Al Khor Park and Zoo: A Tour Guide

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Al Khor Park and Zoo is a tourist hub located around 48 km from Doha in Al Khor City, Qatar, and is the oldest wildlife spot in this region. The park was first opened in 1983; after six years of closure, it was reopened on February 6, 2020, by adding new renovations and amenities. Spanning around 240,000 sq. m, this zoo is the largest in Qatar, with all public facilities. Amusing and entertaining tools are provided in the park for people of all age groups. Today, we will walk you through an entertaining tour of the park and explain why you should spend a day here with your family and kids.

Al Khor Park and Zoo Timings

Before visiting any public park, it’s crucial to be aware of its operational hours, as it helps to make your plan and ticket purchases on time. Let us inform you about Al Khor Park and Zoo timings:

  • This park opens from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. throughout the week, including Friday, but the ticket window will be closed at 8 p.m., and the mini-zoo of the park also closes earlier at 6 p.m.
  • Sunday is reserved for general visitors, but on Tuesday, only women and children are allowed to access the park and zoo; on other days, only family entry is permitted in the park.
  • On exceptional occasions, such as Eid, Ramadan, or other public holidays, operational timings are increased by the Ministry of Municipality, as on the last Eid holidays, the park was opened from 5 a.m. until 2 a.m.
  • Moreover, for special events in the country or for hosting any special show in the park, the schedule for visitors can be different.
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Due to the hot weather in summer, it’s highly recommended to visit the park in the morning or late afternoon and book your tickets in advance to avoid the long queues at the park.

Where to buy tickets to Al Khor Park and Zoo?

On your arrival at Al Khor Park, do not be surprised if you do not see any ticket booths. To avoid the long queues of visitors and to streamline access, the Ministry of Municipality launched the OUN App. Make sure that you purchase your tickets online through the OUN App, because there are no ticket booths at the Park. You are required to buy your tickets in advance via this application, which is easily accessible on the Google Play Store and on iOS devices. Tickets cannot be booked in advance validity of the ticket is one day and the ticket is not refundable. Book tickets only on the day you want to visit the zoo.

Al Khor Park ticket price is QR 15 for adults and QR 10 for children of age ten and below. You have to pay an additional QR 5 for a ride on a toy train in the Park. Visitors with special vouchers or membership cards can avail of discounts on entrance charges, and group extrusions can also get discounted offers on the app. You can pay for all this through the OUN App. Just a reminder that the App only accepts a Qatari number or a run-by mail, and you have to wait for a response.

Not accustomed to online purchasing? Try the nearest Al Meera branch, the biggest retail company in Qatar.

Park Regulations

Since Al Khor Park and Zoo is a public place, visitors must abide by the following rules to make their visit safe and hassle-free.

  1. Pets are not allowed in the park owing to the rush of people. Also, in some situations, they may become dangerous for others.
  2. Qatar is an Islamic country with a preserved culture, so make sure to wear appropriate clothes that can cover your whole body. For example, women wearing miniskirts or bikinis are not allowed in public areas.
  3. Refrain from touching or feeding the animals, and stay in visitors’ designated places. If you want to feed the animals, an additional QR 50 has to be paid.
  4. Respect the animals and keep the environment of the park tidy, as it’s a setting full of natural beauty with fresh and pollution-free air, so don’t ruin it during visiting hours.
  5. Tuesday and Thursday, Al Khor Park is open to women and children only, so men are not allowed to visit the park on those days.

Beware! If you violate any rule of the park, you have to pay a heavy penalty, and the consequences will end in your expulsion from the park. 

Animal Encounters at the Park

You must be curious about the animals at the Al Khor Park and Zoo! Al Khor Zoo will not disappoint you in any animal category because it has more than 315 animals and 49 species of birds. In wild animals, you will see rhinos, wild cats, zebras, cheetahs, snakes, deer, and many more. The intriguing part is that zoo management tried to provide every visitor with an experience equivalent to a “close encounter” with these majestic creatures.

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In the bird section, Macau birds, Indian parrots, and love birds are housed, and it’s not wrong to state that the zoo is a paradise for birdwatching. The primate species section included monkeys in the barn, chimpanzees, baboons, and so on.

A variety of crocodile species will be available at the zoo as well, kept in artificially created ponds. By feeding these crocodiles with the permission of management, you can interact with them at a close yet safe range.

Panda House at Al Khor Zoo

During its closure, park management added a lot of additional attractions to the premises, including a custom-built Panda House, which hosts Chinese Giant Pandas and is the most noticeable feature of the park. Qatar has become the first Middle Eastern country to receive Chinese Giant pandas, gifted from China to appreciate Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup.

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The Panda House, which is one of the largest in the world, provides the best care to the Chinese giant pandas, whose caretakers monitor their well-being around the clock and speak with them in both Mandarin and English.

Additional Entertainment at the Zoo

To enhance the look of the zoo, fancy restaurants for snacks and beverages are added, and a mosque in the park that can manage 360 devotees at one time is also designed for visitors.

In addition, a fascinating waterfall, a masterfully designed museum with a grand hall for organizing cultural shows, a mini-golf course, a theater, skating rinks, and a basketball court enhanced the allure of this park.

Al Khor Hill Park

Al Khor Hill Park is very close to Al Khor Family Park and Zoo. Being nestled on a green hill in Al Khor, the park is an excellent attraction for families. This place has lush green, verdant surroundings with colored benches for relaxing in a natural environment.

There is a long tower inside the park that is visible from afar and is used to enjoy the view of the surroundings. Swings are also installed for kids’ enjoyment, and adults can play various games in the green settings of the park.

Adventure seekers can choose hiking and biking to reach the top of the park due to its high elevation and ideal trails. One additional benefit of its elevation is that it’s best for family picnics in a peaceful environment.

This park has variable timing from Al Khor Park and Zoo, as its operational hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Special Days and Events

Different shows are hosted on the premises of the park to promote the diversity of Qatari wildlife and to raise awareness about flora and animals. Despite entertaining elements, these shows offer the latest knowledge to both kids and adults. These shows are generally scheduled for special seasonal celebrations and national holidays in the main hall of the stadium or the park theater.

An Al Khor Ceramic Exhibition is held in the museum hall, in which artistic work is displayed in ceramics. The summer program is held for females, in which they can experience various activities and attend informative shows. Similarly, an interactive animal show was organized last Eid for children, in which they got a chance to get close to zoo animals and gain knowledge about the living style of these animals.

To participate in these special events and shows, visitors must purchase their tickets in advance. Remember, you need to pay some extra charges that are different from the regular entrance fee.

Ready Your Backpack!

Al Khor Park and Zoo are, rather than only wildlife, places where you can spend your entire day indulging in a variety of activities. Children can engage in outdoor games in their specific playing area. On the football playground in the park, you can set up a match with your friends. The interior and lush green verdant surroundings of the park are crafted artistically to make it a fascinating place for visitors. To sum up, it’s the finest place to visit with friends and family. So, if you want to understand the habits and the adoption process of animals, plan your next tour of Al Khor Park and Zoo.

Stay tuned for more adventure guides from Salam Travellers.

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