Diamond Harbour Tourist Spots – A Guide

Are you planning a trip and searching for an ideal getaway to spend your weekend with family? Or are you a nature enthusiast and want to spend your time in the lap of nature? Salam Travellers is here to recommend an adorable place that will fascinate your senses and make your trip memorable. Indeed! We are talking about Diamond Harbour, a treasure for Indians to spend quality time at the river bank, where the fresh air will give you a soothing influence. Refresh your mind and soul through this amazing journey. Read out our comprehensive guide about the exploration of Diamond Harbour Tourist Spots, created to furnish you with detailed guidance to make your planning effective and hassle-free.

When was Diamond Harbour built?

Diamond Harbour town is located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River, in the 24 Parganas district of West Bengal State, India, just 50km away from Kolkata. This destination is the finest option to escape from the populated city of Kolkata. The history of the town starts in the 16th and 17th centuries, when Portuguese river pirates were managing the town. Afterward, the British also utilized the area for sea and river shipping. The last stage of the existence of Chingrikhali Fort presents proof of Portuguese pirates who built this fort for their living purposes in the 16th century.

Diamond Harbour is well-connected with many tourist spots in West Bengal, and for this unique reason, it has become a preferred option for planning family picnics.

Why is it called Diamond Harbour?

There is an intriguing backstory to the name Diamond Harbour, bestowed by the British. The original name was Hajipur because of its standing on Hajipur Creek. 

When an early inhabitant witnessed sparkling rays of sunlight on the white water of the river, the mesmerizing scene reminded him of countless glittering diamonds. In consequence, the town got the name Diamond Harbour. Even now, the destination has unspoiled natural beauty and attracts tourists to enjoy a bright day with a cool breeze at Riverside.

Why is Diamond Harbour famous?

Diamond Harbour - Salam Travellers

There are several factors involved in the popularity of Diamond Harbour. The primary and significant reasons are the abundance of natural beauty and the accessibility of the town. Diamond Harbour is at the emerging point of the Hooghly River into the Bay of Bengal and causes the water body to enlarge wider and deeper, making it perfect for boating and other marine safaris and favored among Diamond Harbour tourist spots. Its picturesque beauty makes it a place to capture heartwarming pictures with family, and their kids can play in the open air.

The town is relatively close to the suburbs of the city of joy, Kolkata, and draws travelers to break their daily hectic routine and enjoy a sunset spot away from the crowd.

What is special in Diamond Harbour?

The rare beauty and tranquility of Diamond Harbour make it unique among the other tourist attractions. You can spend your entire day without getting bored. The last existence stage of Chingrikhali Fort also draws history buffs who have debated issues related to its building.

Some favor Portuguese pirates, while others claim that the British East India Company was the founder of this fort. Diamond Harbour is also special for having its connectivity with Sagar Island, which is approachable only by water transportation. 

Millions of pilgrims visit The Muni temple at Ganga Sagar Mela, and most of them choose Diamond Harbour as a starting point of their journey. They believe that the deity brought Ganga from heaven on earth. In short, Diamond Harbour is a place for enjoying an upbeat ambiance with lots of amenities.

What are the famous activities to do in Diamond Harbour?

Diamond Harbour tourist spots have a plethora of amazing things to do. From its history and natural beauty to its heritage and peaceful environment, the town offers something for everyone.

River Cruise at Diamond Harbour - Salam Travellers

River cruise

River cruise activity is an adventurous way for tourists to get close to the nearby tourist attractions. For this purpose, an air-conditioned cruise has also started to reach Sagar Island. Ferry and boat service for Gadiara and Haldia is also commendable for river rides in Diamond Harbour.

Beach Activities

Since Diamond Harbour is a town on the river peninsula, beach activities could be more appealing. If you want to enjoy high-rated beach activities, the location is ideal for approaching surrounding beaches.


The best and most famous activity to do in Diamond Harbour.  Activity can be done personally by tourists with the guidance of locals while busy fishing on the town river port. You can also buy fresh fish from local fish markets.


The culinary experience in Diamond Harbour will never disappoint you in terms of taste. Enjoy the fresh cuisine while enjoying the river views. Restaurants and cafes offer not only traditional Indian food but also unmatchable tastes for Chinese and continental food. Snacks and beverages from riverside cafes are also delectable.


To take the shopping experience to the next level, Diamond Harbour has many famous brands, and from the local markets in town, shopping for traditional souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, and handicrafts will be a great way to remember your trip.

Does Diamond Harbour have a beach?  

Diamond Harbour is not a precise beach. As a tourist spot, it’s merely a stretch of golden sand along the banks of a river. If you are looking for a perfect sandy beach, Diamond Harbour runs ferry and cruise service along Diamond Harbour.

Can I swim at the Diamond Harbour?

Beach Activities at Diamond Harbour - Salam Travellers

This is a primary question in every tourist’s mind; “Can I swim at the Diamond Harbour?” Although the water level is good for swimming, it is not clean, and there is a risk of skin infections and bacterial diseases. Before embarking on this adventure, tourists must seek directions from the locals. Alternatively, travelers can extend their trek towards Digha Beach for water activities.

Digha beach

This beach is perhaps one of the most well-known beaches for families to spend a lovely weekend on. This beach offers a variety of water activities for visitors. The beach is also well connected with the Kolkata railway line. Sunset and sunrise views from Digha Beach are so mesmerizing, and the beach is also ideal for swimming.

Bakkhali Beach

Bakkhali Beach is ideal for enjoying a leisurely walk on the sandy beach or enjoying some quality time on the seashore with the sound of beach waves. The beach allows the visitors to sit on plastic chairs and enjoy their coconut drinks with local fish snacks. Since the beach is located on Sagar Island, a private cruise service from Diamond Harbour is available to reach it. Hindu devotees have a strong belief that one dip in the holy water of the Ganges will wash out all their sins and purify their souls, and for this reason, they believe that a Hindu must visit The Muni Temple once in their whole life.

Shankarpur Beach

Another famous beach in West Bengal is known for offering the best background for photography. You can see the sun’s rays kissing the waves of the sea, and the local fishermen are busy trailing their boats with nets for fishing in the sea.

Which river is the nearest to Diamond Harbour?

The eastern banks of the Hooghly River are connected with Diamond Harbour. Verdant rows of green trees at Riverside make it ideal to rejuvenate under the shadows.

Consequently, the mornings and evenings in Diamond Harbour are so fascinating that flocks of birds at trees present pleasant music with their chirping sounds.

Is Diamond Harbour a tidal port?

By all means, Diamond Harbour is a tidal port, and the water level of the Hooghly River fluctuates according to the ocean tides.

Sailing boats can be seen in rows at Riverside. It is also a fish port for the transfer of fresh fish to various sectors of India.

Is Diamond Harbour worth visiting?

Local Festivals at Diamond Harbour - Salam Travellers

Thinking about your life’s goals over the scintillating stretch of water ahead can be ideal for anyone. Diamond Harbour tourist spots are places worth visiting and a top-picking destination for family picnics. Due to humidity and a hot summer, the best time to visit the town is from October to March. 

You can also enjoy local festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja, and Laxmi pooja this season. As this place is proximal to Kolkata, so book fairs can also be attended during this season, held between January and February. 

Diamond Harbour has restaurants and resorts to offer visitors cozy stays. With its quaint atmosphere, Diamond Harbour is just like a blank canvas to paint the adventures of your own dreams.

Final Analysis

Whether you work in an office or spend your day at home, taking a breath always in an indoor atmosphere can cause anxiety. Plan a picnic in an open-air space, and all your stress will evaporate automatically. Diamond Harbour Tourist Spots are great places to add to your itinerary. Boost your Vitamin D levels by spending a weekend in the shiny and clean atmosphere of town. Plan the wonderful outdoor activities to play in the open-air spaces of Diamond Harbour and enjoy the natural beauty of the town. Enjoy the delicious Bengali food from local restaurants, cooked with high-quality spices. Then go ahead! And enjoy a leisurely outdoor meal in Diamond Harbour and indulge yourself in exciting activities. 

Stay tuned for more adventure guides from Salam Travellers.

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