Is it a safe Kashmir trip with 2-year kids in winter

Kashmir trip with Kid
Kashmir trip with Kid

Take a peaceful break from your daily hectic routine and plan a safe and enjoyable trip to paradise on Earth. Explore the activities to do there and get knowledge about whether it is a safe Kashmir trip with 2-year-old kids in winter. 

Kashmir is a region of stunning natural beauty. It has snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and crystal-clear lakes. It is home to diverse cultures and religions. The region is famous for its rich handicrafts, such as carpets, shawls, and wood carving. This beautiful valley is located between mountain ranges and also has several rivers. Due to its topography and climate, this destination is famous for tourism. Its vibrant culture attracts tourists from all across the world. The wealth of ancient literature, religion and music is worth visiting.

Kashmir is a rich destination for having lots of scenic beauty and attractive places to visit. We will discuss these attractions for the tour with safety guidelines. This article will provide you with information about whether it is a safe Kashmir trip with 2-year-old kids in winter. We will guide you through packing tips, and you will also get information about activities that you can do to make your trip memorable and enjoyable. 

The best time to visit Kashmir in winter

Aru Valley

Due to its green landscapes, natural beauty and snow-capped mountains, Kashmir is an attractive place for families, couples and other travellers. You can visit this heaven on earth throughout the year, but March to August are ideal months to visit this paradise due to the moderate weather. 

Two seasons merge in these months because the winter is going to end, and the calm wind blows in the daytime. Due to the spring season, you can enjoy flowers in full bloom, and meadows are also full green. 

But if you want to enjoy the snowfall, then October to February are the best months. Through cable car ride, you can enjoy a beautiful view of snow-covered mountains. Read Also .. What Document Require Kashmir Trip

How to reach Kashmir?

The easiest and most popular way to reach Kashmir is by air. For this purpose, you can take a flight to Srinagar airport, which is just 15 km away from Kashmir and also well connected with India’s major cities. 

You can also travel to Kashmir by public and private buses; you can take a bus from Chandigarh and Delhi to Srinagar. Srinagar is further connected with Jammu Kashmir by the National Highway. But with a two-year-old baby, bus travel will not be convenient for you, as it takes up to 24 hours.

Jammu Tawi railway station in Jammu is the only station, so you can also travel by train, which will be budget-friendly. Srinagar also has a railway station, but this is not well connected with Indian cities.

Safety Tips

The number of tourists is increasing day by day, which indicates that security issues are being resolved and peace is returning to the valley. But in south Kashmir, the gunfight in the health resort of Kokerang can be bad news for tourists, yet a large number of foreign tourists visit Kashmir valley this year. However, these incidents of gun fights are too rare in Kashmir because the Indian government has killed terrorists. Therefore, from 2019 onward, the security situation is going to become better. The crime rate in Kashmir is also low, and top tourist places remain untouched by violent incidents, such as Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Srinagar, Dal Lake, and Sonmarg are safe places for tourists. Still, you have to take some precautions to ensure your safety.

  • As Kashmir is a military zone and there is no permission to capture a photo at Srinagar airport and in military sites due to security reasons, be careful in these areas.
  • Keep your ID card with you, and other identity documents, such as driver’s license, student card, passport and Adhar card, are also recommended to check at military checkpoints.
  • Certain areas in Kashmir are volatile for violence; therefore, avoid visiting these areas, such as seeing old Srinagar and bordered areas.
  •  Kashmiris are Islam followers, so avoid the consumption of alcohol openly. Instead, you can take it indoors only.
  • Spring season is a breeding season for the pollination of trees, and a large amount of pollen is in the air, so if you have a pollen allergy, then wear a facemask and also keep anti-allergic tablets with you.
  • Before and during travel to Kashmir, keep an eye on news related to Kashmir, and if you feel any unpleasant incident, then confirm with your local agent before travelling.

Best places to visit

Kashmir is a popular tourist destination and called paradise on earth due to its lush green valleys, snow-covered mountains and beautiful lakes. The beauty of Kashmir matches with heaven and its unparalleled mountain ranges. Waterfalls flowing through these mountains are breathtaking experiences to visit. This scenic destination is the best option to visit with family. Srinagar, Dal Lake, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg are top tourist attractions in Kashmir.


Srinagar Dal Lake
Srinagar Dal Lake

Srinagar is famous for lakes, houseboats and gardens; traditional handicrafts and dry fruits are prominent in this place. Srinagar has a lot of tourist attractions to visit. 

Dal Lake is one of the top places, and it mesmerizes visitors with its endless beauty and unmatched charm. This lake is situated in the heart of Srinagar and 23km away from Srinagar airport. You can easily reach here by taxi from the airport. 

The best time to visit this lake is early morning or in the evening, as you can enjoy a shikara ride at this time. 


Pahalgam, Kashmir
Pahalgam, Kashmir

Pahalgam is the second most popular place to visit in Kashmir, which is 54km away from Srinagar. This place is famous due to the shrine of Amarnath Yatra and receives hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year for yatra; Pahalgam town is a starting point for this yatra. 

July to August is the best month to take part in this annual pilgrimage.


Gulmarg, Kashmir

The next place to visit in Kashmir is Gulmarg, 51km distance from Srinagar. To reach Gulmarg, you can travel in public buses or can hire jeeps. This picturesque town is the best to spend the winter season because you can enjoy winter sports like ski, skating and hiking in the Himalayan mountains. 

Gulmarg Gondola is also a main attraction, which is the highest cable car in the world, and you can enjoy the beauty of snow-covered mountains. 

Sonmarg can also be the best option to visit due to its pristine natural surroundings and offers impressive views. This town is 81km away from Srinagar.

Activities to do

Gandola Ride Gulmarg : cc unsplash

Kashmir has a lot of activities to do, such as boat riding and shikara riding in Dal Lake. This shikara ride is a ride for 30 minutes to 2 hours, and you can enjoy the beauty of the lake by taking this ride. 

The Gondola ride is also exciting in Gulmarg town, but due to its peak height, Childs below two years are not allowed. Despite thrilling activities, Kashmir is also full of majestic views to see and capture family pictures. Adventure seekers can also try hiking, skating, and trekking in the snowy mountains of Kashmir Valley. 

You can also visit the Strawberry Valley in Gulmarg, which is the perfect place for a family vacation, and you can pick fresh strawberries from this valley in summer. In Srinagar, you can also take part in paragliding, skiing and horse riding. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is also a top attraction where you can enjoy the beautiful view of tulip flowers.

Things to pack

Things To Pack Kashmir Trip

The packing list of your bag depends on the weather in which you are going in Kashmir. Additionally, before finalizing your packing, it is secure to check the current weather forecast. 

In Summer

Usually, in summer, you need regular cotton clothes in the daytime. Still, at night, the weather becomes cool, so keep your shawl and rainproof coat and also a jacket for your baby. 

In Winter

But in winter, there are a lot of things to pack, such as gloves, socks, jackets, shawls and caps. For your baby, you have to pack woollen clothes with shoes and hats because these will keep your baby’s body warm in extreme cold.


  • Wear shoes that have a firm grip and are comfortable for walking. The ground, due to snow and rain, becomes slippery and hard to walk on, so a firm grip will save you from falling. 
  • Keep your sunblock and sunscreen cream with you. 
  • Keep some extra space for gifts and souvenirs while packing all other items. 
  • Take scarves to cover your head and also keep glasses to prevent sunshine during the day. 
  • Take all your necessary identity documents with you to visit Kashmir. 
  • A water bottle is also essential for this trip because the paths and roads are steep, and you can feel dehydrated, so take your water bottle with you.

How to take care of the health and safety of the toddlers in Kashmir?

Your toddlers can feel body aches due to long travel, and changes in weather can disturb their health, so keep a first aid kit in your packing. In this kit, you have to keep all essential syrups, such as for flu, cough, fever, and pain relief. It will help you to tackle all minor health issues of your kid. 

It is necessary to have access to clean water and nutritious food for your child. So make sure that you have all the basic hygiene facilities. Along with that, pay attention to any relevant vaccination or immunization that is necessary for your child’s health. Protect your child from extreme weather conditions, and dress up appropriately. Avoid going to polluted areas. 

Also, focus on your child’s mental and emotional health. Observe his behaviour, and if you feel any un inappropriate behaviour, consult with the doctor. Avoid visiting any dangerous place to keep your child safe and secure. 

Also, keep yourself pampered and pack in woollen clothes in winter. Remember to carry a pram with you for your 2-year-old kid that will make your walk easy.


Can we take the kids to Kashmir in winter?

Yes, you can, but with proper woollen clothes, because the temperature decreases to minus Celsius in winter.

Is it safe to go to Kashmir with kids?

There is no issue because tourists are safe, yet you have to follow the guidelines from the tourist guide and care for your children properly.

What is the best time to visit Kashmir with kids?

March to August are the best months for kids in Kashmir because, in these months, the weather is not so cold and not hot but appropriate to enjoy the beauty of lush green meadows and flowerer parks. 

Is there any danger in Kashmir?

Due to the risks of civil disorder, stone pelting and gun fights occur in Kashmir, but these incidents do not occur in tourist places; therefore, tourists are perfectly safe in Kashmir. 

Which month is ice in Kashmir?

January is considered the coldest month in Kashmir. Temperature ranges between -2 to 12, and snowfall can be enjoyed this month.

Which month has the first snowfall in Kashmir?

Snowfall usually starts in December and continues from December to March. 

Which part of Kashmir has snowfall?

Gulmarg, situated in the center of Kashmir, receives the first snowfall of the season, which indicates the beginning of winter in Kashmir.

Which is the coldest period in Kashmir?

Chillai Kalan usually counts as the coldest period in Kashmir. This name is local, which means forty days of intense cold. This period starts from 21 December to 29 January.

Final Analysis

Kashmir is the best place to visit with family. There are lots of activities you can try with your toddlers safely, such as boating, cable car rides or other light activities. The beauty of Kashmir has no boundaries, and you can enjoy green meadows and beautiful lakes in which crystal-clear water flows and gives a soothing feel to the soul and mind. If you are searching for ” Is it a safe Kashmir trip with 2-year kids in winter?”, then don’t be worried and hesitate to plan your trip as the place is relatively safe. You can enjoy it here while taking care of your child. You can also visit in winter, but proper wool clothes for your kids are necessary to prevent the hazards of cool weather. Then go and book your tickets right now, and remember to share your experience by comments. 

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