12 One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata

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Kolkata, also known as Calcutta, is situated on the eastern side of the Hooghly River and is India’s seventh-most populous city. This city is the capital of West Bengal State, India, and has a lot of attractions to visit. Its diverse culture is a fusion of Bengali culture with historical English culture, and people related to multiple religions live in unity. Most of the population is Hindu, but Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims also live here. Therefore, various languages and cultures can be explored in one city. The city also served as a port for trade in Asia. Durga Puja festival is an attractive main festival, and tourists participate in Kolkata. So, go ahead and explore the 12 one-day picnic spots near Kolkata and find out which is best for your taste, needs, and hobbies.

About Kolkata

The traditions, art, and values of Kolkata are attractive and influenced by the British, as the people of Kolkata are fond of art and music. More than 30 museums have been discovered in Kolkata that have a rich history of the region. Here, you can also enjoy pure Bengali food in the cuisine of Kolkata to make your picnic enjoyable. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport is more accessible for international travelers; the city is also connected through Howrah railway station and bus stands. You get to explore the lakes, parks, historical places, scenic beauty attractions, and other places within 50 km of Kolkata.

How do we enjoy picnics?

Picnics can be enjoyed by playing games and listening to music. You can walk around the park or try light activities such as rides, boating, and fishing. Sing songs with family or play water balloon games to enjoy precious moments.

When were picnics popular?

In 1692, the word picnic was introduced, but it took 100 years to become famous as a picnic. In 1789, royal parks were established as the primary source of family enjoyment. Then, with the passage of time, corporations and business picnics also became a form of recreation.

Top 12 One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata

Picnics are unique; they create memories with your loved ones, and you get a break from your hectic daily routine. You don’t need a fancy and expensive place for a picnic, but you can spend quality time in natural beauty with light snacks.

Some of the top one-day picnic spots near Kolkata include the beautiful Bawali, Santragachi Lake, Barrackpore, Babur Haat, Aqua Marina Park, Raichak, Diamond Harbour, Falta, Gadiara, Bishnupur, Piyali Island, and Sundarbans Tiger Camp. These spots provide a perfect getaway from the bustling city life of Kolkata and offer a refreshing experience for picnickers.

1. Bawali

bawali rajbari kolkata - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers

Bawali Farmhouse is a marvelous, offbeat place to spend an excellent day with friends, family, or colleagues. The rooms are well maintained in this farmhouse, and there is the beauty of lush green gardens to relax in the lap of nature.

The beauty of village life can be experienced well in this place. To reach here, the train is the best option from Sealdah railway station to Budge Budge Station, and by taking a cab or rickshaw, you can quickly get to the farmhouse.

Outside food is prohibited here, as the farmhouse has dining options with snacks and proper lunch meals. You can enjoy swimming in the clean water of the pool or playing games in the green gardens of this spot. 

Picnic is allowed from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and you can book your reservations online to avoid any inconvenience.

2. Santragachi Lake

Santragachi lake - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers

Santragachi Lake is another picnic spot near Kolkata, in the Howrah district of west Bengal and easily accessible from Kolkata as Kolkata is connected with Howrah by two bridges on the Hooghly River.

This lake is close to Santragachi Station and is a picturesque spot to spend a day picnicking with your family. Especially in winter, this spot becomes more tranquil due to the various breeds of birds that migrate from multiple regions. Visitors come to spot birds at this lake, and this spot is best for nature lovers.

This lake is near residential areas, so in the last few years, the number of birds has decreased due to water pollution and climate change, but still, tourists have come to witness the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings.

3. Barrackpore

Barrackpore - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers

Barrackpore has significant historical importance, as the British first came to this place and then started conquering the other Indian states. This place is ideal for a one-day picnic near Kolkata due to its lush green parks, museums, and pristine temples. 

Mangal Pandey Park is a famous tourist attraction in Barrackpore that was built in the name of Mangal Pandey, the first national to raise their voice against the British. This park has lush green gardens and long trees to sit and relax in. A massive idol of Mangal Pandey is also installed in the park.

You can visit the Gandhi Museum, where artifacts of Gandhi and his books are preserved. Tarakeswar Temple is another pristine place to stay. Moreover, you can also enjoy boating on the Hooghly River to enjoy its beauty and rejuvenate your soul.

4. Babur Haat

Babur Haat is a picnic spot nearly 50 km from Kolkata in the North 24 Parganas district, and it is best for a weekend getaway for those who want to spend a leisurely day in the company of nature. This destination is best for taking a break from hectic city life, as you can experience rustic Bengali village life. 

Babur Haat has natural fishing lakes to cultivate the tastiest fish for West Bengal, and tourists can also experience fishing activity in this rural village. You can visit the village grounds to play badminton or cricket. 

Mango and palm trees, vegetable fields, and rice farms make this village a picturesque place to spend quality time with natural beauty. You can also have a boating experience and enjoy swimming in the resort’s pool. 

5. Aqua Marina Park

Aqua Marina Park - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers

Aqua Marina is a haven for those who want to try something exciting and thrilling. Thus, the water park is 52 km from Kolkata on Hooghly Station Road and is the best place to have an enjoyable picnic with family. 

The park has long palm trees and is built with an aesthetic style, with a free sitting area in lush green gardens to bask under the sun in winter. The main attraction of this park is the thrilling activities and rides that make it a splashing paradise of fun. 

The pools are well maintained, and twisting slides with dancing water moves make it a perfect place to enjoy. Moreover, personal lockers are also available to keep your valuables safe. Restaurants provided fine food outside the park, and snacks were available inside.

This park opens from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

6. Raichak

Raichak is located 50km from Kolkata, and this riverside town has a lot of serene beauty for tourists due to its location on the bank of the Hooghly River. Its earthen charm lies in F Fort, a tranquil and picturesque fort to visit that was built by the British in the past. 

This fort has become a 5-star hotel, and the rooms and suites are full of modern facilities. This fort is a beautiful blend of Indian and European architectural styles, and the food quality in the restaurant of the defence is also delicious. You can book rooms for a lovely weekend and enjoy a peaceful time at the river bank. 

Every room has a balcony that opens toward the riverside. A fitness center has also been developed inside the fort where routine exercise can be done. This place is the best choice for spending a lovely getaway with family in a clean and natural environment.

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7. Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers
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Diamond Harbour is close to Raichak and is best for enjoying calmness at the riverbank. This place presents a panoramic view of the sunset and sunrise with a cool breeze. You can take a leisurely walk in green spaces, and this riverside picnic is best for those who want to spend time in natural beauty.

Diamond Harbour is also a town where you can enjoy a ferry ride or observe the sailing boats down the Hooghly River. Nature lovers will enjoy this place; under green, shadowy trees, birds can also be spotted abundantly, and these attractions are pretty well captured and able to capture the camera. 

Diamond Harbour has its own railway station, and you can take the train from Howrah railway station, Kolkata, to reach the town. Taxi is also the fastest and easiest way to go, as the city is only 50 km from Kolkata.

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8. Falta

Falta - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers

Falta is another beautiful village near Diamond Harbour, 50 km from Kolkata, in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Falta is located at the merging point of three rivers: Hooghly, Rupnarayan, and Damodar. The scenic beauty and simple village life packed with fresh air attract tourists. 

Take a leisurely walk along the riverside or enjoy a boat ride there. Every activity will increase your curiosity to explore the beauty of this place. Lush green spaces are perfect for playing outdoor games with family and friends.

Take a tour of the aqua retreat’s famous green riverside surroundings, or you can stay overnight. This resort has a picturesque location and good-quality food facilities in the restaurant. The resort will make your trip more enjoyable.

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9. Gadiara

Gadiara - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers

Gadiara is a popular picnic spot, hardly 80 to 90 km from Kolkata. You can take a ferry from Falta to cross the river or reach Gadiara directly from Howrah railway station to Bagnan. From there, a rickshaw or taxi is available to get to Gadiara.

This village has a natural beauty and is located at the point of three river confluences: the Rupnarayan, Hooghly, and Damodar rivers meet at one end and make a wide river that looks like a mini sea. Tourist lodges are also available in Gadiara, where you can crack your hunger, stay overnight, or rest in lush green gardens.

Chalantika Tourist Lodge is one of them, a riverside resort with all the facilities of dining and luxury rooms. Inside the club, you can enjoy swimming in the clean water of the swimming pool or take a country boat ride to capture the beauty of the river. Walking on green paths by the riverside will have a calming effect on your body and soul.

10. Bishnupur

Bishnupur - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers

Bishnupur is located in the Bankura district of West Bengal, nearly 138km from Kolkata, and you can reach this town by Howrah railway station. This place is an ideal destination for history and culture lovers. Bishnupur has a rich cultural heritage, so local art and traditional festival music performances entertain tourists.

Bishnupur has historical terracotta temples built by Malla rulers. Rasmancha Temple is an old brick temple built in Malla in the 17th century. This temple has been converted into a protected monument to visit and has idols of Ramakrishna in its chamber.

Take your camera with you to photograph this beautiful landscape, and you can buy handicrafts and unique sarees from this town, Baluchariri, which is famous in this region. 

11. Piyali Island

Piyali island - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers
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Piyali Island is 70 km from Kolkata, and you can take the train from Howrah railway station to Barasat station to reach it. This island is situated on the side of the Piyali River and has scenic beauty for those who want to spend time far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This island has a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that any other picnic spot doesn’t have, and it is also the best place for birdwatching. Its lush green surroundings and wide river attract multi-breed birds from various regions, and you can spot them easily.

Boating in the Piyali River is also a good activity, and this island has various accommodation options; people also visit the Sundarbans National Park, which is very close to this island.

12. Sunderban Tiger Camp

Sundarbans national park - One-Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata - Salam Travellers

Sundarbans National Park is a main attraction in Sundarban; due to the dense mangrove forests, the diversity of wildlife attracts tourists from all over India. Sundarban is 130km from Kolkata and has multiple options to reach it, such as by bus, train, air, or boat. From Kolkata, you can take the train from Sealdah railway station to Canning Station, just 48 km from Sundarbans Tiger Camp. 

This resort is situated in a serene ambience and is a great place to stay in green surroundings. Here, you can enjoy the park and explore the wildlife in the mangrove forests. Elephant Safari is a thrilling adventure for those who love nature and want to spot tigers roaming freely in the woods.

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Which garden is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kolkata?

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden is a popular tourist attraction for picnics in Kolkata. This garden was established in 1786 and was previously known as the Calcutta Botanical Garden. This garden is spread over 270 acres and has a peaceful environment for family picnics.

Final Words

Picnic is the best way to take a break from daily dull rotations, and a lovely weekend getaway with family or colleagues can make your soul and body fresh for future tasks. Kolkata is well connected with many tourist spots by rail, road, and air. Therefore, you can ride toward any of your favorite picnic spots from Kolkata. All the top 12 one-day picnic spots near Kolkata that we have listed in this article are worth visiting and enjoying. If you are a nature lover and want to have a peaceful time, all the above areas will make your picnic a lifetime experience. So, explore all of them individually to enjoy all the sites thoroughly. Thanks for reading this guide attentively and planning your next picnic at one of these spots to catch the natural beauty of rivers.

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