Places to visit near Ajmer within 100 km

Tara Garh Fort Ajmer Sharif

Ajmer is situated in the northern state of India, Rajasthan, and is famous for tourism due to its attractive destinations. Ajmer is well known due to its beauty, historical monuments, and beauty of nature. There are a lot of famous and holy places to visit near Ajmer within 100 km. These places can leave you in wonder due to their historical significance and architectural beauty.

History of Ajmer

In the history of Ajmer, the city was conquered by many rulers, so the culture of Ajmer came into being with a blend of different cultures. Birla City Water Park, Taragarh Fort, and many Jain temples are attractions for tourists because the city is significantly known for the Jain religion. Folk music is very famous in Ajmer, like qawwali performances performed on dargah sharif.

What is Ajmer famous for?

The main attraction is the Dargah Sharif, the last resting place of Persian pious Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. This dargah is equally famous among Muslims as well as Hindus. The city offers a beautiful view of the Aravalli Hills and is also a great pilgrimage center due to its many Jain temples and historical mosques. Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra and the Ana Sagar Lake are top places for tourism. This artificial lake is one of India’s largest lakes, covering an area of 13 sq. km, and the source of water for the lake is the Luni River. Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra is also a beautiful historical mosque. It is one of the oldest monuments in Ajmer.

Top 5 Places to visit near Ajmer within 100 km

I have hand-picked 5 places to visit near Ajmer which, in my opinion, will make for a memorable trip. These include Pushkar, Kishangarh, Nathdwara, Chittorgarh, and Tonk.

1. Pushkar

Pushkar Lake
Pushkar Lake

Pushkar is considered a holy town in India due to having the world’s most famous and holy temples in it. This city is situated at a distance of 10 km from Ajmer. People from around the globe come to visit this beautiful city in search of peace, calm, and tranquility.

Historical Significance

The city has natural beauty and historical architectural value. The sacred lake for Hindus is in Pushkar City, Pushkar Lake. This artificial lake has 52 sacred bathing ghats, and 500 temples are also on the banks of the lake. It is believed that fallen petals developed the lake from Bahram’s lotus.

Bharma Temple is also a historic place to visit in Pushkar. This temple is attached to the Hindu god of creation, Bharma, and its idol in the temple is also built sitting in a cross-legged sitting position. The temple is 2000 years old but depicts 14th-century architecture, a great example of the Rajasthani style of architecture.

Things to do at Pushkar

There are a lot of adventures and activities for pilgrims and visitors in Pushkar, like taking a scary dip in the holy lake, visiting the historic spaces of the city, and taking part in the annual Camel Fair of Pushkar. This Pushkar Mela is the world’s largest cattle and livestock fair, which is held every year from October to November and continues for five days, putting Pushkar on the top of my list of best places to visit near Ajmer within 100 km.

You can also collect handicrafts and other souvenirs from Pushkar. Rose water, gulkand, or rose oil is worldwide famous from Pushkar. Tie-and-die fabrics, paintings, enameled jewelry, and pottery are also very attractive in this area. You can travel by air or by train to reach Pushkar, and the city also offers a number of five-star hotels for a luxurious stay.

2. Kishangarh

kishangarh Rajasthan
kishangarh Rajasthan : cc connectingtraveller

Kishangarh is known as the marble city of India because the city exports the finest marble and granite stones throughout the globe. More than 100 importers, exporters, manufacturers, and wholesalers are in this area, which makes Kishangarh the largest hub of marble in Asia. The city is also well known due to its art, which dates back to the 18th-century school of art. Kishangarh is about 34 kilometers from Ajmer, and you can reach here by train, taxi, or cab.

Tourist Attractions at Kishangarh

There are many attractions that tourists can visit in Kishangarh, like Kishangarh Fort, built by Maharaja Roop Singh, which is an identical visiting place due to its architectural beauty. The Phool Mahal Palace sits on the Bank of the Lake in the center of the city and has been turned into a boutique hotel for tourists. The rooms of the Mahal are decorated with ancient royal furniture. The paintings of Kishangarh are also praised by tourists and depict the Rajasthani style of painting, which is known as the school of Kishangarh paintings.

Do plan to visit Gondulay Lake on your next day trip. Boating and fish feeding are the main attractions on this lake, and freshwater flows in scenic beauty, which makes the lake more mesmerizing.

3. Nathdwara 

Nathdwara Rajasthan
Nathdwara Rajasthan : CC Tourmy india

Nathdwara is located in Rajsamand City, Rajasthan, on the bank of the Banas River. The town is situated in the Aravalli Hills and depicts the peaceful and calm beauty of the river, known for the Shrinathji Temple. The architecture of the temple resembles that of the Nanda Maharaj temple in Vrindavan. The Persians treated the idle Srinathji like a kid of Bal Krishna and didn’t just offer ‘Pooja’ but also gave him a bath, food, a dress, and some quiet time for his rest.

Tourist Attractions at Nathdwara

Some other attractions in nearby areas also attract tourists globally, like the Eklingji temple, which is also a popular temple in Rajasthan and dedicated to Lord Shiva. The double-storey temple looks magnificent due to its pyramid-style roof and curved towers.

Haldighati is also a famous place to visit, a historical mountain pass in the Aravalli range. Its name is derived from turmeric due to its yellow-colored soil. Charbhuja Temple is another popular pilgrimage center and a 5000-year-old shrine. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is also famous for the Bor Rajputs. Nathdwara does not have a railway station, and to reach it by train, the nearest junction is Mavli Junction, and the closest airport is Maharana Pratap Airport. Hotel Hari Darshan, Hotel Vinayaka, and Hotel Maharaja are some top-rated hotels for a comfortable and luxurious stay in Nathdwara.

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4. Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh Fort
Chittorgarh Fort

One if the best places to visit near Ajmer within 100 km is Chittorgarh.  Chittorgarh is also famous for tourism due to its rich culture, heritage value, and historical places. Chittorgarh is well connected with railway stations and buses, but you can also reach here by air by using Udaipur Airport. There are a lot of destinations near Chittorgarh Fort where you can stay and enjoy the culture of the city.

What is Chittorgarh famous for?

Chittorgarh Fort is a prominent tourist destination in this city. The beauty of the fort is revealed by its palaces, towers, temples, museums, and monuments. The fort described the stories of devotion, courage, pride, love, and sacrifice. The most romantic story is of Rani Padmini, who married Mewar King Rawal Ratan. She was famous for her beauty and intelligence.

The Story of the Chittorgarh Fort

When the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji, heard about the beauty of the lady, he expressed his wish to see her. The shadow of the Queen was shown to the Sultan. Alauddin Khilji was impressed by seeing the shadow of the Queen and wanted her for himself, which led to a war between the Mewar King and Sultan. The Sultan defeated the fort, but the Queen didn’t surrender herself and committed Jauhar with the ladies, which was an act of self-immolation.

Without mention of the story of Maharana Pratap, the fort stories are incomplete. Maharana Pratap fought with the Mughal forces without the aid of any Rajput kingdoms. He was a king with no capital, but still, he fought with the Mughal forces violently. Despite the defeat of the fort and the tragic end of the Queen, the story of Maharana Pratap showcases another brave warrior who fought against the Mughal forces. His determination and courage in battling without any support from other Rajput kingdoms make his story an integral part of the fort’s history.

5. Tonk

Places to Visit at Tonk - Salam Travellers

Tonk, located in Rajasthan, is an absolute gem for visitors. It is situated approximately 95 km south of Jaipur, near the right bank of the Banas River. To get to Tonk, one can travel by road from Jaipur, which is the nearest major city.

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Historical Significance

Tonk holds historical significance as it was the capital of the eponymous princely state during British rule in India, from 1817 to 1947. It was established after Muhammad Amir Khan, a leader of Pashtun descent, was granted the territory by the British East India Company and given the title of Nawab. Tonk also played a role in the Third Anglo-Maratha War, where Khan submitted to the British and retained his territory.

Places to Visit at Tonk

I highly recommend to add Tonk on your places to visit near Ajmer within 100 km list. The city has many architectural wonders and scenic beauty. Mansions, masjids, and temples are worthwhile places to visit. Jama Masjid of Tonk is the biggest Masjid in the country. Amir Khan founded it, but his son later completed it. Paintings with gold hang inside the mosque, and the walls are decorated with meenakari work that makes the place eminently beautiful compared to others.

Sonehri Kothi, which is also known as Seesh Mahal, is also a great hub for enjoying the architectural beauty. This mention of gold is renovated with glasswork on its walls. Floral paintings are drawn on the walls, and gold polish on them enhances their majestic beauty. Another tourist destination is Raja Mahal Palace, which overlooks the Banas River. Bisalpur Dam is the identity of the city, which was developed in 1999 and has many wonderful temples in it. You can reach here by the nearest Sanganer airport and also get reservations by train. Raja Mahal Palace by Kanota Hotels is a great, fascinating place to stay near Bisalpur Dam.

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Final Analysis

The places to visit near Ajmer within 100 km mentioned above have varied beauty aspects and have a vibrant culture, so you should visit all of them. By visiting this northern state, you will learn about Rajasthani culture and the historical background of the Indian state. So pack your needy things and get ready to explore the beauty of these cities. Pack your luggage according to the weather and climate of your desired destination. Taste the regional street food of good quality and buy the special handicrafts and other souvenirs from each historical place that will be a lifetime memory for you.

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