow at the peaks set the tone for an unforgettable experience. The trek from Malana Gate to Malana Village is an ideal example of how to combine culture, natural beauty, and physical difficulty. Whether you’re a zealous trekker or a nature lover, this journey will give you a lifetime experience.

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4. Rasol Pass

 Rasol Pass Himachal

The Rasol Pass trek is a comparatively unsearchable trail in the Parvati Valley, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It involves crossing the Rasol Pass, which is located at an altitude of 13,300 feet. The pass offers a beautiful view of the Himalayan compass peaks like Pin Parvati, Indrasan, and Deo Tibba. You can also witness the beauty of the valley from the past and participate in many adventurous things to do in Malana at the Rasol Pass. The best time to visit Rasol Pass is between June and September, when the weather is pleasant and beautiful.

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5. Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge presents the old history of Kasol because it is made of wood and connects the Old and the New Kasol in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The bridge is situated over the Parvati River, which goes through the Parvati Valley. The Parvati River bridge, which spans it and heads towards the Kasol Valley, is constantly moving under high wind gusts. The bridge offers a beautiful view of the river, the valley, and the snow-capped mountains.

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6. Kasol Choj Trailhead

Locals in the Himachal Pradesh state of Choj follow their own set of rituals and customs, making it a charming little village situated in the Kasol neighborhood. This village tops the list of places to stay near Kasol because of its view and stay options. You can enjoy such things in Choj: a trek to Grahan, a trek to a different village, a small hike to a beautiful waterfall, and a small hike to the Big Rock near the water tank, from where you can check out the aerial view of the village.

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7. Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley Himachal

Parvati Valley appears to be a serene area with lots of greenery at first glance. But the more you venture into the woods, the more mystery emerges. With its cascading waterfalls, thick forests of deodar and pine, sprinkling of hot springs, and profusion of charas (hashish) farming, Parvati Valley is the ideal place for people searching for an inexplicable tranquility.

Disclaimer: Please note that while we discuss the profusion of charas (hashish) farming in Malana, Salam Travellers do not endorse or recommend any involvement with such substances. It is important to adhere to local laws and regulations and prioritize responsible and legal activities during your visit.

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What should I pack for Malana’s weather?

Malana has varying weather conditions throughout the year. The Village is located in the Himalayas, so it is cool, especially in the morning and evening. There is also a rainy season in Monsoon.

You must pack your warm clothes to save yourself from the cold. You must take an umbrella or waterproof jacket for rainy weather. Pack your shoes with a rich grip to walk easily on hilly terrain.

What traditions and customs are specific to the area that I should know about?

There are some rules for visitors that you should have to follow if you ever visit Malana:

  • Avoid coming into direct contact with the Malana villagers. While people are friendly, outsiders are not allowed to touch people here without permission, so refrain from physical contact. In line with the above, seeking permission to photograph villagers is best.
  • It is forbidden for visitors to speak Kanashi, the regional dialect.
  • Further, visiting temples is also strictly prohibited. This prohibition may be to maintain secrecy around their practices.
  • It is not permitted for the police to intervene. You will be penalized if you ask the police for assistance.
  • Without approval from the village council, hunting wild animals is prohibited.
  • Wood burning is also prohibited. Nail-fixing on trees is also prohibited.

In short – respect Mother Nature.

What are the dining options in Malana?

Due to its limited customs and traditions, Malana has few dining points. So, if you want to try local foods, you can find them in local guesthouses or hotels.

The famous and delicious dishes that you can try are Siddu, a steamed bread usually served with ghee or chutney; Thenthuk, a hand-pulled noodle soup with vegetables or meat; and Chana Madra, a flavorful chickpea curry cooked with yogurt and spices.

Malana is famous for Malana cream, which cannabis plants make. Apart from this, Malana offers a unique culinary experience with its traditional drinks. The Malani cuisine revolves around locally grown ingredients and traditional recipes passed down through generations. Rice, roti, and vegetables are staples in their meals.

What is the best time and duration for visiting Malana?

The best time to visit Malana is from May to August, when the weather and temperature are ideal. This period presents straightforward access to Malana, so you can enjoy beautiful scenes because the snow on the mountains has melted and the weather has become clear.

But if you want to see the snow, the time from February to March is best. It’s up to you to decide when you would like to go to Malana for adventure and natural beauty.

What emergency services are available in Malana?

In an emergency, limited services are available in Malana due to its isolated location. If you have an emergency, you can get help from a local health center, or you can also get services from the nearest hospital in the Kullu district.

If there is a serious matter, there is an option to be rescued by a helicopter in this mountainous area. Additionally, a community-based system responds to any disaster or emergency.

Final Analysis

We explored the best things to do in Malana at different places. Malana has several great attractions to choose from as a tourist destination for a remarkable trip. Its vibrant culture and history make the trip full of excitement and joy. We had great fun in the form of Malana village to see the fusion of history with the culture and traditions of Malana. Research its traditions and local customs to prevent any inconvenience during your visit to Malana. Keep your identity documents with you to get reservations in local guest houses, and keep the rescue service’s contact information on your emergency dial. Get ready to explore a world full of fun and adventure, and share your experience with us after exploring Malana.

Stay tuned for more adventure guides from Salam Travellers.

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