5 Things to do in Jamnagar: The Paris of Gujarat

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Are you interested in learning about Jamnagar, the ‘Paris of Gujarat’? Well, you are in luck, as we are going to take you on a tour of Jamnagar, in the heart of Gujarat, India. This city is famous for its multiple cultural values and oil refineries. Tourists are also attracted to its scenic beauty and historical landmarks. A tour of Jamnagar will be full of new, exciting experiences. Read on to learn about the top 5 things to do in Jamnagar this summer.

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How to Reach Jamnagar?

Reaching the city is not inconvenient, with developed roads, railway tracks, and even an airport. The city has a domestic airport that operates flights for all major cities of India, such as Mumbai and Delhi. Trains also operate from Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, and Ahmedabad. Regular buses are also available at Jamnagar’s local bus stop.

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Jamnagar’s history starts in 1540 A.D., when a Rajput king, Ram Naval, founded the city. This new establishment was named Nawanagar, which means a new town. Over time, this old name became Jamnagar. The major community of this city has Hindu beliefs, but Muslims and Jains also enjoy equal rights in Jamnagar. The business tycoon of India, Mukesh Ambani, also began his endless journey from Jamnagar. He also contributed his efforts to the development of this coastal city.

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What is unique about Jamnagar? 

Jamnagar is famous for its coastal location, which allows visitors to enjoy beach trips. The city’s architectural monuments and vibrant markets are also reasons for its popularity. Tie-dying work is a memorable souvenir to buy from these markets.

Moreover, this place’s silver and gold jewelry is also unique in cuts and designs. Tourists will also enjoy the culinary experience in Jamnagar, as a pure Gujarati meal will urge you to lick your fingers. Dhokla, Dabeli, and Mesub are famous Gujarati dishes in Jamnagar. Garba and Dandia of Jamnagar are also sources of entertainment at local festivals.

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The top 5 things to do in Jamnagar  

There are many worthwhile things to do in Jamnagar. For example, you can stroll the city’s local markets, which have many art and craft antiques to buy. By browsing these markets, you can find pure Indian handicrafts. You can meet with locals to learn about the customs and traditions of the Gujarati people. Tourists’ cameras also capture the scenic beauty of this city. Here are the top 5 things to do in Jamnagar that you must add to your itinerary for the tour.

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1. Visit to the Lakhota Palace and Museum

Lakhota Palace and Museum
cc: incredible india

Lakhota Palace is a top-rated tourist attraction in Jamnagar. The splendid building was constructed in Iranian and Rajput architectural styles. The palace’s museum, adorned with historical artifacts, weapons, and belongings of past rulers, allows visitors to explore the city’s history.

The paintings on the museum’s walls express the battles that kings of that time fought. Besides its historical museum and architectural beauty, the palace has a tranquil ambiance. The shining rays reflect through the lake’s water, creating a drizzling sight.

The beauty of this palace can be explored during the morning shift from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and then it opens again in the evening until 6 p.m.

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2. Visit Shree Dwarkadhish Temple

Shree Dwarkadhish Temple jamnagar
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This temple is very popular among Hindus, as the place has pilgrimage value for locals. The five-story-high building is an architectural marvel in Dwarka. This temple is devoted to Lord Krishna. Tourists can take part in the rituals of the temple and visit its premises to witness the beauty of this divine place. It’s a must-add to the top 5 things to do in Jamnagar.

Local festivals, such as Navratri, Diwali, and other special poojas, are celebrated by decorating the temple. Tourists can enjoy the local dance performances at these festivals and taste Parsad, a special sweet presented to Lord Krishna.

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3. Explore DarbarGadh Palace

DarbarGadh Palace is a rectangle-shaped building and is also known as Jamnagar Palace. The whole palace is painted white and looks majestic. This palace is a living example of Indian architecture and the splendid lives of kings. The walls and pillars of the palace are decorated with engravings and mirrorwork.

One room of this palace is unique for having a map of Jamnagar on its ceiling. The Tilamedi section of the palace is also worth visiting, where you can observe the sword and wooden throne of the palace’s king. The inside walls of this grand building have paintings of men and women who spend most of their lives on battlefields.

This palace has no restricted visiting hours; tourists can visit it daily.

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4. Shree Halar Tirth – Aradhana Dham Jain Temple

Aradhana Dham Jain Temple
cc: Pravase

Aradhana Dham Jain Temple is a mesmerizing and holy place for Jainism devotees. Other believers can also visit this temple to enjoy this destination’s picturesque setting and natural beauty. This temple is just 50km from Jamnagar city and is located on the bank of the Sinhan River.

One can hear the rippling sound of water from the nearby dam in the peaceful atmosphere of the temple. The art gallery of this temple is fascinating to see, where the walls depict the lives of local people.

The temple is in a tranquil setting, far from populated areas, and offers a chance to enjoy a stress-free time.

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5. View the beautiful Ranmal Lake Park and Lakhota Palace.

This lake is also called Lakhota Lake due to the magnificent Lakhota palace in its area. It is a blessing for migratory birds who come to quench their thirst. This expanded water body offers boating opportunities, and its beauty is enhanced at night when the drizzling lights of the palace dance on the lake’s water.

Take a leisurely walk along this lake and rejuvenate your body with fresh air. Add Lakhota Palace to the top 5 things to do in Jamnagar and witness the birds’ flocks in the early morning. The surrounding trees around the lake are the natural habitat for these birds.

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What are the best times and durations for visiting Jamnagar?

There are no restrictions on the time to visit Jamnagar, and you can plan your tour according to your free schedule. However, try to avoid your trip during the summer months due to the scorching heat. Conversely, winter is ideal for exploring this fantastic city’s beauty.

These months start in October, and the weather remains pleasant until the end of February. If we talk about the duration of this trip, 1-2 days are sufficient to explore the whole city. But if you want to explore the nearby cities, this duration can also be expanded according to your schedule.

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Final Analysis

This is all about the top 5 things to do in Jamnagar. Jamnagar offers tourists a lot to discover. The natural setting of surrounding landscapes, the magnificent palaces and temples of the city, and the colorful markets attract tourists from all over the world. This city is also an exciting destination for exploring the history of Gujarat. The unique language spoken by locals and local Gujarati festivals has a lively feel. The industrial growth of this city is a significant factor in introducing it as a tourist hub because this growth contributed to developing the best transportation facilities for outsider travelers. Then, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket right now and let yourself enjoy the beauty of Gujrat’s Paris.

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