The Perfect Dalhousie Local Sightseeing Itinerary 3-Day Plan: A Complete Guide

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Experience the best of Dalhousie with this comprehensive 3-day itinerary that includes visits to popular attractions such as Khajjiar, Dainkund Peak, and St. John’s Church. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and rich history of this charming hill station while sampling local cuisine and shopping for souvenirs along the way. Don’t miss out on taking a leisurely stroll along Mall Road and enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Be sure to capture stunning photos at each location to cherish the memories of your trip to Dalhousie. Salam Travellers brings you The Perfect Dalhousie Local Sightseeing Itinerary 3-Day Plan guide to remember.

About Dalhousie

In the Chamba district, Dalhousie is an attractive hilly resort to visit. Especially on summer days, this destination becomes the apple of every tourist’s eye. This town is in a hilly area of Himachal Pradesh. The town’s population lives on five neighboring hills in this mountain range. The city got its name from Lord Dalhousie, a British governor of India, in 1847.

The town was founded in 1854 by Britishers on the suggestion of Sir Donald McLeod, Viceroy of India, Lord Dalhousie, who lived in India from 1854 to 1856. This hill station has many tourist attractions, including waterfalls, rivers through mountains, Victorian architectural churches, picturesque landscapes, colonial charm, and adventurous activities.

Weather Conditions

The climate of this area is humid subtropical. Due to monsoon influence, rainfall occurs in late summer and early spring. Snowfall also starts in the winter season; the highest temperature in town doesn’t increase from 30°C.

The summer season is best for taking a tour of this hill station. The weather in summer is quite pleasant and soothing. From March to May, depending on the summer weather, tourists come from across the world to visit the attractive places in town.

Because Dalhousie has road connectivity with prominent cities in Himachal Pradesh, tourists can adopt multiple options to reach the town. To reach the town by air, tourists can book their tickets for Gaggal Airport, nearly 110km from Dalhousie. You can easily reach this hilly town from this airport by booking a public bus seat. The nearest junction for traveling by train is in Pathankot. Let’s explore the Dalhousie local sightseeing itinerary 3-day plan in detail. Day 1: Historical Churches at Dalhousie Hill Station

 Dainkund Peak
Dainkund Peak

Dalhousie has breathtaking beauty and colonial charm. Its natural beauty and mesmerizing views of snow-capped mountains with green pastures make this spot like a heaven on earth. The historical temples, surrounded by tall trees of deodar and alpine, are the best examples of their colonial charm. The historical churches present a glimpse of British architecture. These churches are adorned with glass paintings and carvings on the walls.

The most famous churches in Dalhousie among visitors are St. John’s Church and St. Andrew’s Church. St. Francis’s Church is also a well-known stopping spot for tourists. Of these three enlisted churches, St. Francis’s Church is perched on a hilltop. St. Francis’s Church is known for its tranquil environment. Its location on the hill’s top makes it the best spot for enjoying the beauty of town. This historical building was developed in 1894 and is one of the most historical architectural marvels in Dalhousie.

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Like the spot mentioned above, St. John’s Church is attractive to history buffs. This church is known for its well-maintained library, ideal for exploring the various ups and downs of Dalhousie’s history.

St. Andrew’s Church is also well maintained, and the material used in the church was brought from Rome. This church has spiritual calmness in it.

View of Dalhousie Hill Station

Dalhousie is not only a destination that houses historic churches, but this hill station also provides enchanting views of mountains. To enjoy a 360-degree view of the whole town, you can move toward Dainkund Peak. To enjoy a breathtaking vista of the Himalayan Mountains, you should only cover the trek to Dainkund Peak, as this is the highest point of town where you can enjoy the surrounding areas. Subash Baoli has beautiful tall pine trees, and the spring water of the valley has a medicinal effect on it.

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Moreover, Baktora Hills also have snow-clad mountain views, and tourists visit these hills in the snowy season. With all its charm and calmness, this tourist hamlet also offers multiple options for the shopping experience. The Tibetan market town has a rich collection of handicrafts and jewelry items. You can buy pure Kashmiri shawls from the vibrant markets in town.

Day 2: Panchpula Bridge Hike

Panchpula Bridge
Panchpula Bridge : cc Tusk Travel.

Panchpula is also one of the favorite spots for tourists. As its name suggests, it is scenic, with five bridges and a waterfall. This spot is 4km from central Dalhousie city, in the middle of lush forest and snow-covered mountains.

Panchpula is a great blessing for peace seekers and nature lovers. Samadhi of freedom fighter Sardar Ajit Singh is also on the waterfall, and due to having trekking trails in its surroundings, you can experience outdoor recreation like zip line, hiking, trekking, and lots of fun on Panchpula. The mother stream flows from this waterfall, which is used to supply water to all towns.

Like this waterfall, Satdhara Falls is also a serene place in Dalhousie. As depicted in its name, Satdhara represents the seven springs that make this fall. The fall makes an aquamarine pool on its own, and the water in this pool has medicinal properties; it’s believed to cure all skin-related diseases. Snow-capped mountains encompass this place.

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Visit Dainkund Peak

In the evening, you can visit Dainkund Peak, the highest point in Dalhousie, and receive maximum snowfall in winter. Dainkund has a meaning in the local language: a lake of witches. According to some local myths, this peak was a residential point for witches. When the strong wind waves collide with Dainkund, a musical sound is produced from this collaboration. For this reason, the peak is also known as Singing Hill.

The hill has two main tourist attractions: Indian Air Force Base and Pholani Devi Temple. This temple has no idol of a deity but a trident on its premises. From this temple, which flows at the base, you can enjoy a marvelous view of Ravi, Chenab, and Beas.

Day 3: Khajjiar Town Visit

Khajjiar Dalhousie
Khajjiar Dalhousie

To add to your itinerary, Khajjiar town is a hill station that is neighboring Dalhousie. The total distance between these two towns is just 24km. Because its mountains resemble Switzerland and its appealing natural beauty, the town has the title of mini Switzerland. This town is a blessing for adventure seekers who want to experience trekking in snow-capped mountains.

Dense pine and deodar forests surround this hill station. The green meadows and tall trees around the snowy mountains will rejuvenate the soul and mind. This town is ideal for enjoying a calming environment and getting away from populated areas.

For adventure seekers, the mini Switzerland has an attractive place in the shape of Khajjiar Lake. This destination serves as a starting point for many beautiful trekking trails. Add a visit to Khajjiar Lake to your itinerary to experience fun activities like zorbing, horseback riding, or boating.

Go Zorbing

Zorbing is an exciting activity at Khajjiar Lake. The transparent sheet of glass allows one to enjoy picturesque views of lush green meadows. This activity is an excellent way to feel the fresh air and softness of the grass. Paragliding is another exciting adventure at this lake. This activity provides a rich chance to see the beauty of Khajjiar from a bird’s eye.

Experiencing the majestic beauty of the town from a height is a remarkable adventure. Khajji Nag Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is also a place with history in its architecture. The temple has intricate serpent carvings.

Moreover, on your way back from Dalhousie Kalatop, the Wildlife Sanctuary is also a place to stop. This dense forest has been preserved with a variety of flora and fauna. The forest is famous for its natural walks and hikes.

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The trekking trails of Khajjiar are also loaded with diverse flora and fauna. These trails have wild animals like jackals, leopards, bears, and deer. You can spot all these animals by booking a jungle safari.

Final Analysis

In this Dalhousie Local Sightseeing itinerary, we highlight the main attractions and activities you can enjoy at this hill station, Dalhousie. As Dalhousie has a cold climate, pack your woolen clothes if you are going in the winter, but in the summer, you can wear regular clothes. Remember to pack your jackets and shawls for the night. Wear shoes that have a firm grip on hiking trails. Carry one extra water bottle with you and book your tickets in advance to avoid any inconvenience during the hot visitors’ season. Stay in public restaurants and take guide instructions before visiting the hill station. If you are looking for the best gateway to enjoy natural beauty or want to experience some adventurous activities, plan your next tour to Dalhousie, where nature’s lap will release all your work stress and traumatic situations.

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