Friendship Peak Trek Itinerary 2024

Friendship Peak Trek Itinerary 2024 - Salam Travellers

Hey Trekkers! Are you looking for something more challenging than your everyday hike? Then, plan your itinerary for trekking in the mountains of the Pir Panjal range, where the formidable Mt. Friendship Peak Trek awaits.

Friendship Peak is one of the most captivating choices for trekkers. This peak is perched in the Himalayan town of Manali in Kullu district. Manali is a popular honeymoon destination for couples. With its high mountains and pleasant weather, this town draws thousands of adventurers.

High mountains are ideal for paragliding, mountain jumping, and trekking. Friendship Peak is one of the many peaks in the Pir Panjal Range that provide panomeric views of the surroundings. Two summits meet at the top of this peak and become friends there. For this reason, the peak is known as the friendship peak.

During the Friendship Peak Trek, you will have the opportunity to interact with the local people and experience their warm hospitality, adding a cultural touch to your adventure. The trek is also named after the strong bond of friendship that climbers forge with each other while on this expedition, making it a unique and memorable experience. Salam Travellers has compiled the best itinerary for the Friendship Peak Trek and will be your virtual guide on the hike.

Day 01: Arrival in Manali

Manali in Himachal Pradesh - Salam Travellers
Photo Credit: deepshikha

On the first day, complete your way to Manali, which has multiple options for arriving. The nearest airport for air travel is Kullu Manali. To reach the Joginder Nagar railway station by train, book your tickets. Manali is also well connected to the roads for bus or taxi travel.

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Tourist buses can shift you from your station to a hotel or tent. Book your hotel in advance to make your afternoon relaxed. If you want to make your trip more adventurous, camping in Manali is a good option. The town is located on the Beas River and presents a spectacular view of high hills and lush greenery. Set up your tent on the riverbank and enjoy some relaxing moments.

After having lunch, introduce yourself to the arrival team. Seek out local guides to get information about the terrain and surrounding environment. Get information from team members about mountain treks. The discussion will make you stress-free and will help you become familiar with the group.

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For afternoon acclimatization, walk in the natural landscapes of Manali. Stay hydrated and spend your afternoon doing light activities. A regular walk will help you acclimate to high altitude. Visit Hadimba Temple in Manali and explore its unique architectural style. This temple, located in a cedar forest, provides a perfect environment for resting.

In the evening, beat your time by exploring the shops on Mall Road. This mall road has boutiques and antique shops where you can buy souvenirs. After enjoying a whole day, stay overnight in your hotel or spend your night in a tent.

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Day 02: Manali – Solang Nala – Bakerthach (3500m)

Solang Valley - Salam Travellers
Photo Credit: Sougata Sinha

On the second day, start your trekking from Manali to Solang Nala. This trek begins at Manu Temple and passes through three villages. Trekkers can capture the beauty of these villages. Witness the lifestyle of the villagers. By crossing two points, Goshal and Shanag, the trek ends at Burua Point. It takes about 5 hours to reach the stopping point.

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Green meadows, ridges, and snow-covered mountains are the highlights of this trek. At Burua, Bakerthach Point is a campground that has perfect picnic facilities. This base camp is amid the Dhauladhar range and is an ideal place for overnight camping.

Set your camp at Bakerthach and stay a whole night under the starry sky. Spend your time visiting shepherd camps and getting information about their lives.

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Day 03: Bakerthach Camp – Beas Kund Base Camp (3690m)

Bakarthach Glacier - Salam Travellers
Photo Credit: Christine P Photography

On Day 03, start your trek to reach Beas Kund Base Camp. This part of the trek starts at 9000 feet and reaches 12,000 feet at base camp. This trek has level 1 difficulty.

Moraines are the real challenge of this trek. These huge rocks need experience and stamina to be crossed safely. You can protect yourself and your team members by, for example, not spending a long time on one rock. Turn your feet repeatedly, and don’t keep both feet collectively on one rock. If you feel any shaking, tell your team to be careful.

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On the trek between Bakerthach and Beas Kund Base Camp, make your journey memorable by traversing different landscapes. Cross the pine forests of Solang Valley and embark on the innovative Beas Kund Trek.

Monsoon weather is considered ideal for this trek. The beauty of flowers and the Beas Kund River becomes more worthwhile in these months.

Settle your camp at the river bank and plan various activities with group members. Capture a 360-degree view of surrounding peaks from closer. Take an overnight stay at this base camp to rejuvenate your body.

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Day 04: Full Day in Beas Kund Base Camp

Bhrigu Lake Campsite - Salam Travellers

Spend your fourth day at Beas Kund base camp. Prepare yourself for further trekking by observing the surrounding trails. Enjoy the sunset view on the vast grounds of the base camp.

Beas Kund is a close base for summits. From this point, you can witness the source of the Beas River. Take an overnight stay and take some photos of the glacial lake. The lake is the source of the Beas River. The lake is made by melting ice on peaks; crystal clear water reflects a blue sky above.

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Friendship Peak has a difficult trek that can’t be covered in a single day. The base camp provides an opportunity to prepare the body. You can also choose your trek for other nearby summits, not just Friendship Peak. Visit the nearby shepherd camps and collect guidelines for further trekking.

Day 05: Base Camp – Advance Camp

Beas Kund Himalayan Peaks - Salam Travellers
Photo Credit: Munish Chandel

Enhance your trekking experience by attempting the rigorous trek to an advanced camp. Base camp to advance camp will provide a more closed view of summits. Climbing for an advanced camp allows you to practice using mountain gear. This practice will be helpful for summit attempts.

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This journey requires 4-5 hours to complete. Complete your trekking in a quick way. A speedy walk will give you a chance to settle in at the advanced camp. Spend your fifth night in tents at the advance camp. This location is quite picturesque and provides a detailed view of Hanuman Tiba. The scenery of the Shikar and Maker Beh ranges is also enjoyed from the advanced camp.

In the morning, prepare your backpack for summit attempts. Prepare your body and mind to cross the glaciers and steep rocks of the Friendship Peak trek. Hence, tie your laces to embark on a journey of uncertainty.

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Day 06: Summit Attempts – Bakerthach

Mount Hanuman Tibba - Salam Travellers
Photo Credit: Deejays

After resting at the advanced camp, move ahead to summit attempts. Select the Friendship Peak trek to observe the spectacular scenery of the Pir Panjal range. Start your trekking early in the morning. By early startup, you can conquer the summit in one day. The total duration for ascending this expedition consists of 6-7 hours.

Reach the top to perceive the alluring views of Manali, Spiti, and Lahaul Towns. After spending some time, return to your feet and descend to the advance camp.

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Enjoy your lunch at base camp and pack your essentials to return to Bakerthach camp. Set your tents in green meadows and refresh yourself with stream water. Take an overnight stay and relax your body to come back to normal from high altitude.

Day 07: Reserve Day

Bhrigu Lake - Salam Travellers

An overnight stay at Bakerthach Camp can be beneficial if you plan for any contingencies. This choice is entirely yours, whether you want to go on an extra trek or relax in the camp. You can choose light activities with your teammates. Otherwise, reserve your booking for additional exploration.

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Bharigu Lake is an enchanting option for exploration. This expedition provides an explicit view of the Seven Sister Peaks and Hanuman Tibba.

If you want to extend the duration of your trip, plan your trek to Ladhaki Peak. Ladhaki Peak has moderate difficulty, and from Bakerthach Camp, the distance becomes shorter.

Relaxing activities can also be opted for by overnight camping at Bakerthach, like burning fires, cooking food, or planning musical games with friends. Photography of mountain ranges is also a relishing option to beat time at base camp. Spend a night and pack your essentials for descending travel to Manali.

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Day 08: Back to Manali

Altai Tavan Bogd - Salam Travellers
Photo Credit: Bayasa

Set your journey back toward Manali. Make your trip more adventurous by getting skiing tickets in the mountains of Manali. The Beas River is an excellent place for river rafting. The choice is that you want to take a rest in your camp. Otherwise, your last day can be entertained through Manali’s tourist attractions. Taste some local foods by reaching the afternoon in Manali.

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Stroll for some hours in Old Manali to explore the town’s village life and old-constructed houses. Taste Siddu, a famous traditional dish of Manali.

In the evening, grab your transportation to depart from Manali. A back journey can be remarkable by stopping at small shops or attractive views. Capture the aesthetic views of mountains, tall trees, and many flowers. However, you can return through the nearby airport and railway station. Yet, road travel will become more observable.

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Book the Adventure!

Trekking is an exciting yet thrilling source of entertainment. It helps strengthen our bodies and improves endurance. Friendship Peak Trek is beyond the imagination. The breathtaking views from a defined height will make you forget all the bears on the trek. It is more favorable to book your tickets in advance.

Before booking, check the weather updates and climate of the trek. Pack all your equipment for trekking and keep extra money with you. The mountaineering treks are unpredictable. In cases of heavy snow or landslides, the trekking duration may be extended. Thus, for a safe stay, bring packed food with you. Have a safe trekking experience, and stay tuned for more adventurous trips to Manali.

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