How to plan a thrilling and scenic Shimla Kullu Manali tour?

Do you want a trip that includes scenery, nature, elegance and adventure? Discover how to organize a tour to make your Shimla Kullu Manali trip wonderful.


Shimla Kullu Manali is an ideal place for your vacation, where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, thrill and nature. Shimla Kullu Manali is located in the Himachal Pradesh of Northern India, a trio of mountains famous for its diverse cultural variety of nature. Furthermore, you may experience skiing, hiking, rafting, etc. 

In this guide, you will learn how to plan an adventurous and thrilling Shimla Kullu Manali tour and some tips and techniques about packing, ticket confirmation, eating, touring, and other guidance for this trip. Let’s begin! 

Day 1

Shimla is a well-known hilly region, currently the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It also served as the summer capital of British India in the days of British rule. Shimla is famous for its comfortable weather, beautiful stores, and colonial-style buildings. You may go to Mall Road, the main street and centre of activity and buy local products like jewellery, woollen attires, etc. Additionally, you may enjoy some tasty meals and drinks at famous restaurants and cafes around the road. As another option, you may enjoy the facilities in your lodge and praise the valley’s scenery from your balcony. 

Day 2

After breakfast, explore Kufri, a small hill region around 15 kilometres from Shimla and well-known for skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, and tobogganing. You may rent gear and guidance from experts at the ski resort. Furthermore, in Himalayan Nature Park, you may observe unique wildlife like pheasants, snow leopards, musk deer and brown bears. You may select a tour with a guide and discover the conservation campaigns of this sanctuary park. After that, travel back to Shimla and enjoy a relaxing meal. You may select and appreciate a delicious meal from one of the well-known restaurants and enjoy live music in the town’s pubs.

Day 3

You may head to Manali on this day, travelling via Kullu Valley. Manali is a famous hill region as a gateway for high-altitude areas like Ladakh and Spiti. It is famous for its breathtaking scenery, cultural legacy and thrilling activities. You could stop at Manikaran, famous for its thermal springs and a place of worship for Hindus and Sikhs. You may bathe in the thermal spring and explore temples in that region.

Additionally, you may experience river rafting in Beas River. The Beas River runs via Kullu Valley, offering exciting thrills and spectacular scenery. You can select various lengths and difficulty levels to experience the adrenaline rush. Drive to Manali by the late afternoon and reside at your booked accommodation. After an exhausting journey, you might recuperate as planned for tomorrow morning. 

Day 4

After the morning meal, you must head to the notorious Solang Valley for various exciting exercises. This valley is just over 14 kilometres from Manali. You might have liked the exhilaration of riding, plunging over a peak. Likewise, the ropeway, a cable car, could be utilized to see the peaks’ incredible perspective. The convenience stores just next to the ropeway terminus offer a variety of refreshments. One of the most notable tourist sites in Himalayan peaks is elevation Rohtang Pass with high alpine. It is a gateway to Ladakh and links the Spiti and Lahaul valleys. You may enjoy the incredible scenery of the Chandra River, Beas River and Himalayas from the Pass. Furthermore, at the Pass, you may experience snowman making, snow scootering, skiing, etc. Nevertheless, it would help if you were assured beforehand because Rohtang Pass depends on climate conditions and authorizations. 

Day 5

Today, you should visit Manali and its nearby areas. You may explore Jogini Waterfall, a spectacular outpouring of water approximately 150 feet high. The waterfall is approximately 3 kilometres from Manali and is a well-known hike area. You may see beautiful views of valleys and peaks when you walk across the trail. You may take a dip under the waterfall.

Additionally, you may explore a public park, Van Vihar Park, located around Mall Road in Manali. In Van Vihar Park, you may experience boating in a pond, various types of trees and plants, and animals and birds like monkeys, ducks and rabbits. Furthermore, you may explore Nehru Kund’s spring of cold water, named after the name of India’s first Prime Minister. Nehru Kund is approximately 6 kilometres from Manali and provides water to the villages in the region. Whenever Jawaharlal Nehru visited this region, he used to drink water from this spring. You could feel the freshness of the water. You may explore the old Manali area, the traditions and the culture of the natives. The old Manali area is approximately 2 kilometres away from Manali. Old Manali has a traditional and peaceful environment; you may also explore old houses made up of stones and wood, the old temples of different goddesses and gods and different stores of clothes, food and handmade stuff. The villagers are friendly so that you may communicate and learn about their culture and customs. 

Day 6

After your morning meal, you will check out from your lodge and go to Shimla. You may stay at some beautiful places and take a few photographs on the way. You may enjoy the beautiful Kullu Valley and Beas River, famous spots for photography in Himachal Pradesh. You may explore waterfalls, apple orchards, and pine forests during the drive. Furthermore, you may buy some Kullu shawls, stoles and caps in various designs for yourself and your relatives and learn how Kullu shawls are made from silk and wool by visiting the Kullu Shawl Factory. You will reach Shimla by the end of the day. After that, check into your lodge, rest and enjoy your hotel’s services. 

Day 7

Today is your last day in Shimla. Shimla is full of tourist attractions. You may explore the places you missed before, like the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla State Museum, Ridge, Jakhu Temple and Christ Church. Shimla has many trails with beautiful scenery of villages and hills you may hike and take some fresh breeze like Glen Trail, Chadwick Fall Trail, Tara Devi Trail and Summer Hill Trail. Furthermore, you may explore a few traditional and cultural wooden pieces in the well-known Lakkar Bazaar market. Check out from your lodge and go back to your home by bus or train.

Final Analysis 

That’s how to plan a Shimla Kullu Manali tour, as this trip is the best choice if you are searching for a vacation full of thrill, beauty and enjoyment. In these magnificent spots of Himalayan ranges, you may experience different snow, skiing, paragliding, hiking, and rafting activities. Additionally, you may enjoy the beautiful views of peaks covered with snow, green valleys, and old and traditional villages full of the culture and customs of Himachal Pradesh and its natives. The Shimla Kullu Manali trip is a trip that will leave you mesmerized. This guide guided you on how to enjoy your trip better, like adventures, activities and beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Additionally, we told you about packing, bookings, tours, and beautiful places. We hope you have a wonderful tour of Shimla Kullu Manali.

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