The Best Places To Visit Around Raichur, Karnataka

Do you enjoy visiting historical places to gain insight into their history? Do you enjoy observing preserved cultures and heritage? Well, then, let us take you to Raichur in the state of Karnataka, where you can explore old buildings, forts, landmarks, temples, and more to make your weekend exciting. Raichur is a place that will pull you back to historical times, and you can still sense the existence of the past in their culture and living style. We have compiled a list of the best places to visit around Raichur, Karnataka, so your week-long tour will be most memorable.

Where is Raichur located?

Raichur is an ideal destination to experience history first-hand. This city is located in the Karnataka state of India and is sandwiched between the two important Indian rivers, Krishna and Tungabhadra. This ancient city is about 410 km away from Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, and serves as an administrative center for the Raichur district.

How old is Raichur? 

If we look deep into the history of Raichur, it starts in the 3rd century BC with Mauryan king Ashoka and then proceeds toward 1294 AD, when the city was owned by Kakatiya rulers and they built the fort to maintain their opulence. The ruins of this fort still exist in Raichur.

With time, the control of this destination transferred to different rulers; Vijayanagara and Mughal emperors were also included in them. All of them left their ruins in their architectural style and culture. In 1489, Raichur was also introduced as the capital of Vijaypur, and at present, it is a commercial city with the production of soap, cotton, and oilseeds. 

Till 1956, this city was part of the state of Hyderabad, but as a consequence of state reorganization, it has gained significant popularity in Karnataka state for the legacy of its past.

Why is it called Raichur?

Raichur’s name is originally derived from Rayachooru, which means King’s Place. This name was gained from the inscriptions, discovered from Belur mention of Rachanoor, today known as Raichur. The word Rayachooru has another meaning in the Telugu language: “Rai or Raya” means stone, and “ooro” means a town of stone. 

The city has a magnificent collection of inscriptions, starting from Mauryan rulers to the end of the Mughal emperors, and for this interesting fact, it is called Raichur. Since its rich production of cotton, the city also earned the nickname “cotton city” by locals.

What is the specialty of Raichur? 

Raichur is famous for Raichur Fort, which houses a collection of engravings in Urdu, Arabic, and Persian that speak about the magnificent past of the city. This point of disembarkation has historical monuments to witness the rise and fall of many rulers. 

Raichur was famous for diamond and mineral sources, too, because this is the same place that provides Kohinoor diamonds to the world. Perhaps this aspect can be a bone of contention between the rulers of the past. The city has become a well-known tourist destination among history buffs for its rich culture and preserved heritage. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site named Hampi is also situated near Raichur. This urban area has special places worth visiting and is the best destination to relate the present to the past.

Top 12 Places to Visit Around Raichur

Now let’s explore the 12 best places to visit around Raichur, their importance, and visiting hours in the details to make your tour memorable, beneficial, and informative.

1. Sugureshwara Temple, located in Devasugur, Karnataka

Category: Religious

Sugureshwara Temple is located as a sacred haven for devotees in the calm hamlet of Devasugar town, Karnataka. This temple gained its popularity for having well-maintained architectural beauty, and it is believed by pilgrims that a visit and resting in this temple helps to remove all physical diseases and provides soul purification. Sculptures on the temple’s walls portray the story of Sugureshwara Swamy. 

Devasugur is a small village in Raichur, nestled on the bank of the Krishna River. The total road distance between the temple and Raichur is 21km, which can be covered by a taxi or rickshaw. KSRTC buses are also available to reach the temple. The annual jatra is the main draw of this religious place, in which devotees take part from various regions of India.

Visiting hours: 24 hours

2. Sri Dattatreya Temple Kuravpur, a pilgrimage site in Kuravpur

Category: Religious

The temple is located on an island, near the boundary of Karnataka and Telangana. People visit this temple to gain success in their pursuits and prosperity in their lives, and it is believed by devotees that paying a visit to this pilgrimage site will keep their lives full of happiness. Lord Dattatreya is considered a powerful lord, having the power of the three main Hindu gods: Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. 

Many visitors are alleged to have had miracles in their lives after paying a visit to this revered place. God Bhaat, Kesar Peda, and Kesari Dudh are the well-known sweets to donate in temples for Shri Dattatreya. This temple is just 10 to 20 minutes of travel from Raichur, and to reach it, buses are available from Atakur Junction, Raichur.

Timings: morning hours, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.; evening hours, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

3. Raichur Fort: A significant historical structure in Raichur

Category: Historic

One of the top tourist spots in Raichur, nestled on top of Gutta Mountain, the fort is a historical landmark and also offers a chance to experience trekking in Raichur. The fort presents a picturesque view of the city and witnesses the various monarchs of the region. Arabic text is engraved on the walls of this landmark, and the walls are made of blocks of stone. 

This fort was built in 1294 AD and expresses the architectural style of the past, but now it is in its last stage of existence due to negligence in maintenance. An early morning or evening tour is preferable to enjoy the sunrise and sunset views from the hilltop.

Visiting hours: 24 hours

4. Panchamukhi Gandhal, Anjaneya Temple in Ganadala, Karnataka

Category: Religious

The Panchamukhi name of the temple expresses the five-headed form of Hanuman, a powerful Hindu lord. This temple is settled in nature’s serene atmosphere and serves as the best place for retreating the soul and body of visitors. 

This hallowed place is perched on a hilltop of Gandhal village, where Shri Guru Raghavendra prayed to get salvation for 12 years and the god Hanuman appeared in panchamukhi form. Devotees read Hanuman Chalisa at this beautiful place to get energy and overcome the vast effects. Shops are available to buy items related to pooja, and the temple is easily accessible on the way to Raichur.

Timing: 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

5. Maliyabad Stone Elephant: A Historical Site in Raichur

Category: Historic

Maliyabad village is very close to Raichak, and the total road distance is just 5km. This village is famous for its historical monuments, and the Maliyabad Stone Elephant is one of them for experiencing the history of Vijayanagara. The location and surrounding beauty elements are attractive features for tourists. 

Inside the premises of this landmark, you can pay a visit to the Shiva temple. Two enormous elephants are also placed in the opening verdant of the place, made with graphite and a great point to capture pictures. These elephant structures express the perfection of art in Karnataka.

6. Naradagadde is an island village near Kuruvukala village, about 35 km from Raichur.

Category: Religious

Naradagadde is an island surrounded by the Krishna River, and the maximum distance between the island and Raichur is 35km. Crossing the river by local boats in Raichur is the only way to get access to this island. 

The road from Raichur to the riverbank is also an adventurous thing. The deserted hills of Raichur and lush green fields present a picturesque view to capture with cameras.

7. Hutti Gold Mines: Goldmines in the Deccan Plateau in Karnataka

Category: Others

Hutti Gold Mines is a geological site 80km away from Raichur.  It is believed that gold was exported to Indian regions through the Indus Valley by using these mines. 

Currently, the control of mines is under the government of Karnataka, as these mines are the primary source of gold, and they export gold in quartz vein form.

8. Kalluru Sri Mahalaxmi Devi Temple, located about 20 km from Raichur

Category: Religious

Pilgrims from Maharashtra state and Gujrat came to pay a visit to this temple. Sri Dakshina Mahalaxmi is the main goddess of the temple, and devotees visit to get salvation for their sins and to purify their purification of soul. 

This temple is also a famous religious site for Raichur locals. This temple has a peaceful environment to enjoy the spiritual power of a religious place.

Timing: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

9. Amba Math: Located in the heart of Raichur city

Category: Religious

It is a perfect place for spiritual travel and a hub of attraction for tourists from Andhra Pradesh. Sri Devi is the goddess of the temple and has the powers of Durga. 

Per the historical tales, Lord Krishna brought Rukmini forcefully, and both got married at this sacred place. During Navratri festivals, the temple is decorated with sprinkling lights, and locals offer their pooja before any family function.

Timings: 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and in the evening, 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

10. Jaladurga Fort: A Fort in Raichur with Historical Significance

Category: Historic

Jaladurga Fort was built by the Kakatiya kings, and the fort is also known as Kannada Fort. This tourist place is a historical treasure to learn about the architectural beauty of the past and is known for its unique location. Perched on a hillock, Jaladurga Fort is situated at the end of the island. 

This island is in the Krishna River and accessible from Lingasugur town, about 113 km away from the metropolitan city of Raichur. Public buses are easily available to reach Lingasugur town, from where visitors can hire a boat. 

Though the fort is in its ruin stage for having a long historical background, the flow of the Krishna River beneath the hill and lush green settings on the eastern side present a picturesque view from the fort.

11. Ashoka Inscription: A collection of ancient writings by Emperor Ashoka

Category: Historic

Located in the village of Maski in Raichur, the Maski Rock Edicts, or, as you can also say, the Ashoka Inscription, were discovered by a British gold miner in 1915. These inscriptions are written on rocks and columns. 

King Ashoka called himself a beloved god, and the edicts showed his knowledge and practices about Buddha. Nestled between the green fields, the place is really worth visiting, where the time stills for a while and only the sound of air breaks this stillness. The main inscription was written on this historical site, which is located in Maski, the village of Raichur. 

The total distance between the two locations is 88 km. The main inscription was written on a graphite boulder in Brahmi.

Timing: Specific timing is not required, as the site remains open throughout the week.

12. Mudgal Fort, a fort in Raichur with historical importance

Category: Historic

Mudgal Fort is a prominent and worth-visiting place to witness the magnifying style of emperors. This fort is approximately 112 km away from Raichur district and takes one hour to reach. This historical gem of Mudgal welcomes tourists with elegant columns and arches that give them a glimpse of the temple from the outside. 

The massive fort was built on a hillock and plain ground, with mountains on one side, providing natural protection from enemies. It was built in the 14th century, and enjoying an overview of the fort inside the watchtower is a great attraction for tourists. 

Visitors should visit the museum of the fort to learn about the lives of the inhabitants of that time by observing the pottery, coins, inscriptions, and historical sculptures.

Timing: 24 hours

Is Raichur hot or cold?    

Raichak City has a tropical monsoon climate and is recognized as the hottest city in Karnataka State for having hot and humid weather in the summer. Typically, the summer weather starts in February. May has been identified as the hottest month when the temperature exceeds 45°C. 

The city receives its highest rainfall in the months of July through September, with a recorded 352mm of precipitation. Then gradually, the temperature drops, but winter months are also not preferably cold, and the average day temperature fluctuates from 17°C to 35°C.

December has been regarded as the coolest month of the year, and nights in November and December are comparatively cool.

Which language does Raichur speak?   

Raichur has a diverse culture, with inhabitants of multiple religions. However, the Hindu community is the most dominant society, with 84.72% of the total population. Muslims come in second with 14.10%. Christian and Sikh communities are very minor. 

The mother tongue of the locals in Raichur is Kannada, which is a Dravidian form of different South Indian languages. This language is heavily influenced by Sanskrit, an Indo-European language, but originally Kannada was derived from Malayalam and Tamil. 

This language has also been granted official status in the state, but for trading purposes, Hindi is also utilized. Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Konkani are also used along the state’s boundaries.

Final Thoughts

Summing up the whole discussion, all 12 best places to visit around Raichur we discussed in this guide are definitely worth visiting. Raichur is not a religious-specific site; the uniqueness of the art, culture, and history of this region are the main attractive features that witnessed the rise and fall of different emperors. As the weather in Raichur is hot, plan your trip in the winter months. If you go in the summer months, don’t forget to keep your sunglasses, sunscreen, and water bottle in your bag to prevent heat stroke. Since many historical places are deprived of basic facilities, it’s more convenient to carry some snacks with you. Plan your next trip to Raichur to learn interesting facts about history.

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