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15 Raichak things to do - Salam Travellers
The Top 15 Raichak things to do – Salam Travellers

Whether you’re a nature lover, a history enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, Raichak has something for everyone. From exploring historical forts to enjoying the scenic beauty of the Hooghly River, there are plenty of things to do and see in this charming town. Join us as we take you through the top 15 Raichak things to do on your Raichak vacation. We will guide you through the places you can visit in Raichak and its surroundings.

About Raichak

Raichak is a small town in Diamond Harbour CD Block, West Bengal, India. The town is just 50 km from Kolkata and easily accessible by car or local convenience. This town is the best weekend getaway with family, friends, or a spouse. Raichak is located at the Riverside of the Hooghly River. The scenic backdrop of green trees and a cool breeze is refreshing for the soul and mind. If you are a nature lover or photographer, this town will be an excellent attraction to visit.


The Dutch East India Company built a fort (The Ffort Raichak) here in the eighteenth century, but after they departed from India, it was left to nature’s destruction. Over time, the place has become a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty. Raichak also connects Haldia and Kolkata; tourists going to Haldia can quickly get a rest by Riverside in Raichak.

The Best Time to Visit

A trip to Raichak will be memorable, as the town has many adventurous things to do. The best time to visit the town is between October (near the fall) and March of the following year. Although not the best time to visit any place, but at Raichak, the weather becomes suitable for picnics at Riverside.

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The Top 15 Raichak Things to do on your Raichak Trip

Without further delay, let me guide you through the top 15 things to do on your Raichak trip.

Visit the Ffort Raichak is one of top 15 Raichak things to do

 F fort Raichak
F Fort Raichak cc : Flicker

The Ffort in Raichak, West Bengal, is a historical monument with great heritage and grandeur. This fort was built in 1783 by the British government, and later on, in the 19th century, this fort was converted into a beautiful resort.

Now, visitors can enjoy a splendid stay at the Ffort Hotel and Spa or attend a buffet for breakfast or lunch. This heritage retreat combines fine luxury with nature’s bounty. The Fort offers comfort and warmth for a pleasurable stay with a breathtaking view of the River Ganges.

To enjoy a lunch buffet per person, the charge is INR 600. The lush greenery of the gardens presents a majestic view from the resort rooms. Every corner of the fort is beautiful and well-maintained. Rooms are equipped with modern facilities.

There is also a historic museum inside the fort that showcases the weapons used by the British. To reach Ffort Raichak, the railway station at Diamond Harbour is the nearest junction.

Explore the Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour is a Riverside town near Raichak, just 13km away from Raichak. This town is located where the Hooghly River confluences with the Bay of Bengal and is also known as a sunset point, away from the crowd. This town is famous for picnics; tourists can enjoy boating in the river.

The scenic beauty of Harbour Town attracts tourists, and they come to enjoy the peaceful environment. Chingrikhali Fort is an ancient historical fort to visit in town. The famous Munni temple is also in Diamond Harbour, offering religious pujas.

If you visit this place between October and March, you can enjoy the festivals of Durga puja and Laxmi puja and dislike festivals. The serene and natural beauty of Diamond Harbour makes it worthwhile to visit. Visitors can also book a ferry from the river for the Haldia trip.

Experience the Aashram of the Ramakrishna Mission

Aashram of Ramakrishna Mission is a great place to visit and one of the top 15 Raichak things to do, as it is located near Raichak at Hooghly River Bank and is a managing institute to develop elementary and higher education. The serene and architectural beauty of this Aashram attracts tourists, who can meet with priests or visit the temple inside the Aashram.

The managing team of this volunteer organization helps needy people in any disaster and educates them against superstitious thinking. This Aashram also has a guest house where outsiders can stay for a short period to gain teachings from the Mission, but they must be from outside of Kolkata. Educational seminars are also conducted occasionally in this Aashram.

Discover the Joynagar

Joynagar is the best town in West Bengal and is close to Raichak in Diamond Harbour. The town has various tourist attractions, such as a selfie zone to capture beautiful pictures with decorated backgrounds. The local markets of Joynagar are famous for handicrafts and have many black stone statues of gods.

Skilled artisans make these statues and reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region. A trip to Joynagar from Raichak will make your day. You will get to experience the beauty and diversity of West Bengal.

Enjoy the River Hooghly

River Hooghly is an impressive river in West Bengal and a great place to picnic with family. The beauty of the sunrise can be seen at its peak point at the Hooghly River. This river passes through many suburban and populated cities in West Bengal and finally meets the Bay of Bengal. From here, visitors can get a ferry ride to Haldia to enjoy seafood and the river’s natural beauty.

It is a popular myth among locals that the Hooghly River was brought from heaven to earth by the Prince of the Sagar Dynasty, Bhagirath; therefore, the river water is considered holy and a cure for skin diseases. Due to this myth, the Hooghly River is also called the Bhagirathi River. Although I would put it on the top 15 Raichak things to do but I will still not leave it out altogether.

Raichak is also on the river’s bank, so the river’s beauty can be enjoyed from Raichak.

Take a day trip to Gadiara

From Raichak, a day trip to Gadiara is also a good option for hanging out. Gadiara is a Riverside village in Howrah and situated at the delta, where three rivers, Damodar, Hooghly, and Rupnarayan, confluence together.

Gadiara is an attractive picnic spot not only for locals but also for foreigners to enjoy with families. When the sun rises and sets in the evening, an expanded body of water under the sun enhances the beauty and charm of these moments.

A leisurely walk across the river bank is an enjoyable activity to explore the village life, and visitors can also enjoy boat riding. An old fort named Mornington is also a historical place to visit in Gadiara, which was badly damaged by a flood in 1942. You will also find a lighthouse installed in Gadiara.

Stay at Kholaakash Resort

Take a ferry from Raichak to Haldia, where you can take a homestay at Kholaakash Resort. The motto of this resort is to provide the comfort of a home stay. This beautiful resort is on the bank of the Haldia River and is fully equipped with all facilities. The staff is quite generous and cooperative.

Here, you can enjoy the delicious food to your liking and sit under an umbrella to enjoy the winter sunshine while the children play in beautiful gardens. The rooms are clean, and every corner of the resort has a soothing environment to enjoy the natural beauty of the Haldia River.

In the summer, you get to enjoy the swimming pool at the resort, which is also clean and suitable for swimming. So, if you want to enjoy a homestay with all modern facilities, Kholaakash is a fantastic option to be included in the top 15 Raichak things to do.

Indulge in Adventure Sports at Tajpur Beach

If you are an adventure enthusiast, take a trip to Tajpur Beach from Raichak, just 80km away by air travel. Here you get to experience parasailing, kayaking, boating, rafting, zorbing, and much much more. Not looking for such an extreme pleasure, Raichak has more to offer. You can also enjoy the sports bars, health clubs, and a riverside cruise in Raichak Ffort.

Visit the Mahishadal Rajbari

Have you got another trip day at hand? Plan a visit to Mahishadal Rajbari, a historical landmark just 20 kms away from the Fort. Visitors can visit a beautiful historical Rajbari palace to explore the heritage of West Bengal.

The Palace is not very famous, but you can have a royal stay here to refresh your mind. This palace is a splendid blend of West Bengali culture and beauty.

The palace opens from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visitors can visit the ground-floor museum to watch paintings and see the architectural beauty of the palace.

Go for a Cycling Tour

Still feeling energetic? Going on a cycling tour to Raichak is an enjoyable adventure as well. You can enjoy each natural setting of green trees and catch every moment with your camera.

A cycling tour can be enjoyed with a group of friends, and on this tour, adventure lovers can explore the hidden beauty of Raichak.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Dining in Raichak is also an experience in and of itself. Here, you can enjoy the street foods and quick snacks from food stalls in local markets, and fine dining restaurants are also available.

The Reflections Restaurant in Ffort is an excellent option to enjoy food with the catchy scenic beauty of the Fort. The restaurant offers a buffet with all types of food. Hilsa Machli, a famous local dish in Raichak, is available for your tasting.

Apart from Hilsa Machli, you can enjoy the famous and delicious Bengali food along with continental foods, as they are readily available. Something should always be included in your top 15 Raichak things to do.

Visit the Haldia Dock Complex

Haldia Dock Complex was built at Haldia Port to share the trade burden and fulfill the trade partnership with Kolkata city. Here, you can view the docked cargo ships for export and import purposes. This dock complex is built at the meeting point of the Haldia and Hooghly Rivers, so the beauty of the vast water body can be enjoyed.

Relax at Haldia Township Park

From Raichak, tourists can also book a ferry for Haldia through the Hooghly River, a great city. Haldia has many tourist attractions, and Haldia Township Park is one of them at Haldia River Bank.

The park has an immense, pleasant environment and scenic beauty. Children can enjoy various rides in the park, and boating in the Haldia River is also enjoyable.

The park has many human statues to depict the lifestyle of West Bengal, and relaxing in the natural beauty of the park with fresh air will be so calming for the soul and mind.

Add Visit the Haldia Bhawan on your top 15 Raichak things to do list

Haldia Bhawan is an excellent tourist corporation in Haldia that offers a great-facilitated stay at budget-friendly prices. The blue and white painted building is not tall but stretches 15 acres across.

The uniqueness of this place is its setting on the mouth of the Hooghly River, which gives tourists a mesmerizing view of the river from their rooms. Haldia Bhawan has a conference hall, dining space, and luxury suites for visitors, business owners, and family.

From the room’s balcony, you can enjoy sunset moments with a cool breeze that fills the heart with joy and satisfaction.

Enjoy the Haldia Marine Drive

Haldia Marine Drive is a spectacular setting of natural beauty with greenery and a river bank. On this picnic spot, visitors can enjoy boating; the sunrise and sunset moments from Haldia Marine Drive are fabulous.

With a fresh, cool breeze, you can take a leisurely walk on this coastal stretch and relax on green grass. Far from busy life, Haldia Marine Drive is a point to meet yourself.

Final Analysis

Raichak is a beautiful town to visit, where you can enjoy the beauty of the River Bank. But taking tours in Raichak and its nearby attractions will be more enjoyable during the winter, as the weather becomes pleasant and suitable for visitors. They can enjoy boat riding in the river or take a walk to spend time with nature. Plan your next trip to Raichak to explore the beauty of West Bengal and to spend time far from urban and overpopulated cities. I hope this guide about the top 15 Raichak things to do makes your next trip to Raichak a memorable one.

Pack all your needy objects in your packing list and take a tour package from private tour organizers, as they can guide you through planning budget-friendly tour deals and help you explore the most beautiful and elegant places of your destination.

Stay tuned for more adventure guides from Salam Travellers.

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