Which is a better tourist place – Udaipur or Jaisalmer?

Udaipur and Jaisalmer are the main historical and cultural places in Rajasthan. The article will help you compare which is a better tourist place: Udaipur or Jaisalmer? Explore the beautiful destinations of these cities and how you can experience a good trip in these cities. By contrasting and comparing, we will justify the adorable points of both cities.

Udaipur Lake - Udaipur or Jaisalmer
Udaipur Lake

About the Cities

Udaipur and Jaisalmer are the main cities famous for tourism in Rajasthan. Udaipur is south of Rajasthan, whereas Jaisalmer is west, near the border between India and Pakistan. Udaipur is 531 kilometers from Jaisalmer by road. Udaipur is also known as the city of lakes; Jaisalmer features the name of the golden city as most of the buildings are made of yellow sandstones, which shine in the sun’s light and give a golden effect to the whole town.

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Udaipur is well known for its natural beauty and has the title of Venice for the East and Kashmir of India. The natural beauty of this city has emerged in its lakes and scenic landscapes. Hill Palace is perched on hills surrounded by lush green trees and provides an exquisite view of nature. Jaisalmer is honored due to its Thar desert and forts. The beautiful markets of this city and its shining habits are enough to bind you to visit this city. Desert safaris in the Sam Sand Dunes are a thrilling experience for tourists. But which is a better tourist place: Udaipur or Jaisalmer? Let’s analyze!

Udaipur or Jaisalmer: Culture and History

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer was founded by Rawal Jaisal in 1756 by building a mud fort, and the name of this fort was Jaisal after him. At the same time, the founder of Udaipur is Rana Udai Singh. As most of the population in Jaisalmer is Hindu, their religious rituals and culture are dominated by the Hindu religion.

In Udaipur, Jainism and Vaishnavism are the spiritual bases, so most people are vegetarians here. In Udaipur, people are talented in regional dance art and present their dance performances at different events and festivals. A puppet show is also noticeable here and is an attraction for tourists.

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Jaisalmer has a vibrant and colorful culture. Jaisalmer Fort is the leading tourist destination in this city. Besides, numerous other forts are also here, and museums and deserts are also identified for historical tourism. Both cities are famous for their colorful cultures.

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Folk music and regional dance performances are performed in both cities. These are also known for handicrafts and rich heritage, which depict the glorious era of the past. Jaisalmer is famous for its historical buildings, whereas Udaipur is famous for its natural beauty and lakes.

Most palaces in Udaipur are built with white marble and installed on the floors and walls of palaces; therefore, this city is also called white city, but Jaisalmer has pink color on their buildings; consequently, it has names of the pink and yellow city. 

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Udaipur or Jaisalmer: Cuisine and Shopping

Rajasthani Food In Udaipur
Rajasthani Food In Udaipur : image credit

Cuisines and shopping in both cities are also adorable. Khamma Ghani and Krishna Dal Bat restaurants are the best places to enjoy the regional food of Rajasthan, which offers a variety of delicious dishes. Gram flour curries and dal bhakti churma are the dishes that will bind you to licking your fingers.


The sweetness of Udaipur is also flavorful. Mal Pua, Diljani, and Sangam barfi are the mouth-watering items of this place. In restaurants, you can also enjoy the view of beautiful lakes outside. Udaipur is also known for shopping.


Craftwork, clothing, and designer footwear, famous as Juttis, are specialties of this area. Cotton and silk fabrics are available in good quality with various color choices. Rajasthani blankets are also valuable.

Restaurants and Dine-ins

Jaisalmer’s restaurants are also recognized for their delectable taste. The Turban Café and Restaurant in Jaisalmer is one of the best places for regional food. Ker and Sangri curry are the most available dishes in this area because these rare and distinctive beans and vegetables are available in desert areas. Local spices are added to enhance the taste of dishes. These items are consumed with bajra, or wheat roti.

Shopping Experience

The shopping in Jaisalmer is also enjoyable. There are a lot of bazaars with reasonable price ranges from which you can buy home décor items, handicrafts, scarves, items made with leather, carpets, and a wide range of varieties. The content of these markets ranges from 200 to 1000, approximately. Both cities have their significance, but compared to Udaipur, Jaisalmer is good in quality and budget, whereas if you want to buy little wooden things with handicrafts, you can get them from Udaipur.

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Udaipur or Jaisalmer: Activities and Entertainment

puppet show Rajasthan
puppet show Rajasthan : image credit

Jaisalmer is famous for having forts, and you can visit these locations to learn about the heritage and historical backgrounds of royal families, as there are a lot of things to do and entertainment here. You can enjoy shopping at different bazaars and buy many remarkable things.

Puppet Shows

Furthermore, the scenic views and beauty of the area will fascinate you. Tourists can enjoy puppet shows presented by local artists, and their price is just INR 50 – INR 100 per head. Desert safari and camping are also adventurous experiences in the dunes of Jaisalmer; for camping overnight, you have to pay INR 5,000.


Paramotoring is also a thrilling activity for visitors, in which you can enjoy the view of the whole city from the heights of the sky. A pilot also controls the motor with you, so the tour is safe and enjoyable. You have to pay INR 2000 for this adventure.

As Udaipur is famous for its natural beauty and lake views, people can indulge in photography of natural scenery. Lake Pichola is one of the lakes that you observe after entering Udaipur. Taking a tour of this lake by boat will refresh you under the fresh sunrays of the sun while it’s going to set.

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Boating Tour

The sunset view can be mesmerized by the glimmering effect of lake water. This boating tour is available for INR 300 per hour. Riding the ropeway is also an exciting and thrilling activity in Udaipur, and it is affordable in the range of INR 80 per head.

Sheesh Mahal is an open-air restaurant where you can feel like royalty and enjoy your meal under the stars. You can also get a beautiful view of the city of lakes at night from this restaurant.

Compared to Jaisalmer, Udaipur offers more enhanced and exciting activities for its visitors because the city has a vibrant culture and the beauty of nature.

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Udaipur or Jaisalmer: Climate and Weather

Jaisalmer is a desert region, so the temperature is mostly at extremes. This temperature varies typically at night due to the sand desert. In summer, the highest temperature goes to 49°C, and the minimum is 25°C. The winters are cool and dry; however, the summers are warm.

The winter season has a short duration compared to the summer, and slight rainfall drops yearly. Therefore, it is best to visit this area in the winter season to prevent sunburn or hydration. 

Being a part of the desert region, Udaipur also has hot and dry weather in the summer. The summer season starts in April and peaks in May, when the temperature reaches its highest point at 49°C. Sandstorms are expected this season, so this area should also be visited in the winter season.

Final Analysis

This guide is all about which is a better tourist place: Udaipur or Jaisalmer? and significant information about both cities’ culture, history, and heritage. Both cities have their own significance and uniqueness and offer widespread activities and entertainment for tourists. Udaipur has a stunning fusion of Rajasthan’s brilliant culture.

This city offers a spectacular atmosphere compared to Jaisalmer because of the lake’s beauty, natural scenery, and royal restaurants. On the other hand, Jaisalmer also has a lot of historical forts and desert beauty. The markets in this city have handicrafts and other affordable items, so visitors must visit both towns individually.

To visit these areas, you should choose the winter season to prevent hot sunburn, and if you plan to stay in the summer, a water bottle must be carried with you to avoid dehydration. Before going to these areas, you should hire a guide who can help you with road travel and explore the destinations. 

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