14 Best Susunia Hill Nearby Places To Visit

Are you looking for an adventurous escape into nature or a serene exploration of ancient culture? Susunia is a hill situated in southwest Bengal, India. The hill is nestled in a beautiful landscape, has red and green soil, and is rock-faced. In the dense trees on the hill, some medicinal plants are also found. This popular destination also has archeological importance due to the presence of many fossils of Asiatic lions, giraffes, and hyenas. This hill is also popular for its flora and holy water. The Susunia Hill region is dotted with several other picturesque and culturally rich destinations that are worth exploring. Today we explore the 14 best Susunia Hill nearby places to visit, and experience the perfect blend of adventure and cultural immersion.

Why is Susunia Hill famous?

Susunia Hill is considered ancient in the Lord Himalayas. As per the history of the hill, it is said that Raja Chandravarman had his fort here. With an altitude of 1200ft, many mountaineers in this region start their climbing journey from this hill and learn the skills of trekking and climbing.

This destination has equal importance for nature lovers and adventure seekers. People visit this hill to experience trekking and start their climb after learning basic skills. They also love camping on the hill. Bankura Junction railway station is the nearest station to this hill, just 29 km away, and it takes 50 minutes to reach.

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In the spring season, the whole view of the hilltop turns orange, and people who love natural photography come to visit the hill. The waterfall of Susunia is also a main attraction to visit. The spring of water from the holy statue of Lord Narsingh is considered holy water, and people believe that this flow of water is possible due to the installation of the idol of Lord Narasimha. They take a bath in this holy water to cure their skin diseases. It is believed that drinking and taking a dip in this water will wash away the sins and diseases of the soul.

Susunia is a great attraction for adventure enthusiasts and those who want to spend their time in nature. Now, let’s explore the 14 best Susunia Hill nearby places to visit.

1. Mukutmanipur Dam

Mukutmanipur Dam

Mukutmanipur Dam is the second largest dam in India that is built in a necklace shape and has scenic beauty. It is located on the Kangasabati River, and the lush green beauty of the surrounding landscape attracts many tourists every year. Nature lovers come to see and capture the beauty of this dam with their cameras. They also take a boat ride in the water body of the dam.

The sunset scene looks beautiful from this place and gives a majestic overlook of the dam’s water. This dam is located 55km from Bankura district, and public buses are available to reach it.

2. Biharinath Hill

Biharinath Hill is the tallest hill in the district and has dense forest on it. Around the hill is a dense forest of green trees, the renowned temple of Lord Shiva in the foothills, and water bodies. Shivganga Pond near the temple is free from pollution and has holy spring water. People came here to use this water for drinking purposes.

To reach Biharinath Hill, trains come from Howrah to Raniganj, and from Raniganj, you can take a bus or private cab to reach the hill. This hill is situated 25km from Raniganj, in Saltora. For weekend trips of one to two days, this place is ideal and has lush green beauty to spend time in calmness.

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3. Murut Baha Eco Resort

Murut Baha Eco-Resort is a hill resort located near Susunia Hill and an attractive destination for tourists to spend their holidays. Chhatna is the nearest junction to reach here, about 10 km. To reach the resort by air, the resort also has the nearest airport, which is 40 km away: Kaji Nazrul Islam Airport, Andal, Durgapur.

The resort offers a spectacular view of valleys and hills. Due to lush green gardens, people enjoy a peaceful trip, and children enjoy rides such as swings and slides.

This resort also has fine dining options for tourists. On-site restaurants present delicious food, and bars are also available for exotic drinks.

4. Charida Village

Charida Village is near Balarampur railway station, just 10km from the junction. You can travel from Kolkata to Purulia by train, car, or bus, and then to Balarampur station. From there, you can easily plan your trip to Charida Village. Charida Village is famous for the Chhau Mask. This mask is used in the Purulia Chhau dance and is also used for decoration purposes.

Artists of the Village prepare these colorful masks within 5 to 7 days. Nearly 150 families in the village are involved in this artwork. Visitors can see the artists working in their workshops and earn a lot of profit from these masks. Due to the increasing numbers of tourists, Village also organized an annual Chhau dance festival where people buy these masks to dance in the Festival. 

5. Bankura Museum

Bishnupur Museum is the only museum in Bankura district, west Bengal, that depicts the culture and history of Bankura. This museum has a wide collection of burnt clay art, terracotta, paintings, cotton paper inscriptions, stone sculptures, and dokra. In the museum, you will also see old musical instruments that were used to play music.

A tour of the museum will reveal all the details about the history of Bankura and its archeological importance, as it has old archeological items related to Susunia Pahar.

6. Durgapur Barrage

Durgapur Barrage was built by the West Bengal government to control the flow of the Damodar River. This river became the cause of floods in Bengal during the monsoon season every year, and due to the devastating results of this flood, it was named the ‘sorrow of Bengal.’ But now, with the construction of the Durgapur Barrage, the flow of the river remains under control throughout the year. 

This barrage connects Durgapur with Bankura and is a scenic place to visit in the evening and early morning. People can enjoy the boating experience of floating on the water of a river and can enjoy a beautiful round of river.

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7. Troika Park

Troika Park

Troika Park Durgapur, renamed Anand Amusement Park, is located in Srijani Hall, city center, Durgapur, and is 6.6km from Durgapur railway station, the easiest way to reach the park. This park has a friendly atmosphere, and visitors come to enjoy it as a couple with friends and families, as the park has a lot of activities for kids and young people. Food facilities are also good here, in the form of food stalls.

Small kid’s rides in the park, such as mini trains, helicopter rides, and arcade games, are arranged to be enjoyed. Giant wheels, a water coaster, an octopus ride, and water slides are settled for young people’s enjoyment. This park opens from 10 am to 9 pm and has an INR 80 ticket per person for one day. Packages for groups and family tours are also offered by management.

8. Kumaramangalam Park

This park is located near Tilak Road in Durgapur, West Bengal. The park has tall trees, vibrant flowers of different colors, and lush green lawns, and all these attractions in the park provide a good place to relax leisurely. Musical fountains are also installed in the park, from which the water falls and dances with musical rhythm.

This park is decorated with sculptures of different Indian dance forms, and a monument to Lord Ganesh is also set in the park. People can rent out the equipment for boating in the park’s small pond, and by getting tired from walking tours of the park, they can also enjoy a ride in a toy car.

9. Durgapur Science and Energy Park

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This is the only park in Durgapur that has a 7D theater, adventurous sports, food, and much more to do. Due to the science park, it has technology and science-related projects that attract tourists from all across the world.

The main attraction in this park is Bhabani Pathak’s Tilla, which has become the crown jewel of Durgapur. It is a protected monument, and you must pay INR 50 to visit this area in the park.

10. Garh Jungle

This jungle is another natural place where everyone can enjoy its beauty, and you don’t need to be a nature enthusiast to praise the jungle. Raja Surath performed Durga puja in the lead of Mahamuni Medhas in Garh Jungle, and hence, this place used to host puja ceremonies at night. Visitors can also take part in this puja and enjoy the serene beauty of this forest.

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11. Rasmancha

Rasmancha is the oldest temple in Bishnupur, built in 1600 CE by Malla King Bir Hambir, and a great attraction for tourists to visit historical sites called the Pyramid of West Bengal. This temple has an inner chamber in which the idols of Radha and Krishna are settled for worship. This temple is built in a hut shape and has a long tower. The big cannons on the temple’s premises depict the war history of Hanuman and his monkeys with their enemies.

Lord Krishna’s Raslila Utsav is celebrated annually, and many tourists attend it. This temple has 6 am to 6 pm visiting hours and an entry fee of INR 25 for Indians and INR 300 for foreigners.

12. Bishnupur Museum

Bishnupur Museum is 1km from Bangle Temple and 2km from Bishnupur bus stop. This museum opens at 11 am, and the closing time is 6:30 pm. INR 5 has to be paid as an entry fee. This museum has a fine collection of art and archeological items. One can visit and see the coins and artifacts of historical royal times. This museum has paintings of royal families and a music gallery as well.

13. Jorebangla Temple

This temple was built by Malla King Raghunath Singh in 1655 and is another tourist attraction in Bishnupur. This temple was built in Bengali architecture to worship Lord Krishna and his deity, Radha. The roofs and walls of this temple are built in the classical Chau style of architecture.

This temple is built in two hut shapes that are connected with a tower on which terracotta carvings can be observed, made to adorn the building. This tourist destination is located 1km from the city center of Bishnupur and opens from 6 am to 6 pm.

14. Madan Mohan Temple

This temple is one of the renowned temples in Bishnupur, built by the Malla king, Durjana Singh Dev, in the 17th century. King built it for the family deities Lord and Krishna, and it was built in Eka Ratna style. Two huge pillars are built on the entrance with carvings of Bengali architectural style, and the bases of these pillars show the archeological importance of the temple.

Its roof is square with curved cornices, and visitors come to learn about the history of Bishnupur and offer puja in the temple.

Ready to Visit the Ancient Culture?

The West Bengal state of India is rich in historical and scenic attractions to visit. Susunia Hill is the main attraction in West Bengal, and all these 14 Best Susunia Hill Nearby Places to Visit are famous for their historical importance and natural beauty. Bankura, Bishnupur, and Durgapur are the cities in West Bengal where you can enjoy the beauty of historical temples, museums, and parks with your family. Remember to take your camera to capture the beauty of water bodies and lush green hills.

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