10 Best Places to Visit in Bardhaman 

Bardhaman, also known as Burdwan, is a district and city in West Bengal, located 102 km from Kolkata. It is a great tourist attraction due to its diverse culture and unique history. The nearest railway station to reach here is Bardhaman Junction Railway Station. Trains depart from Kolkata’s Howrah railway station, and you can also take a public bus or taxi.

The nearest airport, Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, is 86 kilometers from Bardhaman. This city is a popular tourist destination for those who want to enjoy a lovely weekend surrounded by rich natural beauty. This charming city has much to explore and enjoy with family and friends. 


Bardhaman has a diverse culture due to its multiple religions, such as Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim, which live in unity. The vibrant heritage and historical churches evoke the grandeur of the history of the city. Serene picnic spots on the bank of the Damodar River, scenic parks, temples, and art attract tourists yearly to explore the beauty of these places. This city offers something for everyone, regardless of age.

10 Best Places to Visit in Bardhaman

Bardhaman, a captivating place to visit, has a plethora of things to do for tourists. But I have shortlisted the top 10 best places to visit in Bardhaman that are bound to make your trip an experience to remember.

1. Krishnasayar Park and Lake

Krishnasayar park and lake
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Krishnasayar Park is an ecological park in Bardhaman developed by the Krishnasayar trustee board around a man-made lake. This lake was made by the king of Bardhaman in 1691 and is still a beautiful, attractive place to visit. Green trees represent a mesmerizing view of the natural beauty surrounding this lake.

The park has walking trails where residents of Bardhaman City come regularly for their morning and evening walks. The pleasing scenic landscapes of this park give a soothing effect to the soul and refresh the body with a cool breeze, and makes it one of the best places to visit in Bardhaman. Children enjoy themselves by taking rides, and swings are also available for them in the lush green gardens of the park.

Lake has a boating facility for visitors, and its tranquil beauty is worth visiting. Various types of competitions, fairs, and carnivals are also arranged often at the lake, and the flower show represents the park’s beauty. This place is ideal for leisure time in natural, fresh air to make your mind fresh for daily tasks.

This park opens from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every week, but on Sunday, it remains open from 11:15 a.m. to 6 p.m.

2. Golap Bagh

Golap Bagh
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Golap Bagh is the rose garden in Bardhaman, a botanical and zoological garden organized by the king in 1884. This garden is a lovely area for travelers to relax among the shady trees. Approximately 150 different species of trees were planted, including some unusual varieties of mango, jam, Shimul, eucalyptus, and casuarina. 

On hot, shiny days, you can rest under cool, shaded places in the garden to prevent scorching heat. Due to a wide range of plants and trees, this place is a haven for botany and zoology students. The garden also has various water tanks around the area to water the plants, and the best time to visit this garden is in the spring. 

As in the spring season, flowers bloom fully and trees are full of leaves. The aromatic fragrance of these flowers spreads throughout the garden and makes it a mesmerizing place to sit and take photographs against a beautiful background. This garden also has a palace, Darul Bahar, used by the kings to spend the hot summer days.

Now, this palace has offices of Bardhaman University on its premises, and classes of botany students are conducted in the garden to explain the types of plants. Dalton Hooker, a famous botanist, visited this garden and discovered 128 types of plants in it.

3. Rajbari Mahal 

Rajbari Mahal 
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Rajbari is also known as Mahatabmanjil to locals, as it was built by Mahatab Chand Bahadur in 1851. This building was the king’s palace and was the most beautiful building in Bardhaman during its opening. Its grandeur and beauty are still maintained.

Now, on its premises, the administrative office of Bardhaman University has been developed, and Maharajdhiraj Uday Chand College of Women is also attached to Rajbati. This place has a majestic architectural beauty. This charming beauty is surrounded by many tourist hotels, where people stay during their trip and come to enjoy the beauty of this architecture.

Inside the Rajbati, the Regional Creative Art Centre is developed, with paintings depicting the Indo-European school of art, old manuscripts, and sculptures made of marble and stone, and fronted for tourists to know the history of Bardhaman. Rajbati also has a library to learn about the secret history and details of this region.

4. The Deer Park 

The Deer Park bardhaman

The deer park is a mini-zoo in Bardhaman with a slight touch of wildlife sanctuary. Numerous deer are preserved in this park, which is named the deer park. Aside from deer, a few leopards and tigers are also in this park. Moreover, various types of colorful birds enhance the charm of this park and attract tourists to visit it.

The park has lush green scenery, making this place perfect for a weekend picnic and on top of my list of best places to visit in Bardhaman. A guest house has also been developed inside the park, full of facilities for tourists who want to stay overnight in Bardhaman. At the end of this wildlife sanctuary, King Bijay Chand Mahatab, who founded the famous Golap Garden in Bardhaman, is buried.  

This park is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is a nice place for animal lovers. It is situated just 2 km away from the railway station.

5. 108 Shiv Temple 

108 Shiv Temple 

108 Shiv Temple is a picturesque place to visit, and the uniqueness of this place is hidden in its name, as this landscape has 108 temples on its premises. These temples are constructed in a rectangular pattern, and two ponds are also complex, contrary to each other. 

These temples symbolically depict the necklace of the Rudrakshya goddess, which has 108 beads in its necklace. This number is considered a holy figure in the Hindu religion. 74 temples are built on the outer side, and on the inner premises, 34 temples are constructed side by side. 

In the beginning, 12 priests were responsible for the rituals and customs of the temple, but now the power is in the hands of temple authority. Terracotta work is engraved on the walls of each temple, and these historical temples are great attractions for tourists, especially in Shivratri.

On this occasion, the whole complex is decorated with lights. And gardens in the surroundings have lush green trees and grass. Vibrant flowers of various colors are planted in the garden. With its architectural beauty and lush green gardens, this place looks like an imaginative picture and becomes a hot tourist spot during the Shivratri festival.

6. Meghna Saha Planetarium 

This planetarium is a nice and must-visit place, especially if you come to the city with children. This place has lush green gardens and a mini-park where children can enjoy the slides and swings. Adults can also sit in tranquil gardens, giving them a relaxing break from their busy routine. A Japanese optical company built this planetarium with the cooperation of the Japanese and Indian governments.

The main attraction of this spot is the show, which is regularly arranged for tourists. This show is about stars, planets, and galaxies, in which the birth and death of a star are explained uniquely and magically. Children and students gain much knowledge from this show, even though adults remain engaged.

This amazing tourist attraction opens from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

7. Damodar riverside 

Damodar riverside 

Bardhaman is situated on the bank of the river Damodar. Therefore, the riverside is the best place to enjoy a peaceful picnic. By sitting on the river bank and enjoying the wide-open waterbody with a cool breeze, you will feel a refreshment of body and mind.

Here, country boats are also available that you can hire to take a river trip. Visiting this place during cool days is quite enjoyable as the weather becomes a pleasure, and you can enjoy a full day without being affected by the scorching heat. 

The Riverside of Damodar presents a picturesque view of sunset and sunrise. Most locals visit this site for morning and evening walks in a tranquil atmosphere, far from the most populated city areas.

8. Christ Church

Located on G.T. Road, this church is ancient. Built in 1816 by the East India Company, the royal family of that time devoted land to this church. The whole church is made of red bricks and depicts British architecture. The authorities still maintain this historical place well, which greatly appeals to history lovers.

A huge bell tower is built at the entrance with an iron bell that rings at the entrance, and the church has a semi-circular dome on one side. There is no idol for worship inside the prayer hall, and marble plaques that describe the lives of some Americans and Europeans are fitted in the hall.

9. Science Centre Bardhaman 

Science Centre Bardhaman 

Science Centre Bardhaman is a science museum that opened on January 9, 1994, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Science Museum National Council of Science. This is a spectacular tourist attraction, equally popular with locals and outside visitors. 

The main attractions are the museum’s 3D theater, science shows, and sky observation using a telescope. Besides the scientific information, the outside setting of this Science Museum is also very attractive. Lush green gardens where you can sit and relax and a huge replica of dinosaurs with statues of former scientists of India welcome the upcoming guests.

This museum is close to Golap Garden and Bardhaman University. It is a great place to visit, especially for kids and students, as they will learn a lot from exhibiting scientific phenomena. With a package of fun and learning, this museum is a one of the best places to visit in Bardhaman, as it has a peaceful and clean environment in which to spend time.

The visiting hours of this science center are 10:30 to 6 p.m., and this awesome place is available for only INR 25.

10. Sarbamangala Temple

Sarbamangala Temple is a famous revered temple in Bardhaman, and due to its historical and archaeological importance, the government of India declared it a public place for puja. This temple was built in 1702 by Maharaja Kirti Chand. According to the beliefs of devotees, the goddess fulfills every wish that she makes from the heart.

This temple is a blend of terracotta work and the Bengali architectural style of the past. Three stories of the temple make it prominent for a visit, and it is also called the first Nabaratna temple due to its nine spires in its complex, called Nabaratanas by locals. 

This temple opens in the morning from 6 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and then in the evening from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Are you ready to spend your weekend in Bardhaman sightseeing?

November to February are ideal months to visit this riverside city, as the weather becomes a pleasure in these months. Keep your camera in your bag because you will have a lot of picturesque views to capture, and this tour will remain in your memory for a lifetime.

You will find many worthwhile places to visit in Bardhaman from a historical point of view, as well as enjoy the scenic natural beauty and learn about scientific phenomena. During your visit to any tourist spot, try to keep the environment clean, don’t litter public places as these are heritage monuments, and visit religious places respectfully. I hope you will enjoy your tour and wish you the best of luck on a safe journey.

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