7 Best Free Parks in Qatar, Expo 2023 Doha

First Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha, Middle East,  2 October 2023 – 28 March 2024

Expo 2023 Doha
Expo 2023 Doha : image credit

7 Best Free Parks in Qatar, where you can relax, have fun, and explore nature. At the top of the list, Doha Expo 2023 has become the main celebration event and an integral point of enjoyment for tourists. Around 3 million worldwide visits are expected in this expo. This guide will help explore Qatar efficiently and eminently.

Qatar has various parks where people of each age group can benefit. In these parks, jogging tracks are developed to help people maintain themselves, and some parks have kids entertainment through playgrounds and different playing activities.

The article provides information about 7 Best Free Parks in Qatar , who want to enjoy nature and entertainment. Additionally, this guide aims to share information about the Doha Expo 2023, which will be held in Qatar Al Biddah Park. This park will host this expo in Doha, the first international horticultural exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa region. This exhibition will be held under the theme  “Green Desert, Better Environment”. This will promote four main topics: modern agriculture, technology and innovation, environmental awareness, and sustainability. Please Watch Al Bidda Park Video On My Youtube Channel.

Al Bidda Park, Qatar

1. Aspire Park

Aspire Park Doha
Aspire Park Doha

Aspire Park is located 13 km west of Doha, and it covers around 88 hectares area for its premises. This park is free and has no entrance fee. The greenery and beauty of nature are abundant in this park due to the gardens, which make it a peaceful and serene place to stay and enjoy the fresh air. There are numerous playgrounds for kids, fountains and a wide range of activities for bachelors. Sprays have a light effect and create a glorious impact at night. 

This park was used to host the Asian Games in 2006. Aspire Academy was opened in it as an education centre to build up sporting champions. An outdoor gym is also organized in it, which bachelors can use to fit themselves. Its jogging tracks also have a mesmerizing effect due to the green and lavish gardens around them, and people use these tracks for jogging; however, dogs are not allowed in this park, so pet dogs should be avoided whenever you go jogging. This park is a beautiful option for relaxing in the fresh air, exercising, or doing any other fitness activity. Even if you’re going to enjoy with your friends and have a plan for a barbecue, then you should choose this as your destination.  

This park is open 24 hours so you can relax there after office hours. Arab Museum of Art and Imam Muhammad  Bin Abdulwahhab are the nearest tourist attractions for outsiders, and Al Aziziyah- Gold Line metro station is the closest station to reach here.

2. Al Bidda Park

Al-Bidda Park
Al-Bidda Park

Al Biddah Park, also known as Al Rumaila, is located in Doha, Qatar, next to the Qatar National Theatre. This park is the oldest in Qatar and is famous for birdwatching places. Due to its renovations, it was closed in 2014 and, after amendments, reopened in 2018. This park also has no entry fee and is open 24 hours a day, but some of its services are not provided after specific times. 

This park is worth placing due to its seasonal flora, which creates a colourful atmosphere in the garden. People can enjoy a relaxing and fun-loving time with their families and can enjoy picnic tables and barbeque stations situated in the park. This park is a friendly park, which differentiates it from other parks. People are allowed to bring their pets but under strict observation. Roller skating is also practised in this park.

However, there are some tips and suggestions you must take before visiting this park, like loud noise is not allowed in this park and motorized vehicles are also prohibited. Still, you can use a wheelchair, bicycle or motorcycle. 

In any emergency, you can call 999 as this park is located on a massive scale if your feet start ach by walking in the park, but park organizers provide veggies to make it a more accessible option. Courts are also scattered in the garden to play basketball, volleyball and table tennis so you should wear a sports dress if you want to come to play any game in the park. 

Expo 2023 Doha

2 October 2023 – 28 March 2024

Expo 2023 Doha
Expo 2023 Doha : image credit

In horticultural exhibitions, knowledge and solutions are shared between countries by highlighting the integral issues related to healthy lifestyles, economic enrichment, education and innovation. By hosting this international exhibition, Qatar is injecting a new vision into the world by introducing the theme of this expo: Green Dessert, Better Environment. This theme provokes the international community for mitigation of desertification. This movement is about awareness and consciousness. 

This expo will prove a game changer in the economic position of Qatar by enhancing its tourism culture. The vision of greening the Desserts will introduce a new world, which will be helpful for Qatar because this will help to promote the forestation of dry areas. This exhibition will start in October 2023 and end in March 2024. Food beverages will also developed in this expo. 

People can also volunteer at this expo. Still, it would help if you had the spirit of helping others and working in challenging situations to participate in this event as a volunteer. Desserts can be changed into a green world by human-friendly techniques because global warming and urbanization have devastating results for humanity and all living beings. 

So Desserts are going to change a living worthwhile place. Around 80 countries will participate in this event, and private NGOs and the general public will also participate. All of them will depict the cultural diversity of their country and will provide a wide range of ideas and technologies of different areas. Food stalls and music shows will be arranged to entertain the audience.

Due to the success of this topic, this expo will advance tourism and education in the country. Additionally, the nations will promote the culture and technology prospectively.

3. Oxygen Park

Oxygen Park is also one of the most outstanding achievements of Qatar. This park is located in Education City between Qatar National Library and Education City Mosque. This park has a 130,000 Square meters area and two main zones. The West zone of the park is specified for sports purposes and utilities for different sports functions, including different multi-task pitches and playgrounds for football and basketball. The Easter side of the park has recreation facilities for children because gardens are designed to help the children enjoy the theatre, and individual sitting areas are also in this zone of the park. The jogging track of this park is full of thrill and surprises due to the balloon lights around it, and it has tunnels and unique waterfalls and hills in ways that excite the runner to run fast and make himself fit in the fresh air. 

Green lungs are introduced in this park symbolically evoke the concept behind the park’s construction, which is to provide fresh and pollution-free Oxygen for the lungs to keep people fit and healthy. A mini-dense forest is cultivated in this park in which trees are planted to produce Oxygen. These trees can deliver Oxygen for 24 hours. 

Oxygen Park is a righteous option for bachelors who love to spend time with natural beauty and want to keep fit because fitness and yoga classes are conducted here regularly, so you can register yourself. 

Oxygen Park has no entrance fee and is open from 6 A.m. to 9 p.m. You can come by metro or personal car because this park has a vast parking space in the basement. No food stalls are inside the park, so visitors must carry their unique food. Pearl Monument Doha is also an excellent attraction for tourists, and Radisson Blu Hotel Doha is a nearby park restaurant so people can stay in this hotel. For More Watch Below Video.

Oxygen Park Qatar

4. MIA Park

MIA Park Doha, Qatar
MIA Park Doha, Qatar

MIA stands for Museum of Islamic Art and is located at Corniche Doha. This park is built on an island by an artificial peninsula projection. This park has an Islamic museum in it, so it is named Mia Park. A Turkish company began its construction in 2006 and was inaugurated on 22 November 2008. The park is designed in 62-acre surroundings, and its breathtaking beauty and waterfront are its main draws to visitors.

Cultural festivals are occasionally hosted in this park, and the park has separate zones designated for each group of children so children can play and enjoy themselves. This park is not a leisure hub, but you can enjoy many exciting and thrilling activities. For example, in the morning, fitness classes are arranged privately to guide and motivate people to maintain their physical and mental health. You can also hire a bicycle or rent out kayaking to explore the fascinating beauty of the park. In park kiosks, cafes are developed so you can enjoy delicious food here. Seven sculptures at the end of the garden also attracted people’s attention. Richard Serra designed this 80-foot-high sculpture made of steel plates, representing the importance of the number 7 in Islam. This park is open 24 hours, the entrance is free, and it has many adventures, but to visit the museum, you have to pay 50 QAR, and this payment will be accepted by credit card only, so you must have a credit card.

5. Souq Waqif Park

Souq Waqif Park
Souq Waqif Park

Souq Waqif is also one of the finest and ideal places to visit, from top-notch places that are fun-filled and a source of joy with friends and family. It is open 24 hours to the public. This park is lush green and lavish with beauty for having green spaces where you can enjoy and relax in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset. As this park stretches to the Arabian Gulf and Souq Waqif complex, you can also get a chance to shop, stroll and dine in it. Traditional garments,  spices, and handicrafts are tourist attractions in Souq Waqif.  

This park also hosts cultural festivals and live shows where you can enjoy live performances of acrobatics and dancers, which are real theatre shows. This park is not only for adults; children can also spend their time engaging in different playing activities because this park features the finest playgrounds for children where badminton, soccer and other games are. In Souq Waqif, adults can also use local cuisine and enjoy their nighttime by getting benefits from the facilities provided by the park.

6. Al Rumailah 

Al Rumailah Park
Al Rumailah Park : image credit

Al Rumailah Park is situated in Doha Cronchi. This park is open all day to the public and offers a lot of activities to do. With many cafes, shops, restaurants and theatres, this park is an enjoyment for bachelors with Doha friends and family. The park also has a wide range of activities for children, like outdoor rides and playgrounds.

The paved jogging tracks and lavish green views around these walking tracks steal people’s attention. Those who love to live in the company of nature and have a taste of enjoying the splendid beauty of nature will love to visit this park. The park is divided into two zones: Eastern and western. Both zones have different tasks and sources of entertainment. Jogging,  skating and other physical playing games are available in the parks. Green gardens are a source of relaxation from hectic life routines. When you visit the park, you should wear sports shoes and tracksuit as comfortable clothing will help you to participate in different activities effectively. Moreover, in the morning, the scenery of the park, green view garden, and sea view can be seen.

7. Al Abraj Park

This park is located in West Bay Doha and is small compared to other parks. This small park is stretched over 5800 Square meters, but it will instantly capture your attention as tall towers surround it. The centre space of the park is covered with green grass, which gives the effect of a soft carpet to sit down on. By adding its beauty here, we want to mention this park’s small but beautiful walking tracks, which are surrounded by green trees and will bound you to walk on them. Jogging persons can also use this track to add some miles to their daily running.  

Around 130 trees are planted in this park, and shaded sitting areas are also established to sit. You can choose these areas to enjoy your drinks and snacks. The fountain show is available in this park in the evening with musing, which provides a soothing effect to the ears and eyes. A huge live wall is designed in the garden covered full of greenery. People captured their selfies in front of this live wall. The division also provides a beautiful background for family moments. Qatari Artists designed murals on the park walls to present life on these walls. When you plan to visit this park, try to come early to get a good spot for your wish. Drugs of any kind are prohibited in Qatar, so avoid keeping them with you. Also, commenting on any government building or culture of Qatar is not permitted, so you should avoid talking about any such kind in public areas. On weekends, the park is fully crowded, so try to come on busy working days so you can access all the facilities and enjoy the beauty of the park fully. The park has no entrance fee, and West Bay metro station is the nearest station to reach this park.

Final Analysis 

This article is about awareness of the upcoming expo 2023 in Qatar and exploring the 7 best free parks in Qatar to enjoy and to fit physically, so here we tried to highlight some famous and top-rating parks of Qatar. This expo has many benefits for youngsters and a chance to learn about advanced technology which could be helpful in agriculture. They can get new business and career chances by meeting ambassadors from worldwide. As well as, by attending this expo, you can enjoy the abovementioned parks to view the beauty of nature and have a memorable time with friends and family. The beauty of these parks will provoke you to protect nature’s beauty, plant trees, and fit yourself by exercising daily. 

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