what to pack for the Kashmir trip in October

Learn what to pack for the Kashmir trip in October or May if you plan to visit Kashmir. Let us inform you about weather conditions in Kashmir in October and May so you can pack your accessories following the weather and enjoy your trip to Paradise on Earth.

Sonmarg, Kashmir
Sonmarg, Kashmir

Kashmir is popular among tourists due to its natural beauty and snow-capped high mountain ranges. Due to its beauty and majestic views, this place is known as a part of Paradise on Earth. The beauty of green meadows stretched over miles can not be expressed in words. The lakes of Kashmir valleys are clear like crystal. And snowy glaciers present a wonderful view to see. Everything in this valley is extremely beautiful. People are hospitable and expert in making different handicrafts. Kashmir is not a place to go and see its natural beauty. But here are a lot of activities from which you can enjoy and make your trip memorable. The Shikara ride is the most important thing to try in these activities. This ride will relax you from polluted city life, and you will just get lost in the calmness and beauty of the lake. Gondola cable car is also a good choice in Kashmir. Visitors who love nature and want to experience Kashmir’s beauty will try this ride. The people who want to enjoy adventures and thrill. They can also get many thrilling activities like paragliding,  trekking, mountain biking, river rafting, hot air balloons, and many others. 

May is often a summer season in Kashmir, but temperatures do not go higher during summer as the highest range of temperature is 30 to 31°C. But in October, the autumn season starts, and winter is approaching, so this is the ideal period to visit this place. Temperature decreases from 20 to 9°C. It would help if you packed woolen clothes and heavy jackets for your visit this month because snowfall starts at the end of October. Let’s explore what to pack for the Kashmir trip in October or May in the derail.


Winter Clothing In Kashmir
Winter Clothing In Kashmir

If you visit in May, the temperature is mostly high and normal cotton clothes can be worn in this month. In Srinagar, the temperature will be surprisingly high. Until October, you can enjoy without wearing a jacket, but at night and early morning, mostly cool wind blows, and chances of snowfall increase at the end of October, so you should pack cotton and slightly wool clothes. A windproof jacket should also be on your packing list. 

To visit Kashmir’s religious places and cultural festivals, you should pack traditional dresses like kurta shalwar and pherans. A pair of waterproof shoes with a strong grip should also be involved in snow-capped areas and water activities like boat riding or river rafting.


Camera Accessories
Camera Accessories

Some other accessories are also important, with the necessary clothes to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. Cameras are important to capture the beauty of this green landscape; binoculars can be helpful to explore the beauty of high snow-capped mountains. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a cap is also considerable if you are going in May or October. Another basic medication and first aid kit is also required because, due to climate change, the weather may disturb your health slightly. For Precaution, insect repellent must be in your handbags. Other useful items like power banks, chargers, adapters, and snacks must be with you to avoid any inconvenience. 


paragliding kashmir
paragliding kashmir : Image Credit

There are many activities and adventures to experience in Kashmir, like paragliding, hiking, river rafting, Shikara rides, cable car rides, and many others. Dal Lake is one of the foremost visiting points in Srinagar, and May is the best time to visit this lake. Shikara ride is a ride of an hour duration in which you can explore the beauty of this lake. The peaceful environment of the lake will mesmerize you, and you will forget about the busy and polluted life of the city. This ride is available for tourists for a whole day and is free to ride. Pahalgam is also a beautiful scenic place to visit in Kashmir, as its green meadows and top-high mountains covered with snow present wonderful scenery beauty. If you want to enjoy snowfall and horse riding in October, Pahalgam is the best place to visit. Thajiwas Glacier is also a worthwhile place. The track of this glacier is just 3km long but full of surprises, and you can see abundant frozen lakes and lush greenery. 

You should also follow the safety measures for activities like trekking on high mountains. There is always a professional guide to guide you about the track, so follow his instructions and keep hydrated. Minor injuries are common in these activities, so basic medicine must be in your backpack to avoid serious issues. 


Souvenirs kashmir

Kashmir is not a place to see its beauty, but the handicrafts of Kashmir are also world-famous and have good quality. Kashmiri shawls have different colors and quality, but most woolen shawls of Kashmir are budget-friendly. Tourists often praise Wood carvings in Kashmir and walnut wood is commonly used for these carvings. These items start from 1000 and reach high prices as their specialties increase. Saffron and dry fruits are also found plenty in Kashmir. Lal Chowk is one of the famous markets in Srinagar. Bargaining with shopkeepers can be done to customize the products of your own choice. This market is famous for wooden carvings and Kashmiri shawls. At the same time, Badshah Chowk is also a bustling marketplace famous for having good-quality carpets. Suppose you want to buy dry fruits or jewelry items. In that case, Polo View Market is the best-recommended shopping place as this place is situated in front of Polo Ground in Srinagar and is a hub of luxurious items. These markets are open from 10 am to 8 pm. After buying heavyweight items, you can ship them safely through cargo after secure packing because, by road, there are chances for damage to these things during loading.

Some Suggestions

Before going to Kashmir, pack all your essential and needy things to make your trip comfortable. It would help if you packed light packing because heavy luggage can bother you during travel. Clothes should be packed according to the weather, but as in May, the weather is moderate, but still, you have to pack a jacket and woolen scarf to wear at night and early morning. The shoes for this trip must be waterproof and strong in grip because Kashmir has difficult hilly tracks to walk on, so you should wear high-grip shoes. A first aid kit and some general medicines for flu, cough, fever, and body aches are also in your packing because you may feel hectic due to weather changes and long travel.

To visit these areas, you should keep all necessary documents with you, including your identity card. A passport is also necessary for foreign tourists because all these documents are checked at army checkpoints, and these documents are also required for hotel reservations. Booking for the tour can also be helpful to avoid any inconvenience, and a professional guide must be with you who can guide you about the most attractive spots and tracks of valleys.

Final Analysis

In conclusion, while considering what to pack for the Kashmir trip in October or May, you should keep your packing wisely and only the necessary items. Avoid extra packing. Check the latest weather conditions before going to Kashmir so you can pack your luggage according to them. Then tie the knot of your shoes and get ready to explore the beauty of this heaven. Go and get lost in the beauty of Kashmir. Try the adventurous and thrilling outdoor activities offered massively in this beautiful landscape and share your experience so others can enjoy it. Thanks for reading and taking an interest in this guide. Have a safe journey, and enjoy your beautiful trip with your family.

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