Beas Kund Trek: A 2024 Guide for Adventure Seekers

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The Beas Kund trek is a beautiful high-altitude Himalayan trek located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Situated at an altitude of 3,660 meters, Beas Kund is a high-altitude glacial lake that is the source of the Beas River. 

This incredible trek takes you through gorgeous alpine meadows, ridges, moraine, and rocky terrain. You get stunning views of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and the stunning deep blue waters of Beas Kund Lake. The trek starts from Solang Nala, near Manali, and takes you through Solang Valley and Dhundi to the icy-cold lake of Beas Kund. 

The trek follows an ancient route used by locals and holy men and was put on the map for tourists in the 1980s. Since then, it has become one of the most popular treks from Manali for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. The beauty of the landscape, the challenge of high-altitude trekking, and the rewarding destination of Beas Kund Lake make this a must-do 2-3-day among the top trekking destinations in India.

Best Time to Visit  

May through October is when the Beas Kund trek is most enjoyable. This is when the weather is ideal for trekking in the region. 

The summer months of May and June are excellent times, with temperatures ranging from 10-25°C. The days are sunny and bright, making for comfortable trekking conditions. July to September is monsoon season, so it’s best to avoid trekking during this time. 

Post-monsoon, the month of October brings clear skies and moderate temperatures around 15-20°C. The mountain views are spectacular after the rain. The cool weather makes the trekking very pleasant.

So for ideal weather, stunning views, and a safe trekking experience, May – June and October are the best times to go on the Beas Kund trek. Avoid the monsoon months when there’s heavy rain. Also read: Best Places To Visit In Manali

Beas Kund Trek Map

The Beas Kund trek follows a well-defined trail and is easy to navigate with a route map. Here are some key details about the trek map:

  • The starting point of the trek is Solang Valley, near Manali. From here, the trail winds uphill through dense forests and meadows. 
  • Major landmarks en route include Dhundi, Bakarthach, and Beas Kund. The highest point on the trail is Beas Kund, at an altitude of 3,660 meters.
  • After crossing the Solang Valley, the first stop is Dhundi, which is a high-altitude meadow. After hiking for around 4 km from Dhundi, you will reach Bakarthach campsite.
  • From Bakarthach, it’s a 2.5 km uphill trek to Beas Kund. The glacial lake is the endpoint of the trek. 
  • For the return journey, you trace back the same route from Beas Kund to Bakarthach and then to Solang Valley, where the trek ends.
  • The total trek distance is around 25 km which includes the ascent and descent. The trek route is well-marked and easy to follow with the help of a map.

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Beas Kund Trek in 2 Days

The Beas Kund trek is typically completed over 3 days, however, it is possible to complete the trek in 2 days for those short on time. Here is what you need to know about trekking to Beas Kund in 2 days:

Feasibility of a 2-Day Trek

The total trekking distance is around 26km, so covering this in 2 days requires longer hiking days. Plan for 12-14 km each day. You will need to be fit enough to hike for 6-7 hours continuously each day. 

Start early each morning (by 6-7 am) to allow enough daylight hours for hiking. Travel light with just the essentials to move fast. Porter/mule support may not be available for a 2-day trek.

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Itinerary for 2 Days

Day 1:  Solang Valley to Beas Kund

  • Distance: 14km 
  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Trail: Solang Valley – Dhundi – Dhundi Nullah – Beas Kund

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Day 2: Beas Kund to Solang Valley

  • Distance: 12km
  • Duration: 5-6 hours
  • Trail: Beas Kund – Dhundi – Dhundi Nullah – Solang Valley

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Beas Kund Himalayan Peaks - Salam Travellers
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  1. Pushing yourself to hike longer distances each day can be tiring. Stay hydrated and take enough snacks and food.
  2. Limited time at Beas Kund. You will only have a late afternoon on Day 1 before needing to start the descent on Day 2.
  3. Camping logistics need to be arranged differently compared to a 3-day trek itinerary.
  4. Having fewer rest days means less time to acclimatize. Go slow and steady, and watch for AMS symptoms.
  5. Trekking in monsoons can be challenging if rain and storms hit. The trail has many stream crossings that can get dangerous.

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Difficulty Level

The Beas Kund trek has a moderate difficulty level. Some key things to know about the difficulty are:

  • Physical Fitness Required: You need an average level of fitness to complete this trek. There are no extremely steep ascents, but you will be trekking for 4-6 hours daily over hilly terrain. Being able to walk comfortably for long periods of time is recommended. 
  • Trekking Experience: Prior high-altitude trekking experience is not mandatory, but having some experience with multi-day treks in the Himalayas will be beneficial. Total beginners may find parts of the trek challenging.
  • Challenging Sections: The trail is quite gradual for most parts, but there are a few challenging sections. The ascent from Solang Valley to Dhundi can be steep and tiring. The final 1.5 km uphill trek to Beas Kund is quite steep. Proper acclimatization to the altitude is important before attempting this last section.

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The Beas Kund Trek Route

The Beas Kund trek starts in Solang Valley, near Manali. The total trek distance is around 30 km. 

The route for the Beas Kund trek is:

  • Solang Valley – The starting point for the trek is Solang Valley, which is a popular ski destination near Manali.
  • Dhundi – The first stop on the trek after Solang Valley is Dhundi. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Dhundi from Solang Valley.
  • Bakarthach – After Dhundi, the trail continues through meadows and forests to reach Bakarthach. This second campsite is around 7 km from Dhundi.
  • Beas Kund – The final destination of the trek is the Beas Kund glacial lake. From Bakarthach, it takes about 2.5 – 3 hours to reach Beas Kund. The total distance from Dhundi to Beas Kund is approximately 9 km.
  • Return by Same Route – The return journey is via the same route back to Solang Valley. From Beas Kund to Solang Valley, it usually takes about 6-7 hours.

The Beas Kund Trek route passes through forests, alpine meadows, streams, and moraine ridges. The stopover points on the route are Dhundi and Bakarthach, which have campsites for overnight stays. The total trek distance is around 30 km over 2-3 days.

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Beas Kund Trek Temperature

The temperature on the Beas Kund trek can vary significantly depending on the time of year. An overview of what to expect is provided below:

  • May-June: Day temperatures range from 10-18°C. Nights can dip below freezing, around -5°C at the higher camps like Bakarthach. Carry warm layers and a sleeping bag.
  • July-August: Days are pleasant at 15-20°C but nights get very cold around -10°C or lower. Must carry down jackets and proper winter clothing.
  • September-October: Day temperatures are in the range of 10-15°C. Nights can be freezing at around -5°C at high altitudes. Carry sufficient warm clothing.
  • November – April: Trekking is not recommended due to heavy snow and temperatures dropping to -20°C or lower. There is a high risk of altitude sickness and hypothermia.

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Beas Kund Trek Length

The total trekking distance for the Beas Kund trek is around 16 km one way. Most trekkers complete the trek over 2 days, with an overnight stay at the Beas Kund campsite. 

The typical itinerary is:

  • Day 1 – Trek from Solang Valley to Beas Kund (9 km, 4-5 hours) – Overnight stay at Beas Kund campsite 
  • Day 2 – Return trek from Beas Kund to Solang Valley (7 km, 3-4 hours)

Some fit trekkers may try to complete the trek in 1 day as a day hike. This is quite strenuous given the altitude gain on the route. It’s recommended to split over 2 days to properly acclimatize and enjoy the stunning scenery.

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Beas Kund Trek Altitude

The Beas Kund trek takes you to an altitude of 3,660 meters at its highest point. The trek starts at an altitude of 2,100 meters in Solang Valley. As you make your way towards Dhundi and Beas Kund, the altitude gradually increases. The lowest altitude on this trek is around 2,050 meters.

It is important to spend a couple of days acclimatizing in Manali before starting the trek. Drink plenty of fluids, avoid alcohol and smoking, and take it slow and steady. 

Do not rush or overexert yourself. Listen to your body and descend immediately if you feel any signs of altitude sickness, like headaches, nausea, or breathlessness. With proper acclimatization, you can comfortably complete this high-altitude Himalayan trek.

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Final Assessment

The Beas Kund trek requires a moderate level of fitness and some familiarity with mountain trekking. With good preparation, first-timers can complete the trek, but some sections will be challenging. Experienced trekkers will find it moderately difficult.

The trek requires proper acclimatization and winter clothing from July to October. Make sure to carry thermal inners, fleece jackets, down jackets, woolen caps, gloves, and trekking socks. Having the right clothing will keep you comfortable and safe in the cold Himalayan climate.

Completing the Beas Kund trek in 2 days is demanding but can be done by fit and experienced trekkers. Travel light, pace yourself, and enjoy the spectacular views on this compressed schedule!

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