12 Crazy Things to do in Qatar

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Are you planning your vacation in Qatar? Here are 12 crazy things to do in Qatar to make your trip unforgettable! From exploring the stunning sand dunes of the desert to indulging in thrilling water sports along the pristine coastline, Qatar offers a wide range of unique experiences for every adventurous traveler. Get ready for adventurous activities like Dune bashing, camel racing, luxury glamping, scuba diving, falconry, and more.

About Qatar

Qatar is a Middle Eastern country that shares borders with Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. Qatar has a lot of attractions as a tourist destination, as it is considered the richest country in the world. You can indulge in different water sports, such as scuba diving, boating, and swimming, and enjoy beach sports. Its parks are rich in greenery and offer a panoramic view of nature. Qatar has a diverse culture, and you can enjoy a modern lifestyle with a blend of beauty and Islamic culture.

With the hosting of the Doha Expo 2023, Qatar has become the first country in the Middle East to arrange this grand horticultural exhibition with a new and demanding vision of “Green Desert, Better Tomorrow.”

Top 12 Crazy Things to do in Qatar

The deserts of Qatar host many adventures for enthusiasts. Cycling in dunes, rally racing, and desert trekking are popular sports for those who come to deserts in search of some heart-stopping activities. Now that you have arrived, here are the top 12 crazy things to do in Qatar:

1. Bash through desert dunes in an SUV.

Bashing in the dunes of Qatar is a thrilling experience, and an SUV is the best option to drive on the soft sand of the desert. This 4-hour drive in a 4×4 air-conditioned vehicle will give you an unforgettable journey.

Apart from Dune bashing, camel riding is also included in this activity while you are being accompanied by a professional safari guide. Visitors must have physical fitness for this adventure and wear loose-fitting clothes with sports shoes for sandboarding. 

To enjoy this hassle-free, crazy thing to do in Qatar, get your booking confirmation in advance. You will be picked up from your hotel accommodations and dropped off as well. Water and soft drinks are included in your booking.

2. Experience extreme sports in the desert.

Not tired yet from all that dune bashing? Head towards Sealine Beach for some crazy quad biking adventures. Quad biking is very similar to dune bashing, and both beginners and experienced riders can equally enjoy this sport. The use of an ATV to experience the thrill of riding through the sand dunes adds an extra level of excitement. Safety gear and a brief training session will be provided before you hop on this serious adventure machine.

Sealine Beach is also a popular destination for cycling. The upcoming cycling race, organized by the Al Adaid Desert Challenge, is also a great event to watch. The race takes place on Qatar’s off-road cycling and running tracks, covering a route from Sealine to Khor Al Adaid, which is one of Qatar’s most impressive natural wonders. This year, it’s scheduled for February 2nd. The distance for the cycling event is 38 km, while the running event covers a distance of 21 km.

If this activity is not on your list of crazy things to do in Qatar, then better stay at home.

3. Spectate a Camel Race

Camel Race

The density of camels is high in Qatar, and camel racing is an event to enjoy in the dunes of the Qatar desert. You will find some crazy things to do in Qatar at Al Shahaniya, which is the main sports center and the hosting point for many international tournaments. These events are held from October to February. Local races are held on Friday and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., and then again in the afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Arabian Thoroughbred Camel Race at Shahaniya Racetrack was the main event this year. HH the Emir attended the closing ceremony of the Arabian Thoroughbred Camel Race at Shahaniya Racetrack. The winners of the four main races were honored, with Abdul Hadi Khalil Al-Shahwani Al-Hajri receiving the silver sword.

(Source: https://www.qna.org.qa/en/News-Area/News/2015-01/26/hh-the-emir-attends-camel-race)

4. Marvel at Bir Zekreet’s Ancient Fort.

Zekreet Fort
Zekreet Fort

Bin Zekreet is a piece of land in the west of Qatar, and herds of camels and goats can be seen here. The unique feature of this landscape is the large escarpment with four pillars and the formation of limestone-like mushrooms. 

You can’t go to this place by public transport. The ancient fort of this land is only allowed to be visited with special permission. It would be best if you also had proper archaeological guidance to visit the place. If you get special permission to visit this fort, you will learn a lot about history.

5. Visit the Majestic Inland Sea.

 Inland Sea

The Inland Sea is situated in the southeast of Qatar, on the border of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The sea is known as Khor Al-Adaid and is famous for its majestic beauty. It would be best if you crossed dunes to reach the sea, which is also an adventure. Then, the blend of blue marine water and golden sand on the beach presents a fascinating view. 

At low tide, you can see fossils of marine species on the seashore. This sea is famous for its panoramic views, where three dunes meet at one point. You can indulge in water activities such as paragliding, kite surfing, and camel riding. 

Due to the high temperature of this site, it is best to visit between November and February.

6. Scuba dive in the warm turquoise waters.

Scuba Diving in Qatar - Salam Travellers

One of my favorite crazy things to do in Qatar is to dive in the warm turquoise water of the sea, where you can observe diverse marine life. Scuba diving in onshore areas is generally free, but to dip in deep sea water, you have to pay QAR 200

Private boats will take you to Macadeen’s wreck. Different sites are available where you can learn scuba diving, such as Alghais Diving Centre, Scuba Life Qatar, and Sea Plus Qatar. These diving centers have specific timing, and trainees are here to guide beginners and experienced ones. 

7. Explore Qatar’s most well-known cave.

cave Qatar
cave Qatar

Haven’t had enough crazy things to do in Qatar? Head to the west of Doha, where a rocky and ancient cave is situated, which was formed by natural sources 500,000 years ago. This cave is known as Dahl Al Misfir, the largest and deepest cave in Qatar. Due to being made of gypsum, the cave shines and emits a moon-like glow.

This place is ticket-free, and you can visit at any time of day, but due to having no electricity, it is best to visit in the daytime. Wear appropriate full clothes because, when going to the bottom of the cave, the temperature drops and you can feel cold. 

As the cave has loose rocks and a difficult path to walk, footwear with a strong grip is recommended. You can also watch the birds, such as wagtails, bee-eaters, and Eurasians, that pass through Qatar for migration.

8. Immerse in the ancient sport of falconry.

Falconry in Qatar - Salam Travellers

This ancient sport is favorite and famous among Qataris, and the falcon is also a national bird of Qatar. The crazy sport is quite enjoyable in that you use trained birds to hunt down migratory birds, and through the sport, a magical bond is created between the trainer and his bird.

The Houbara Bustard is the largest bird in the Qatari desert and is generally hunted by falconry. Due to the increasing falconry sport, the species of Houbara will be endangered. Visitors can visit Falcon Souq in Souq Waqif, Doha, where you can see the falcon birds from nearby and also sit on your arm under supervision. 

Prices depend on the size and skills of a falcon, and Falcon Souq remains open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., then again from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. throughout the week except Friday.

9. Re-live the history at the National Museum of Qatar.

National Museum of Qatar
cc : Tripadvisor

The National Museum of Qatar is situated in Doha, Qatar. This museum has a lot of architectural beauty, as the building style is designed with inspiring desert roses. Visitors can see old jewelry, cosmetics, and photographs that reveal the historical lifestyle of Qatar. 

The museum has an attraction for people of all ages. Inside the museum, a grand auditorium is located where shows are arranged for visitors. Besides, you can also enjoy food from restaurants and cafes inside the museum. 

The visiting fee for the museum is QAR 50, and you must dress modestly to respect the culture. The knees and shoulders of visitors must be covered to visit the government buildings and public places in Qatar. 

For students and scholars, a research center and laboratories are also developed. This place offers a great day out in Qatar. The museum remains open from Saturday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Friday 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

10. Glamp in style at a Luxury Beachfront Resort.

luxury beachfront resort qatar
luxury beachfront resort qatar

Apart from all the outdoor activities, Qatar is also famous for its luxurious stays in beachfront resorts. The beaches of Qatar have all modern facilities, and you can enjoy the Arabian lifestyle in these resorts after getting tired from full-day activities. 

Banyan Tree Doha is one of those resorts situated near the beach. Staff and cars will pick you up from the airport, and you can enjoy a fully facilitated stay at this resort. 

The Four Seasons Hotel Doha is also a 5-star beachfront hotel. The hotel offers a delicious buffet with a lot of options for breakfast, and the staff is fully trained and experienced in customer service.

11. Skydive over the Arabian Gulf.


If you love adventures, then you can enjoy skydiving over the Arabian Gulf because this activity is more adventurous and spectacular, but before doing it, you should know some details. So, it would be best if you did some research to understand the activity and its process thoroughly; like in this activity, you can choose between two options. 

One option is the Palm Drop Zone, which is in Dubai, and the second option is the Desert Drop Zone, which is in Al Ain. 

But be clear regarding the choice between the two, as both places will offer you stunning views of the Gulf and the desert. But if you want to see the famous Palm Jumeirah island, you should choose the palm drop zone. It also provides you with glimpses of the Dubai skyline. 

To book your skydiving experience, you will be facilitated online through Skydive Qatar. Sky Masters Sports Club also helps with that, and regarding guidelines, professional instructors will help you.

12. Rock climb at Bir Zekreet.

Rock climb at Bir Zekreet
cc : Booking Mentor

It is another adventurous activity. Bir Zekreet is actually a Peninsula located in the west of Qatar. The Bir Zekreet’s uniqueness is the formation of unique rocks, dunes, beautiful beaches, and a huge biodiversity. UNESCO has also made a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve here.

Rock climbing areas can be accessed by driving a 4×4 vehicle on the off-road tracks and using a map to find the best place. You can consult some professionals using social media apps if you want to avoid putting personal efforts into finding a suitable place. But remember, while preparing for rock climbing, you should bring your climbing gear, like ropes, harnesses, shoes, helmets, etc. Also, you need to have a first-aid kit to treat any mishaps. Avoid rock climbing in extreme weather conditions.

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What should I be careful of in Qatar?

It is a universal fact that bad and good are everywhere. Although Qatar is a relatively safe and secure place with a friendly environment and people, you should still be careful. You should especially be aware of local laws, customs, traditions, and religious perspectives. Follow the norms regarding dress, opposite-gender meet-ups, and forbidden drinking.

What are the dos and don’ts in Qatar?


  • It would be best if you learned some Arabic phrases.
  • Be formal in your greetings, especially with locals.
  • Increase your water consumption capacity to stay hydrated.
  • Use proper greetings and formalities when talking to Qataris.
  • If you want to bargain, then use a polite tone, and if you’re going to give a tip, then do it generously.


  • Avoid eating during Ramadan.
  • Avoid eating with your left hand.
  • Avoid talking to or touching women in public, especially those who are not your relatives.
  • Avoid steering, littering, or spitting in public places.

Final Analysis

This is all about 12 crazy things to do in Qatar. Qatar has a vast range of crazy activities for adventure seekers, and you can enjoy a lot of activities here. Besides, the beauty of Qatar lies in its rich and diverse culture, where people of any age can easily find a source of entertainment. You can visit the lush green parks and enjoy a wide range of local cuisines that offer local food from various countries. Visit the historical places to learn about the history of the region. So, plan your next trip to Qatar and enjoy thrilling outdoor activities there. Remember to share your memories with us and pack your luggage for endless fun in Qatar.

Stay tuned for more adventure guides from Salam Travellers.

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