Top 7 Sea Beaches Near Kolkata That You Must Visit in 2023

Have you ever thought of visiting a beach near Kolkata? If not, then let’s plan your next trip to the best sea beaches near Kolkata. Explore the beauty of these beaches and enjoy the sunbath, swimming and lots of other things at these amazing destinations.

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal in India. This vibrant city has a diverse culture and is famous for its colonial architecture, which reflects the influences of British rule. Cultural festivals and celebrations are famous in this city, such as Durga puja, Christmas and New Year celebrations. This city is the vital centre of history, art, rich heritage and cuisine. People of the city live their lives fully by enjoying festivals, food in local cuisines and artistic beauty. Due to its vibrant culture and having lots of attractions for tourists, the city is also known as the city of joy, as it has something for all.

Kolkata is also a gateway to the most attractive beaches in India. As the city is well connected with other cities by road and railway stations,  therefore people can get easy access to the beaches. The sea beaches near Kolkata have various things to enjoy. Pristine white sand and crystal clear water of beaches can help the visitors to enjoy the serene beauty of these beaches. Moreover, visitors also prefer to visit here due to affordable tour packages. In budget-friendly packages, they can enjoy a lot. In this detailed tourist guide, we will enlist the most attractive seven-sea beaches near Kolkata in India and will discuss the attractive features of these beaches.

Digha Beach

Digha Beach
Digha Beach

Digha Beach is a mesmerizing beach, and due to its beauty, the place is like a paradise for nature and Beach lovers. This beach has a long coastline, about 7 km, providing ample space for visitors to walk and enjoy the beauty of the beach. Golden sand, calm water and a serene atmosphere are a perfect blend of beauty and nature. Though the beach itself is so captivating, visitors can also enjoy many nearby destinations to make their trip happier. Amaravati Park is a major tourist attraction on the way to Digha Beach. The park has pristine lawns with seasonal flowers. The Lake in the centre of the park gives a chance to enjoy boating, and a ropeway ride is also available in this park to enjoy the scenic views of the town. Marine Aquarium is also a good option where you can enjoy the views of Marine species. In the science centre, visitors can learn about scientific principles by exhibiting items. On the beach, you can also enjoy seafood from stalls.

How to reach: The beach is easily accessible by road from Kolkata and other nearby cities. It takes 4 to 5 hours. Digha has its railway station, so you can also choose a train for convenient travel.

Location: Situated in Gadadharpur, Digha, in West Bengal and is 187km distance from Kolkata. 

The average weather conditions: The average temperature in Digha is 26°C. In summer, the weather also remains moderate.

Facilities: There are several restrooms and restaurants, and parking and food stalls.

Rules and regulations: There is no dress code, but you have to wear a swimsuit or beach wear is appropriate. Pets, such as dogs, are allowed. Drinking publicly is prohibited, but some wine shops are available to drink privately. 

Best visiting time/hours: You can visit from March to June, as due to the off-season, you can avoid crowds and also can get a budget-friendly package. The best time to visit the place is in the evening, before 9 pm. Recomendation Best Time Is Oct-Mar

Sagar Beach

Sagar Beach
Sagar Beach : cc Native Planet

Sagar Island is considered a significant pilgrimage centre due to having scared Ganga water. Except for this, the Island also presents enchanting views of the sea. Sagardwip is a place of beauty, and the main attraction of this place is Gangasagar Mela. This is a religious festival which millions of pilgrims attend every year in January. They take a holy dip in the holy water, and at this festival, the island becomes a melting pot of culture and belief. After taking a holy dip, the pilgrims visit the Kapil Muni Temple to absolve their sins. Mangrove forests of Sundarbans are also a major attraction near Sagar Beach, where you can visit Sundarbans National Park, and by taking a boat safari, you can spot the Bengal tigers and saltwater crocodiles in the forest.

How to reach: To reach Sagar Beach, go to a port from Kolkata and then hire a ferry to the island. The nearest railway station is Kirnahar, about 6km away from Gangasagar. 

Location: Sagar Beach is located on a point where the Ganga River meets with West Bengal, Gangasagar. The beach is 100km away from Kolkata. 

Average weather conditions: The weather in summer is usually hot and humid. The average temperature ranges from 22 to 36 °C. However, the winter season is quite cool and pleasant.

Facilities: Parking is about 1.5km away from the beach, and you have to take a battery-operated vehicle from parking. There are no showers or food stalls near the beach, but you can enjoy coconut water from hawkers. 

Rules and regulations: There is no dress code, and you can wear whatever you want. As it’s a holy place, alcohol is not allowed. You can take your pet with you on the beach.

Best visiting time/hours: The best time to visit the beach is Oct-Mar And before 10 am because, at this time, it’s less crowded, and you can take a ferry easily, but after that, you have to wait for 4 to 5 hours for a ferry.

Bakkhali Beach

Bakkhali Beach
Bakkhali Beach

Bakkhali Beach is also a beautiful and crescent-shaped sea beach in West Bengal. This beach is also located on an island, and due to its south position, it offers a majestic view of sunrise and sunset. This beach is not crowded like other beaches but a quiet and peaceful place to enjoy nature and leisure walks. The beach presents a picturesque view of dense mangrove forests overlooking it. Besides this beautiful beach, Bakkhali also has many other tourist attractions, such as the Bhagwatpur Crocodile Project, which is the only Crocodile habitat in West Bengal. In this place, you can see crocodiles of each age group, which is a thrilling experience of life. Henry Island is another beautiful island with natural beauty in abundance. You can enjoy Henry Beach, as the land is also known as the breeding land of many bird species. Jambu Dwip island is uninhabited and submerged in water, but you can still visit this island to enjoy fishing activities.

How to reach: From NH-12, you can easily avail a public bus service to reach the beach, and from Namkhana Station, you can hire a taxi.

Location: Bakkhali is situated in the 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, and it is 125km distance from Kolkata. 

Average weather conditions: Bakkhali has moderate temperatures throughout the whole year. August is the month with the highest humidity in which temperature goes on 29°C, and December is the month with the lowest humidity. 

Facilities: stalls are available in the evening to enjoy seafood, but the beach has no restrooms. Washrooms are available on the beach. The beach has no dedicated parking, but you can park in nearby streets.

Rules and regulations: Due to a family beach, alcohol is strictly prohibited at this beach. Short clothes can cause unwanted stares, so I prefer to wear full clothes. Moreover, pets are not allowed on the beach.

Best visiting time/hours: Best Month Oct-Mar And You should visit at 9:30 a.m. because it’s the time of full tides and heavy waves to enjoy.

Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani Beach
Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani Beach is a great place to visit, and due to the longest beach, the destination is an attractive destination for tourists. It has the longest coast with a 13km stretch along the sea. Moreover, the beach offers a diversity of water sports, and adventure enthusiasts can enjoy surfing, jet skiing, and ATV riding at the beach. Mohona, the estuary, is a nearby attraction to Mandarmani Beach, and this is the point where the Champa River meets with West Bengal. The estuary is also a wholesale market of fish, and from this point, fish are exported. Now, the government of West Bengal has built a route to meet with Digha Beach so that visitors can enjoy a marine drive from Mandarmani to Digha and enjoy the scenery of the area. Rose Valley Park is also an exciting destination to visit in Kolkata with family and friends. In this park, you can enjoy a lot of thrilling rides, such as the Ferris Wheel, roller costar and water slides.

How to reach: Esplanade in Kolkata is the major point to get a bus for Mandarmani Beach, but if you have a car, then your journey to Mandarmani will be comfortable and time saver.

Location: The beach is situated in East Midnapur District in West Bengal and 180km from Kolkata 

Average weather conditions: The beach receives its highest temperature in July and August, which is 30°C, but in winter, the weather is quite brilliant. 

Facilities: Public parking spaces and restrooms are available near the beach.

Rules and regulations: Pets are allowed on the beach, but alcohol is prohibited, and guards can stop you. There is no dress code for this beach, but sportswear will be appropriate to indulge in different water sports. 

Best visiting time/hours: Best Vist Month Oct-Mar The best time to visit this beach is in the evening because it opens from 12 am to 12 pm.

Tajpur Beach

Tajpur Beach
Tajpur Beach

Tajpur Beach is less touristy than others, and consequently, the beach is not affected by pollution. This beach is virgin and has yellow sand. In the morning and afternoon, you can see a lot of crabs crawling at the seashore. Here you can enjoy the sunbath, swimming and other beach games without any interruption. The shoreline is of crescent shape and has a lot of natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy steaming food from shacks, and the place is well connected with Kolkata, so you can easily get access to this place. If you prefer to relax your tired soul and hammock, then Tajpur Beach is the best place to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

How to reach: Tajpur itself has no railway station, but Digha station is 18km from the beach; you can reserve your online tickets for the bus on the redBus website. But Best Option Is Hire Auto Rikshaw Or ToTo From Local Autowala Show You All The Beaches Nearby Digha.

Location: The beach is located in Purba Midnapur District, west Bengal, and about 160km away from Kolkata. 

Average weather conditions: The average temperature of Tajpur varies from 20°C to 35°C between the summer and winter seasons. 

Facilities: Sitting areas are decorated and shaded, and you can enjoy food from stalls, such as fried fish, fruit chat, and corn. Changing rooms are also available here with pay-and-use toilets. Parking is also available. 

Rules and regulations: Pets and alcohol are not allowed, but still, some shopkeepers sell illegal liquor to meet the needs of customers so you can drink in the shop privately.

Best visiting time/hours: The beach is open for 24 hours, but the morning time is best for enjoying the high tides of the sea. Best Month To Visit Our Recommendation Is Plan Between Oct-Mar.

Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur Beach
Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur Beach comes after Tajpur Beach and before Digha Beach. This beach is secluded and scenic. Like Tajpur, this is also less crowded and a small park is established near the beach to catch the visitor’s attention. This beach is unspoiled, and due to having no rush, it will give you the feeling of a private beach. The tides of this beach are higher than Mandarmani Beach, that’s why it’s not suitable for bathing and swimming. Also, there is no lifeguard. There are many boats, and the sea has many sites for fishing called harbour projects. You can see fishermen unloading their caught fish at the harbour. You can also enjoy fishing and boating at this sea beach. The beach has queues of green trees, and standing boats on the seashore present a wonderful view to capture with cameras. Reflecting rays of the sun in the morning gives the best place for photography. From Dariapur Lighthouse tower, you can enjoy a remarkable view of the sea, which is 30 meters tall. Besides enjoying the beach beauty, you can also visit the temples in Shankarpur and enjoy the cultural beauty of nearby small villages.

How to reach: The easiest way to reach the beach is by train because the nearest railway station in Digha is just 15km away from the beach. From the station, you can easily hire a car, taxi or Auto Rickshaw.

Location: Shankarpur Beach is located in Digha, west Bengal, and has a distance of 177 km from Kolkata.

Average weather conditions: Weather conditions at this beach remain moderate the whole year. Also, the breeze blows in summer, but the summer season is humid as compared to winter.

Facilities: This beach is less facilitated than other beaches, yet you can enjoy coconut water and some snacks from little stalls at the beach.

Rules and regulations: The Beach has no specific dress code, and the beach is pet-friendly. You can drink beer at the beach and enjoy the drink with the scenic beauty of the beach.

Best visiting time/hours: If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the sun rising and fishing boats, then morning time is a preferred option to visit this beach. Best Month Is Oct-Mar, But if you want to go in summer, you can still plan and take water bottle with you.

Chandipur Beach

Chandipur Beach
Chandipur Beach

Chandipur Beach is a unique and magical beach in Odisha due to its unique property, the vanishing sea. The sea recedes 5km during low tides, and it again comes when the tides are high. This uniqueness caused biodiversity at the shore, and visitors can see sea shells and sea crabs on the seashore. This unique phenomenon happens twice a day. This property of sea provides a chance for visitors to walk on the seabed, collecting seashells and spotting red crabs. Besides its beauty aspects, the sea also has nearby attractions. Balaramgadi Temple is a major temple of Radha and Krishna near the beach where you can see the marvellous marble statue of Radha and Krishna and offer worship in the temple. Nilgiri Hills is another tourist attraction to visit, where you can explore the lifestyle of living tribes and see plantations of vegetables and tea. Simlipal National Park is also a famous park for tourism, where you can spot tigers on wild safari tours and enjoy the beauty of waterfalls. 

How to reach: The Baleswar railway station is just 16km away from the beach, so by train, you can get access to this beach. 

Location: Chandipur Beach Is located in Odisha, west Bengal and 293km away from Kolkata. 

Average weather conditions: The average temperature of Chandipur Beach is 26°C.

Facilities: Visitors can enjoy seafood from nearby fishing villages. Restrooms are available in nearby hotels, and they offer a sea sight view.

Rules and regulations: Pets are allowed, and alcohol is not available on the beach if you want to drink, so it’s better to carry it with you.

Best visiting time/hours: From 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 10:30 pm to 12:30 am are best hours because tides are low, and you can see crabs and seashells on the shoreline. Best Month Are Oct-Mar

Final Analysis

The article is all about exploring the beauty of seven beautiful sea beaches near Kolkata. If you want to visit these beaches, then book your reservation in hotels and trains. By booking, you can prevent last-minute hassles. Pack all your essential accessories like cameras, glasses, and swimsuits, and check the weather conditions of your desired destination before travelling. Follow the safety measures for swimming on beaches and respect the rules and regulations set by authorities. Thanks for taking an interest, and pack your luggage to visit the desired beach. Remember to share your experience.

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