Top 8 Things to do in Tala Kaveri

Top 8 Things to do in Tala Kaveri - Salam Travellers

Are you a history beast? Or would you want to explore a scenic place with a religious temple? Then, plan your next trip to TALA KAVERI, an important religious place for Hindus on a hilltop. Tala Kaveri is located in Karnataka, India. The district affiliated with this tourist attraction is Kodagu. Located at 1,276m elevation, the destination is fascinating to explore, and its route is also hilly, providing a chance for trekking. You can also reach it by the nearest railway station, Mangalore or Mysore. In this travel guide, we explore the top 8 things to do in Tala Kaveri to make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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History of Tala Kaveri

Tala Kaveri originates from the Kaveri River, which flows through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. According to historical information, Sage Agasthya captivated Cauvery in a pot, but Lord Ganesha toppled this pot on a hilltop where Sage Agasthya was busy in his meditation. In present days, a square-shaped tank is held in that place to refer to the birthplace of the river.

Tala Kaveri is religiously vital to Hindu pilgrims, who believe a holy dip in the temple’s pond will cleanse all their sins. The site has many religious shrines to visit for rituals and festivals. Sage Agastya’s shrine is also blessed here by Vishnu, Ganesha, and Brahma.

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What is Tala Kaveri famous for?

Tala Kaveri is originally famous for being the birthplace of the Kaveri River. It is also known for its tranquil setting on the Brahmagiri Hills, which offers spectacular views. Moreover, the temple is located on the hill’s lap.

The local cuisine of this destination is also an attractive feature behind its popularity. The famous food of this region is Kadambuttu, a dish made by mixing rice flour with hot water. Hotel Talacauvery and Machu Restaurant are the top-picking places for savoring local food.

The unique places, settled in the green meadows of Brahmagiri Hills, also attract tourists who come to spend a lovely weekend in the lap of nature. Another factor contributing to its popularity is souvenir shopping, as the district is known for organic farming. Therefore, spices are travelers’ priority products.

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The top 8 things to do in Tala Kaveri

There are multiple things to do in Tala Kaveri. For example, you can enjoy beautiful views of lush green meadows. You can also experience the charm of local festivals, which are arranged even on a small scale but have a long-lasting impact on visitors. Kaveri Nadi and Abbey Fall’s views are highly distinctive and can’t be found elsewhere. Let’s explore top 8 things to do in Tala Kaveri.

1. Brahmagiri Hills viewpoint

Brahmagiri Hills viewpoint
cc : Kerala Travel Explorer

Located on the top of Tala Kaveri temple, this viewpoint is known for enjoying the fantastic 360-degree view of Brahmagiri Hills and the whole valley. Tourists have to cover more than 300 steps to reach the top, but after covering a challenging route, they can enjoy the mesmerizing views of photography. To reach this site, visitors must follow some local rules, such as dress style, language, and other ethical rules imposed by their administration. Visitors can explore the beauty of this place from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2. Enjoy Tula Sankramana festival

Tula Sankranti is a grand annual festival of the Coorg district celebrated every October 17. At this festival, you can enjoy traditional music, and devotees can commemorate the celebrations of the Kaveri goddess. The small water tank of the temple has religious value in this festival, as locals say, and a sudden upgrade of the water level in the tank expresses the appearance of the goddess on earth.

3. View Kaveri Nadi Ugamasthana

Kaveri Nadi Ugamasthana is a sacred temple for locals and Hindu tourists. The natural beauty of the temple’s surroundings also attracts the attention of non-believers. The temple has a dress code for visits inside the area, including shirts and trousers, churidar, or sarees for men and women, respectively. Devotees take a holy dip in spring water to wash out all sins from their souls. This temple also has specific tour hours, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

4. Abbey Falls’ View

A beautiful waterfall is just 6 km from Madikeri town and a one-hour drive from Tala Kaveri. Water falls from a 70-foot height and creates a magical view. The Cauvery River is the primary source of this waterfall. To witness the beauty of this waterbody, you have to cross around 200 steps downward, surrounded by coffee and cardamom plants. This natural beauty can be enjoyed from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. by paying INR 15 in entry charges.

5. Explore Brahmagiri and Tala Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuaries

Exploring Brahmagiri wildlife is also an exciting thing to do in Tala Kaveri. Greater Talacauvery National Park is ideal for this activity, just 19 km from Tala Kaveri. For spotting wild animals such as lions, leopards, elephants, pigs, and jackals, Tala Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary is also a considerable option. Bird lovers can also experience the unique species of birds in this 105 sq km sanctuary.

6. Nisargadhama

Nisargadhama is a famous picnic spot, called an island, for its delta location. This island is located 30 km away from Madikeri town. Sandalwood, bamboo groves, and teak trees enhanced the beauty of this land. There is a playground for children, and elders can also beat their time by visiting a deer house or snack house or indulging in water activities at safe points of the island. Boating is also a way of enjoyment in this picturesque setting.

7. Explore Kodava Heritage Centre

Kodava Heritage Centre is a newly developed tourist attraction depicting local history and culture. Its development process is in the last stages of completion. The building is purely designed in the Kodava architectural style. This center has a sports training center, a culture center, and a memorial hall designed to pay tribute to war heroes.

8. Visit Raja’s Seat

As expressed by name, this spot was used by past kings to enjoy a peaceful environment and the surrounding area’s natural beauty. Raja’s Seat is located in Madikeri town and is ideal for enjoying sunsets and sunrises. This spot has a park where you can enjoy a toy train ride and have children spend a lovely trip in its amusement park.

What is the best time and duration for you to visit Tala Kaveri?

You can plan your visit to Tala Kaveri annually according to your preferred weather. Due to annual festivals, October to March are ideal times for this trip.

A one-day tour is enough to explore the beauty of Tala Kaveri. Start your day early in the morning to explore all the possible attractions. To enjoy the whole district tour of Coorg, visitors must plan a three- to four-day tour.

Final Analysis

Kodagu is a prominent district of Karnataka state. Because of its beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and green hills, this area is known as the Kashmir of India. Tala Kaveri is a beautiful landscape with great significance due to the birthplace of the Kaveri River. The temple of Tala Kaveri is a main attraction for tourists. You can enjoy a lot of beautiful places in this hilly destination.

Do your research about the things to do in Tala Kaveri, and pack your luggage to embark on a sacred and entertaining journey. Remember to keep your cameras and a water bottle because you must cross many stairs to explore the beauty of Tala Kaveri. Please share your experience with us and suggest more things to do in Tala Kaveri.

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