13 Picnic Spots Near Haldia

Haldia is a port city in West Bengal state, India, and a part of the Purba Midnapur district. This city is famous for foreign trade and is a great tourist attraction with its rich heritage, local markets, and temples. Haldia is a city known for its rich history, natural beauty, unique attractions like Sataku, and religious sites like the Goplajew Temple. It is also known for its proximity to other major cities in West Bengal, making it an ideal destination for travelers. The city’s proximity to Kolkata and other popular tourist destinations further enhances its appeal. In this article, we will talk about top 13 Picnic Spots Near Haldia that you can explore and go on to enjoy your picnic trip. We will provide information about how visitors can reach these spots and how they can enjoy a good time at these picnic spots.

Where is Haldia located?

In the Indian state of West Bengal, in the Purba Medinipur district, is the industrial port city of Haldia. It is located close to the mouth of the Hooghly River, one of the Ganges’ distributaries, about 124 kilometers (77 mi) southwest of Kolkata. Haldia is 8 meters (26 feet) above sea level and is situated at 22.03°N 88.06°E. Haldia, which has a land area of 109 km², is being developed into a smart city by the municipal administration and authorities, with the aim of addressing urban problems through technology.

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How to reach Haldia?

The train is the best option to reach Haldia because the city has a railway station just 4km from the central city. This junction is well connected with all major cities in India. However, buses are also operating from Kolkata to Haldia.

What are the historical aspects associated with Haldia?

As we talk about the history of Haldia, in 1997, this place was a small village, but now it has turned into a populated city with many industrial operating systems. Haldia has an interesting historical aspect, particularly concerning its Japanese community.

The Japanese community lived in a mini Japanese township called Sataku, or Japantown, which also featured a Japanese restaurant and a local Japanese news station. Haldia was the only city in India to have a Japantown, which suggests a unique and culturally diverse historical aspect to the city.

What is Haldia famous for?

Haldia has many aspects to its popularity, such as the river port of Haldia serving as a leading port for foreign trade, and this city is also known as an industrial hub. But Haldia is not just famous for business; it is a fantastic combination of natural beauty and heritage monuments.

Can I visit Haldia Port?

Yes, Haldia Port is a significant tourist attraction in Haldia. Therefore, you can visit Haldia Port and Haldia Dock, built to share the extra trade load on Haldia Port.  

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Are the Haldia and Kolkata ports the same?

Haldia Port is developed at the Bank of the Delta, where the Hooghly and Haldia Rivers meet. Kolkata port is developed in Haldia port as a partnership between Kolkata and Haldia, so it is not a port but a dock complex to share the port load.

Top 13 Picnic Spots Near Haldia

Now that we have an understanding of how beautiful and worthwhile Haldia is for visiting, let us explore the top 13 picnic spots near Haldia.

1. Khola Akash Resort

Khola Akash is located near Balur Ghata, a splendid resort in Haldia. You will love it, as the overnight stay experience is fabulous due to the provided facilities. The staff is humble and cooperative, and the resort’s kitchen is also loaded with food that will satisfy your hunger as soon as you see it. The rooms of the resort are fully furnished and clean. 

The resort has a beautiful green garden where you can enjoy the serene and natural environment. This resort is the best place to stay on the bank of the Haldia River. In the garden, seating arrangements are settled, and the architectural style of this resort is also elegant and attractive. 

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The resort’s swimming pool is also clean and will deliver a good experience for swimming here. In short, this resort is the best getaway for a family picnic and enjoying some time in the fresh air. Children can play in the playing area of the resort, and the boating adventure on the Haldia River is to be noticed. 

The time of this resort is 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

2. Jellingham Picnic Spot

The Jellingham picnic spot is a newly developed spot near Haldia, in East Midnapur. This picnic spot is renovated with mangrove trees. And Jellingham Forest is also a habitat for various bird species. 

This place is under the West Bengal Forest Department and is well updated by management. Jellingham has a very calm environment and provides a space to spend some time in solitude. And hence its part of our list of top 13 Picnic Spots Near Haldia.

This place is accessible by motorbike or rickshaw, as the path is not very suitable for driving a car, and in the rainy season, it turns into a muddy road.

3. Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur Beach is located 104km from Haldia and is an excellent attraction for locals of Shankarpur and foreigners. This beach has clean water and clear sand that make the place worthwhile. 

You can enjoy the sunset and sunshine moments at this pristine place. You can only enjoy a little water sports at this beach, but there are many small shacks and bars to enjoy light drinks and beverages under the clear blue sky. Seafood is also available at these stalls.

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4. Tajpur Beach

Tajpur Beach is another wonderful beach in West Bengal, located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. This beach is just 101km from Haldia and requires 2 hours and 30 minutes of driving by road, but from Haldia railway station, this beach is 64km. 

The beach has serene beauty, which is still virgin from pollution, as the beach is the secret beauty of West Bengal. Besides its beauty, the beach is a blessing for adventure lovers, as there are a lot of water sports to enjoy. 

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Visitors can make their trip happier by trying parasailing, kayaking, boating, rafting, fishing, zorbing, coastal biking, and many more things to do and enjoy. People can enjoy fried fish and beer from stalls at the beach to make their trip more enjoyable.

5. Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani Beach is located next to Tajpur Beach, 104km from Haldia. The beach is famous for having the longest drivable coast that provides unique experiences and lots of enjoyable scenes of natural beauty. 

The coastal line of this beach is 13 km long and tempts you to drive the car at full speed on the sandy seashore. Mandarmani Beach is the best place to enjoy the beauty of sunset moments and thrashing waves. Keep this on your list of top 13 Picnic Spots Near Haldia.

There are many resorts and hotels to stay near the beach that give a fantastic look at the beach at sunrise, and tourists can enjoy themselves far from the city’s busy life.

6. Digha Beach

Digha Beach is just 2km away from old Deegha Beach in a small beach town and a man-made destination. This place is best for a small picnic and getting a getaway from daily life’s hustle and bustle. 

This sandy beach is more accessible, and cabs or e-rickshaws are readily available to reach Digha from Kolkata. Tourists can enjoy sea bathing and paragliding at this beach. Come and sit under an umbrella to enjoy the fresh air at the beach, eat fresh-fried fish, or enjoy juices or other drinks. 

Every niche of enjoyment will be memorable and tremendous at this spot. Children can also enjoy the ride of a toy Jeep, and sports lovers can play volleyball at this sandy beach. 

Before 9 p.m. is the best time to visit this beach to avoid any unsocial activity from the crowds at the beach; otherwise, you can make your plan at any time.

7. Bakkhali Beach

Visitors can reach Bakkhali Beach by booking a cab from Haldia, but it will be costly. Therefore, public transport is best to make the trip budget-friendly. Trains are available from Namkhana railway station, the nearest station to reach Bakkhali Beach. 

From the station, taxis are readily available for the beach, and it is just a 30-minute drive from the station. Bakkhali Beach is a clean, white sand beach, and this place is best enjoyed under a clear blue sky with high tides of water. As the beach is not so crowded, you can hear the voice of air colliding with sea waves and red crabs crawling at the seashore. The beach is fantastic and a heaven for nature enthusiasts.

8. Henry Island

Henry Island is a beautiful tourist destination and is near Bakkhali Beach. The way to Henry Island has green trees and mangrove forests; the whole way is full of natural greenery. Before entry, you have to pay INR 10 as a fee. This island has a guest room in which you can stay overnight. 

On Henry’s Island, various ponds are made in which different fish species live, and this island also has some parts of the Sundarbans forests. A watch tower is also built on the island to enjoy the mesmerizing view of mangrove forests and the sandy beach.

9. Raichak Town

Raichak is a fabulous getaway for a weekend trip and very near Kolkata, so travelers from Haldia can quickly get access to Raichak by railway or by air. Raichak is on the river side of the Ganges River. 

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The town is famous for having many tourist attractions and is rich in serene beauty. This charming small town has many resorts to stay at, which are full of facilities, and you can enjoy delicious food in these resorts. 

Ships and boats also sail in the river, so boating can be enjoyed at Raichak to enjoy the natural beauty of the river and village.

10. Gadiara 

Gadiara is a famous picnic spot at the Rupnarayan and Hooghly Rivers confluence. There are many reasons why we have included it in our list of top 13 Picnic Spots Near Haldia. The place is a treasure for nature lovers, as green trees and rural life can be seen at Gadiara. 

Children and younger people can enjoy their picnics in parks, and green grass provides ample time to lie down and gaze towards the clear blue sky.

A lighthouse is also built at Gadiara, and a river cruise is a fantastic activity to enjoy the beauty of the setting sun. If you are a nature appreciator, this place will touch your heart. 

11. Tamluk City

Tamluk Rajbari is a historical place in West Bengal. This place’s opening and closing times are 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Tamluk City also serves as the headquarters of Purba Midnapur, as Rajbari means King’s Palace and is a historical gem. The architectural style of this fort dates back to the 5th century BC. 

The front opening of this complex stands with two massive pillars that resemble Islamic construction, and a vast courtyard is inside the complex. Rajbari also has religious temples in its complex. This place is excellent for exploring history and learning about the revolution of the past into the present.

12. Haldia Township Park

Haldia Township Park is situated in Mohana Market, Haldia Township. Riverside Park is a plus point to visit this park, as you can enjoy it entirely at the Bank of River. This park is clean, well-maintained, and has greenery. 

The cool breeze, soothing environment, and relaxing River Bank allow one to enjoy the natural beauty and relax the soul. Many states are fixed on park premises that depict the Indian culture and living style of people. 

The park’s walking paths are covered from both sides with green trees, and rides are available for children in this park.

13. Haldia Marine Drive

Haldia Marine Drive is also an enjoyable place at Riverside, and you can spot the ships anchoring the whole day. This place is excellent for photography and to enjoy the serene natural beauty. 

Marine Drive has beautiful sunset and sunrise points, as this marine drive is located at the point where the Hooghly River and Haldia River meet with the Bay of Bengal. 

The long coast of this place is decorated with palm and coconut trees, and for majestic beauty, you can see a huge crowd that visits this place to enjoy the natural beauty of an orange ball setting into a vast horizontal sky. 

Cools and a fresh breeze will give you a soothing effect on your soul, and the place is just lost in its beauty.

Get ready for a mesmerizing trip to Picnic Spots Near Haldia.

This is all about the top 13 picnic spots near Haldia. Haldia has many tourist attractions, and a youth trip to Haldia will be a lifetime-memorable journey, as it is loaded with natural beauty. The parks and monuments depict the heritage beauty, and from Haldia onward to Kolkata, visitors can plan their itinerary to explore the beauty of beaches.

There are many tourist destinations to explore for nature lovers and adventure seekers. October to March are the best months to visit these destinations. In winter, the weather becomes quite a pleasure, and it’s the best time to enjoy the riverbank of Haldia with a cool breeze. So, don’t wait to fulfill your dreams; pack your luggage and book your reservations to make an exciting picnic with Salam Travellers.

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