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Jhargram West Bengal
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Learn about the places to visit in Jhargram West Bengal and the history of Jhargram city. Discover the wooden beauty of the city and explore its culture by visiting the Palace, temple, dam, forest, and lake. 

About Jhargram

Jhargram is a district in West Bengal, India. It was declared as a district on 4 April 2017 as the 22nd District in West is a popular destination for tourists due to its ancient Palace, temple, and dark forests. Raja Sarveshwar attacked its rural areas with the help of the Rajput military and defeated the Mallas to occupy the forested regions of Jhargram, which were called junglekhanda. The ancient name of Jhargram was Ugal. Jhargram is a hub of many dance forms, and its culture is very vibrant and colourful. Bengali festivals are celebrated occasionally. Moreover, Durga puja, Saraswati puja, Diwali, and Kali pujas are also offered in Jhargram. 

The city is famous for its wooded beauty and green forests. Various kinds of wild animals and reptiles can be seen in the woods of Jhargram. The city has a royal past in heritage, as the Malla Kingdom ruled here for 400 years. The rural areas are rich in green beauty, and one can enjoy nature by visiting historical palaces and temples developed in the heart of greenery. This greenery makes the District unique and attractive for tourists. Let’s explore places to visit in Jhargram, West Bengal, in more detail to make our trips memorable.

Jhargram Palace

Jhargram Palace is a majestic palace of the District and is currently the residence of the Malla Deb Royal family. This grand Palace has 15 rooms on the ground floor, converted into a heritage hotel for visitors. The architectural style of the Palace is a beautiful blend of European and Indian art. The Palace offers luxurious accommodations for visitors to explore the grandeur of the royal family. Impressive domed, ornate pillars make this building more prominent. The gardens of the Palace are also enriched with flowers of different kinds, and lush green trees in the park provide a chance to stay in the garden to relax and rejuvenate natural beauty. 

Within the palace complex, a vast area is converted into a royal museum that presents artefacts of the royal family, including royal costumes, weapons, antique furniture, and paintings. Visitors can stay in rooms that are converted into heritage hotels. These rooms have boarding and lodging facilities. Royal treatment from staff and facilities provided in the room will take you back to the past era of royal families. However, entry to the Palace is only allowed for some tourists; only the guests staying in the Rajbari Tourist Complex can buy a ticket for Rs.15 and explore the beauty of the Palace.

Savitri Mandir:

Savitri Mandir is around 350 years ancient Mandir in Jhargram. It is the oldest building in the whole District. There is no specific idol inside the temple, but a stone is considered to have divine embodiment, and people worship it. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Savitri. Daily puja is conducted from 10 am to 2 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm. Additionally, the Malla royal family still performs rituals of Durga Puja.

Durga puja is an annual festival for Hindus. People in West Bengal celebrate this event with complete devotion. This is a celebration to commemorate Durga’s victory against evil by the murder of Mahishaswa. People offer symbolic sacrifice of animals, including the rejection of poultry, pigs, goats, or male buffaloes. May to July are moderate months to visit Jhargram. Through Jhargram railway station, visitors can get access to the District, located at a 26km distance. The dress code for men is a trouser-shirt or dhoti and pyjama with the upper cloth. Women’s dress code is a sari or pyjama shirt. Mandir does not allow jeans, skirts, sleeveless blouses, or short pants-type clothes. 

Tarafeni River Dam

Tarafeni River Dam
Tarafeni River Dam : cc yappe

Tarafeni River dam is built on the Tarafeni River and is a popular picnic destination for people. The dam is famous for its scenery. When a barrage releases surplus water from the channel, the zig-zag current movement of waves presents a beautiful view. The dam is very near to Ghagra Falls, and this place is best for photography. People can also try their luck fishing in this reservoir. As the site is calm and quiet, people come from across the world to relax and enjoy the natural beauty around the dam area. Due to ghagra fall and the nearest streams, people can also enjoy boating in this area. The River has a picturesque view for capture by cameras. 

The dam is 5km from Balpahari, and the track is rocky and surrounded by dense green trees on both sides of the road. A roller coaster ride is the best option to reach the River. People who want to explore wildlife also cover this track on the walk and enjoy the company of natural beauty and fresh air. There is no accommodation option near the River, so people want the dam’s scenic beauty and spend some time enjoying the available facilities. 

Tapovan Forest

Tapovan Forest
Tapovan Forest : cc counter view

Tapovan Forest is also a tourist destination in the surroundings of Jhargram, home to various wildlife species and tribal communities. In Sanskrit, tapa means spiritual practice, and Bana means forest. Therefore, the Tapovan forest is a forest for spiritual practice. The words are confirmed for this forest, as one can find spiritual peace in dense forests and lush green trees. This forest has many high mountains and small streams in it. Wild animals like elephants, deer, snakes, and monkeys are here. 

Visitors can also choose other nearby attractions, such as Bandarvula Tribal Interpretation Centre, a famous museum where you can observe rich tribal art and culture—the Rameswar temple devoted to lord Shiva and a thousand pilgrims gathered here for worship. The Chilkigarh Rajbari is also an ancient double-story Palace for capturing tourists’ attention. Kanak Durga Temple is another nearest attraction, built in a forest with a river beside it, enhancing the glorious beauty of the temple. Visitors can explore the beauty of the woods by booking safaris and camping.

Jhilli Lake

Jhilli Lake
Jhilli Lake : cc ghuranchandi

Jhilli Lake is about 10 km away from the village road of Jhargram. This lake has richness in beauty and greenery. Crystal clear water of the lake refreshes your mind and soul, and people can meditate at this place, far from the crowded life of the city. If you visit this lake in the early morning, you can enjoy the sight of migrating birds on the lake. The chirping and twittering sound of migratory bird gangs welcome you and give you a splendid view. Lake has abundant lush greenery in its surroundings. Paddle boating is also a source of recreation at this lake. You can sail your boat in fresh lake water and observe the feathers. Other adventures like swimming and cycling can also be enjoyed here. Cycling in green areas of the lakesides is another level of entertaining activity. The sight of bird watching is a good experience. More than 19 species of these birds are seen there in lake water. They came to quench their thirst and fly away after drinking.

Final Analysis

This is all about the places to visit in Jhargram, west Bengal. Book your tickets to explore the beauty and enjoy all the available activities. Pack your clothes following weather conditions, and keep accessories like a camera, sunglasses, binoculars, and essential medication in your backpack. To visit forest areas, you should follow the instructions mentioned by local authorities and refrain from making noise near wild species. It may disturb them and make them violent for outsiders. To visit religious places, you should wear clothes according to culture, respect the culture of locals, and pay attention to all basic instructions. The best time to visit Jhargram is between March and October or June to August; you can take a train to Jhargram railway station to reach the District. Try the local foods and stay in public rest houses and hotels for a luxurious and safe stay. So, best of luck for your future trip, and book your tickets right now without any further delay.

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