8 Top Offbeat Places in Kashmir in summer

Offbeat Places in Kashmir

Discover the offbeat places in Kashmir in summer with stunning views, unmatched beauty, and rich culture. Plan your trip to paradise on earth this summer and explore the beauty of snow-capped mountains.

Kashmir, also known as paradise on earth, is a beautiful valley. In the autumn, the valley turns yellow and red due to the presence of chinar trees in the valley; the sight is splendid to see. The valley is also surrounded by mountains that are covered with snow and, in summer, looks attractive when the snow melts, and crystal blue rivers flow from these mountains. Several tour packages are available for visiting the place, and Kashmir has many tourist attractions due to its rich natural beauty.

In today’s discussion, we will explore the rare tourist attractions unspoiled and unheard of by people visiting in the summer. The article will cover the beauty of Kashmir so that you can enjoy your next trip to this beautiful valley. The houseboat or shikara stay is a unique Kashmir experience and is highly recommended for tourists. Let’s explore the top offbeat places in Kashmir in summer in the details. Read Also … What Document Require Kashmir Trip


chatpal kashmir
chatpal kashmir

Chatpal village is between beautiful mountains and 90km from Srinagar city. To reach here, tourists can take a taxi from Srinagar airport, and a shared taxi can also be hired. The village is abundant with natural beauty and is bordered by mountains from all sides. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful environment here because the place has lush greenery, and a milky river has chill water. Chatpal is a majestic place for nature lovers, and you can enjoy it on the bank of a river, a place to enjoy in solitude. This village is the best place for capturing memorable photographs in the company of nature.

This offbeat place is best to visit in summer, but there is no tourist activity. You can enjoy leisure time in this pristine village. In winter, you can also plan a tour for Chatpal to enjoy snowfall. Here, we get an opportunity to learn about the lives of locals living without electricity by using natural resources. To stay here, the best option is to stay in a tourist cottage, which J&K Tourism provides. This cottage is fully furnished for outside visitors.  Read Also.. Is it a safe Kashmir trip with 2-year kids in winter


The second option to make a trip is Gurez or Gurais Valley, which is 123 kilometres from Srinagar and 86 kilometres from Bandipora, located between the high Himalayas. Kishenganga River is situated in a valley surrounded by Mountains, entirely covered with snow. To reach the canyon during summer, travellers can hire a private taxi to reach Bandipora, the nearest town to Gurez. A shared minibus can also take to reach here. From Bandipora to Gurez Valley, road travel is possible only in summer. This journey has picturesque views because the route runs along the Kishanganga River and offers inspiring views of mountains.

In winter, a helicopter is the only option to reach Gurez, which can be hired from the TRC office, Rajbagh, Srinagar. This landscape has green meadows where you can see grazing sheep in summer. People visit this place to retreat to nature in Kashmir. A place is an ideal option for capturing pictures and for experiencing trekking in the mountains of Kashmir. You will enjoy a peaceful environment here as the network is unavailable here. BSNL only works as a service provider, but its network is also weak, and you cannot get access to the network. So the place will provide you with a completely natural experience. 

If you can afford it on a budget, try a helicopter ride provided by Gurez Copter Service. On this ride, you can enjoy the full, beautiful, and majestic view of the valley. This valley is colder than other areas of Kashmir, so remember to pack warm jackets, gloves and other accessories to protect yourself from chilly wind at night time.    


 Daksum Kashmir
Daksum Kashmir

Daksum is also a scenic and undiscovered jewel located 80km from Srinagar in Larnoo tehsil, Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir. Daksum is famous for trout fish. This place is surrounded by dense forests famous for their flora and fauna. To reach here, anyone can travel by air to Srinagar airport. A 66-kilometre distance to Anantnag from the airport can be covered with a tourist taxi. The Bringhi River is a tourist attraction in this valley due to its serene environment around the area.

Dessu village near Daksum is also a place where you can enjoy rural life because this village has houses of old style. There is also a spot to visit, Sinthan Top, worth to visit. The route of this top is quite a zig-zag and adventurous. The one-hour drive to reach the top is quite enjoyable. From the top, you can enjoy the view of the surroundings and witness majestic views of sunset and sunrise. Visitors can also enjoy nature-friendly activities, such as trekking, camping, and fishing. The Jammu and Kashmir Tourist Development is the only agency in the valley that offers accommodation for tourists with essential services. If you want to explore rural life closely, ask locals to host you for some days, but be careful when doing this.        

Aru Valley: 

 Aru Valley 
Aru Valley

Aru Valley is also situated in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. This valley is 53 kilometres from Anantnag city and 11 km from Pahalgam. This place is also loaded with green meadows and is the best place for trekking lovers. Aru village is a base campus for the Kolahoi glacier and Tarsar Lake trekking. This place has a divine beauty and serene views to enjoy, which gives a peaceful feel for the soul, as the place is far from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can hire a cab From Jammu railways station to reach Aru valley.

This valley has an entry fee for visitors, and you must pay Rs.25 for entrance. This valley is not only famous for its natural beauty, but you can also indulge in various activities. Fishing in the Aru River is an enjoyable and family-oriented activity. Moreover, horse riding, skiing, trekking and photography are exciting things to do in Aru valley. JKTDC offers a Tourist Bungalow with basic facilities to stay in the valley. Remember to pack your umbrella because, due to its altitude, the valley often receives heavy rainfall.


Yusmarg kashmir
Yusmarg kashmir

Yusmarg is also a beautiful hill station in the west of Kashmir, located in Badgam district and is famous for its long, lush green meadows. Yusmarg is 47km away from Srinagar. This valley is laid on the bank of the Doodhganga River and is highly scenic. To reach here, a direct bus is not available to travel from Srinagar to Yusmarg. Cabs are available in different parts to travel, or you have to book your vehicle. Tourists less visit the valley, so private hotels are only available here. But you can stay for the night in cottages built by JKTDC. 

Walking in the green meadow of Yusmarg or trekking down the Doodhganga River is a Fabulous experience. The river’s name is due to its foamy water, which looks like milk. The river’s natural beauty and crystal-clear water have a refreshing effect on the soul. This place is a perfect getaway for nature lovers and those who want to spend some time in the company of natural beauty. You can also enjoy fishing for Trout in the river, and then cooking it on a flame under the open sky is a thrilling experience for adventure enthusiasts. Nilang Lake is also an attraction in Yusmarg, a high-altitude lake surrounded by forest. This lake offers a picturesque pine forest view, and the trek is also steep uphill. 

Warwan Valley: 

Warwan Valley
Warwan Valley

The Warwan Valley is a tehsil in the Kishtwar district of Jammu division and an offbeat tourist destination. The valley is not overpopulated and is less visited, so it still needs to be affected by pollution. This valley is 150 kilometres from Srinagar and 68 kilometres from Kishtwar. Two alpine lakes, formed by melting glaciers, are a unique attraction in Warwan Valley. This valley is best to visit in summer because, in this season, you can experience trekking.

You can see flowers in the entire valley and also nestled with green meadows. In winter, the whole is covered with snow, so the valley treks are risky in winter, and only walk holding a stick. For experience trekking in the valley, a medical certificate is required, filled by an MMBS doctor, because with it, the forest department issued permission for trekking. Due to the high altitude of these offbeat places, keep your raincoat with you because often rainfall starts unexceptionally.    

Lolab Valley:

Lolab Valley
Lolab Valley

Lolab Valley, also known as the “Land of Love and Beauty,” is a hidden glory of Kashmir. The shape of this valley is oval. It is 15 miles long and 3 miles wide. The valley is located in the Kupwara district of Nortwest Kashmir. Multiple ancient springs and meadows are located in this valley. It is also home to numerous historical caves. Pine and fir-dense forests are other specificities of this valley. It is also known as “the fruit bowl of Jammu and Kashmir” because it has a vast variety of fruit trees in abundance. 

Besides its beauty, this valley also has a history of battles. It has a rich culture and has followed the rules of rulers like the Mughals, British, Sikhs, Dogras etc. Along with that, the valley has a wide variety of languages and religions. Chandigarh, Sogam, Kalaroos, Kigam, Lalpor, and Tekipora are some of the top famous towns of this valley. 

In short, if you are a nature lover, then Lolab Valley is a perfect destination for you to visit. It offers adventure, beauty, and historical insights and makes you feel fresh mentally and spiritually. 


Turtuk kashmir
Turtuk kashmir

Turtuk is a stunning place where you can enjoy the view of the snow-capped mountains because they surround the whole village. It is the home of the Balti people, who are most similar to Tibetans. It also has multiple green valleys and beautiful rivers. 

If you want to see the harmony between nature and human civilization, this village has a lot to offer you regarding this. The houses are built with stones like traditional houses. Colourful prayer flags are common in the town. Ancient Buddhist monasteries are also a feature of this village. The villagers are friendly and loving. 

The Turtuk is also famous for “golden apples,” fruit orchards in Ladakh. You can also visit Kalaroos caves, famous for having a secret way to China. It is also a gateway to the Siachin Glacier, so you can visit the Siachin base camp by seeing this village.  


What do Kashmiris wear in summer? 

Commonly, they wear cotton and or khadi stuff in summer. They wear trousers, shirts and T-shirts,  and jeans etc. Kashmiri women mostly wear kasaba (headscarf).  

Is Kashmir worth visiting in the summer? 

Multiple mountains surround Kashmir, so the weather is delightful in summer. Also, it has a stunning beauty and thrill to offer to a tourist. It offers trekking, camping, and wild safari-like activities also. So, it is worth visiting the Kashmir in the summer.

What is a significant source of tour attraction in Kashmir? 

Kasmir is known as a paradise on earth because of its beauty, cultural richness, and brave history. It has multiple points of attractions for the different tourists of different natures. Natural lovers can enjoy their natural beauty, adventure seekers can get adventures, and history lovers will get history information by visiting Kashmir. But, some major attractions that are evergreen for all tourists are the Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, Amarnath cave, Gulmarg ski resort, Sonamarg valley, etc.

Final Analysis

Hope you get informative knowledge from an article about offbeat places in Kashmir in the summer. These places are not famous like Gulmarg and Pahalgam but are most beautiful and filled with natural sightseeing. These offbeat places are not crowded, and you can enjoy a picnic with your family in a peaceful environment. Due to being far from city areas and having no internet access, you can ultimately live a life full of self-oriented, and no one can disturb you. So plan your next trip to these unexplored places in Kashmir, enjoy the beauty of green meadows and the milky water of rivers, and capture the memorable moments in your DSLR in the greenery of these places. Please share your experience with us and explore more areas like these valleys in Kashmir.

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