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The ITC Royal Bengal, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Kolkata, is a 5-star luxury hotel located in the heart of the city at 1 JBS Haldane Ave, Tangra, Kolkata, West Bengal (700046), India. It has 456 luxury suites, 82 serviced apartments, and seven amazing dining destinations. The ITC Royal Bengal, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Kolkata, was inaugurated in June 2019. The hotel has everything one wants to see and spend some time on. From the moment you visit the hotel, every moment will be unforgettable. Read this thorough guide to experience the splendor of ITC Royal Bengal, a luxury collection hotel in Kolkata. Join Salam Travellers on this fantastic itinerary to discover what this LEED Platinum-certified hotel offers.

Why choose ITC Royal Bengal?

Suppose you want to go to a place where you would feel like a royal community member, or you may want to spend your next vacation in an affordable, luxurious place to have unforgettable experiences. In that case, ITC Royal Bengal is what you’d like to visit.

I’ve been there for one week on my annual vacation, and everything was so good. The experience was unprecedented. The hotel contains every luxury, and the suites are astonishing. I liked the hotel, rated it highly, and recommended it to everybody. My admiration for the ITC Royal Bengal is so pure because of my beautiful experience.

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Who is the owner of the ITC?

First of all, let’s learn about the owner of the ITC Royal Bengal. Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited, now known as ITC (India Tobacco Company), is one of the country’s most renowned and established companies. The Indian Tobacco Company also owns the ITC hotel.

The chairman of the ITC Royal Bengal is Sanjiv Puri, who is also the hotel’s managing director. The famous TATA Sons also have about 29% of the stakes in the ITC. When you look at the ITC Royal Bengal, you’ll see the fortune and resources invested by these big players, as I did when I visited the ITC.

Is ITC Royal Bengal a 7-star hotel?

Before visiting ITC, I had a question: Is ITC a 7-star? When I arrived at the ITC Royal Bengal and stayed there for several days, the services were amazing and incomparable. Still, when I did my research, I learned that the ITC Royal Bengal is not a 7-star hotel.

Despite not being a 7-star hotel, it has all the facilities a 7-star hotel might have. ITC is a 5-star luxury hotel, one of the best in the country, and you can compare it with a top-notch hotel worldwide.

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As I mentioned, there are 456 rooms in the hotel. I’ve stayed in a room with a big glass window opening towards the city, offering a mesmerizing view of the city.

The moment I entered my room, the first thing I encountered was a fully furnished washroom, and then as I proceeded, there was a bathroom; a very nice and wide bathtub was on the floor with a glass window offering a view of the bedroom. The room was wide open, with a king-size bed and sofas.

My overall experience was breathtaking and unprecedented. The room and bathroom were so clean, and the floor was glittering; room service was lightning-fast and amazing. The king-size bed is so comfy, and the room is comfortable overall.

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credit : ITC Hotel

The hotel offers numerous dining destinations, including The Grand Pavilion Market, Royal Vega, Ottimo Cucina Italiana, The Brass Room, The Sky Point, Avartana, Darjeeling Lounge, a tea lounge, and many more. Every single dining destination offers a variety of cuisines and dishes.

The hotel has a buffet called the Grand Market Pavilion; it offers over 200 different dishes and cuisines, such as numerous kabab items, grand grilles, desserts, and an Asian kitchen, which is amazing.

For starters, I’ve tried fish fingers and cheese balls; fish fingers were second to none, and cheese balls were average. Some of the dishes they offer are amazing.

The most beautiful thing I admired during my stay and visit was how they presented food. The presentation was astounding, and the hygiene they maintained is to be appreciated. The quality and taste of the food at the hotel were great; it was yummy and very satisfactory.

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In the grand market pavilion, there is a counter for everything, and the diversity in the food and cuisines is breathtaking. For the first time, you would face difficulty selecting your food because of the diverse and amazing cuisines they provide. There is a whole counter just for desserts, and then you’ll find a counter beautifully arranged and managed for bread, numerous types of fresh bread, a kabab counter, and many more.

Facilities and Services

The ITC Royal Bengal is one of the best hotels in the country, providing world-class facilities and services to its visitors.

First of all, the concierge at the hotel is amazing; they assist you in every possible way to make your stay as fruitful and enjoyable as much as you desire. The Spa is so cool at the ITC Royal Bengal. The hotel offers a fitness center, which is astounding, and the hygiene is just awesome.

There is a large swimming pool with a great view, which I enjoyed the most during my stay at the ITC Royal Bengal. The use of these world-class facilities and 5-star luxury services engraves the most delightful experiences in one’s life and one’s mind.

The staff is so friendly and very helpful. They treat you with warmth and smiles on their faces. The most important thing is the hygiene and cleanliness of a place, and the hygiene of the ITC Royal Bengal is world-class in such a way that it will amaze you.

How far is ITC Royal Bengal Kolkata from the airport?

The nearest airport to ITC Royal Bengal is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) in India, approximately 12.24 km from ITC Royal Bengal. The average travel time from Kolkata airport to ITC Royal Bengal is around 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. There are ways to reach the ITC Royal Bengal, such as cabs, cars, taxis, and buses.

I would recommend the bus; the 138 bus is a better option for a tourist. Reaching the ITC Royal Bengal would take approximately one hour and 10 minutes. It will cost you 60-90 Indian rupees.

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What is the total cost of ITC Royal Bengal?

The ITC Royal Bengal is a grand hotel built on an area of approximately 4.16 lakh square feet. The construction cost of this massive, gigantic hotel is 1400 crore Indian rupees.

It is a state-of-the-art building that costs a fortune.

Final Analysis

My stay at the ITC Royal Bengal was amazing and unprecedented; I’d never felt like that. The hotel is state-of-the art, so beautiful and elegant. Everything in it is well organized, and the staff is amazing; you’ll feel like royalty. The hotel offers numerous services, such as a spa, fitness center, swimming pool, etc. For the fitness enthusiast, the ITC Royal Bengal is heaven. It offers the best fitness center in the city, and the hygiene is amazing.

I’d recommend ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata, to everybody, especially those who seek peace and elegant, peaceful places to spend quality time during their vacation or trip. The ITC Royal Bengal is a dream destination for both native and foreign tourists. I’d suggest you would like the services and facilities the hotel has for you during your stay at the ITC Royal Bengal. Be ready to have some unforgettable moments during your stay at the ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata.

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