Shimla Places to Visit, The Ultimate Bucket List In Nature Lovers

People who are in love with nature must visit the Shimla. This article will enlist some Shimla Places to Visit while you are on a trip to Shimla.

Beutiful Shimla
Beutiful Shimla


Located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a very famous hill station. The British built it as a place for a summer retreat. You will find many colonial-era buildings in Shimla. Shimla is a beautiful, relaxing home where you can enjoy your time fully. In Shimla, you will not only enjoy nature but will also get amazed by its cultural heritage. Some Shimla Places to Visit are listed below:

Reach for the Sky at Jakhoo Temple: 

The temple is located on a peak with an altitude of 2455 meters. The temple is so high that the whole city can be seen there. It is specially built for Lord Hanuman, and a massive statue of the Lord is also placed there. The height of the figure is 108 feet. This statue is so giant that it is visible everywhere in Shimla.

Walk Along the Heritage Trail at The Ridge: 

The Ringe Shimla
The Ringe Shimla

The town was used as a summer retreat for the British, so there are many British-era monuments to explore. One of them is The Ridge. There are many historical reasons to visit it. Many festivals and cultural events are held in summer and winter to entertain visitors. Name some Winter Carnival and Summer Festival is one of them. Some other points attract the tourists, such as Scandal Point, State Library, and Christ Church.

Experience the Charm of the British Era at The Mall:

If you want to explore the local life of Shimla or are interested in knowing about their culture, visit The Mall. It is also well-known for shopping, hotels, cafe, and restaurants. You will also find places like Town Hall, the Clarkes Hotel, and General Post Office, which have historical significance.

Explore the Nature and Wildlife at Kufri: 


If you have an adventurous soul within you, who insists you do something exciting and memorable with your friends and family, then we have such a place for you. In Shimla, there is another hill station known as Kufri. The site is full of adventure; you can hike there, and other fun activities, such as horse riding, skiing, and tobogganing, are also available on the hill. You can also visit the Himalayan Nature Park to see the diverse flora and fauna of the region.

Relive the History at Viceregal Lodge: 

Viceregal Lodge is a historical building built during British rule in India, and now it is open for visitors and tourists to learn about its history more closely. The British Viceroy used to live in the lodge. Many photos, paintings, and documents in the building remind us of the past. You can also view gardens and clubs there.

Witness the Splendour of Architecture at Tara Devi Temple: 

Goddess Tara is another famous god in Indian mythology. Tara Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Tara, also known as Goddess Durga. About 11 kilometers away from Shimla, this temple is situated on a hilltop. The temple is very famous for its architecture. You can witness mesmerizing and beautiful views from the top.

Feel the Thrill of Adventure at Kalka-Shimla Railway: 

Kalka-Shimla Railway comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It links the Kalka plains to the Shimla hills. It can be counted as the most exciting journey because it passes 919 curves, 864 bridges, and 102 tunnels. You can enjoy many natural scenes like mountains and forests during your travels. You will also witness heritage buildings and stations as well.

Discover the Beauty of Nature at Green Valley: 

Beauty of Nature at Green Valley
Beauty of Nature at Green Valley

Green Valley is filled with greenery and houses many animals and birds. It is a desirable place for movie shooting and TV shoots. You can explore the valley by walking, riding a horse, biking, and witnessing animals like deer and bears.

Experience the Culture and Spirituality at Annandale:

It is a plain ground covered in hills. It is a place where many religious and cultural activities take place. It is famous for organizing many sports events, such as golf, cricket, and polo. You will also find the Army Heritage Museum, which witnesses the achievements made by the Indian army. There is also a temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kali, and it is called Annandale Temple.

Relax and Rejuvenate at Tattapani: 

This spot is trendy for its medicinal properties as it helps cure skin problems and many other diseases in hot springs. Tattapani is a village which is a little small. You can also take a bath in warm water, which will make you feel rejuvenated. Moreover, you can also experience some exciting sports on River Sutlej, such as fishing, rafting, and much more. 

Witness the Glory of Nature at Chadwick Falls: 

chadwick falls shimla
Chadwick Falls Shimla

It is the most captivating site near Shimla. It has the most beautiful waterfall, which is known as Chadwick Falls. It should be visited during monsoon season because, in this season, its beauty is unmatchable. The waterfall sound is the most satisfying sound you can hear in this area, and you will also witness flora and fauna, which is very rare.

Some Tips While Visiting the Best Places in Shimla:

Some tips can make your experience to the fullest:

All the places in Shimla are not accessible by vehicle, and you need to hike to get there. Such as the Jakhoo Temple is situated on a hilltop, and you cannot access it by car. It is recommended to keep comfortable shoes and water with you.

As many people go to Shimla, there can be traffic problems during the peak season. To avoid traffic problems, you can avoid traveling during the peak hours or should use the local transport to reach there.

The roads in Shimla are curvy, and any carelessness during driving can mean an accident for you. Therefore, staying within the speed limit and avoiding overtaking other vehicles is advised.

Only drive if you are an expert at driving in hilly areas. Driving in hilly regions requires particular expertise. Alternatively, you can get a taxi to roam around Shimla. 

Always be respectful to the locals and their customs and traditions. As Shimla is a multicultural place and many different businesses are practiced there, you must take great care in accepting their beliefs and customs.

Always dress appropriately if you are visiting any religious places.

Most importantly, ensure you are not littering everywhere, as this will damage the beauty of Shimla.

Final Analysis

Shimla is a beautiful and famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It is also renowned for its colonial legacy, as the British used it as a summer retreat. The culture and history of the city are also vibrant. The architecture of Shimla is also unique. There are many places in Shimla that you can explore when visiting. These sites include Kuri, the Mall, Jakhoo Temple, and Green Valley. You can have many experiences in the city, and the memories of these experiences will stay with you for a long time. Some suggestions to visit the place are booking the hotel in advance, keeping warm clothes with you, hiring a local guide, respecting the native culture and customs, and avoiding littering anywhere. We will also recommend trying local cuisine to taste their rich culture.

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