How to visit Qatar Expo 2023?

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Explore how to visit Qatar Expo 2023, your next destination for a memorable trip. Get information about the visa process, flights, ticket schedule, accommodation, etc and also explore the attractions at this expo for your enjoyment.

Expo Doha is an international horticulture event which is hosted in Doha, Qatar. This expo started on 2 October 2023 and will continue for six months until 28 March 2024. This Expo 2023 Doha is hosted in Al Bidda Park, in the heart of Doha. Due to the setup in the lush green park in Doha, the Expo offers stunning sightseeing for visitors. This expo has many themes and hidden themes behind it. The central theme of this expo is “Green Deserts, Better Environment”. Introducing this theme aims to motivate human beings to serve their abilities to make deserts green. As deforestation increases, cultivation in deserts will help improve the oxygen ratio in the environment and help attain sustainability.

This expo has a lot of benefits, not only for Qatar but for all those 88 countries participating in this event. Professionals and experts will suggest new and suitable solutions for greening deserts. Seminars and conferences are held at this expo in which you will learn about modern technology and get a chance to meet experts face to face. Family zones also have attractions for families where family shows and music concerts will entertain you. You can enjoy international food stalls and experience the global handicrafts of each country. Gardens and pavilions present a marvellous place to visit. Behind this international expo, Qatar has the vision till 2030 to tackle all challenges and get solutions for economic development and social improvement, provide a high standard of living to all its people and promote environmental sustainability by making desserts green. These 4 purposes are known as 4 pillars of Qatar’s vision. Now, let’s explore how to visit Qatar Expo 2023. Read Also .. What to do in Expo 2023 Doha


The Qatar government has introduced different tour packages and facilities to make easy access to the Doha Expo 2023.

1. Visa: 

According to local media reports, international visitors can access the expo with a Hayya card. This card is like a fan ID, and the system will be eligible for six months of the expo. This card can be obtained through the Hayya portal or the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app, available on IOS and Android devices. 

To apply for a Hayya card, go to the portal and upload the listed documents. After submission of your application, you will get approval and then pay your fee. If you don’t have a Hayya card, then a visa on arrival is also available in Qatar.

2. Flight:

 After getting your Hayya card, you must book your online ticket, such as on Qatar Airways. But before applying, a valid health insurance policy is required from the accredited company listed by Qatar’s health ministry. Taking the Hayya permit with you at the airport would be best, and its validity will be checked by electronic barcode.

3. Accommodation: 

Qatar has also launched accommodation websites for fans to attend the expo with a Hayya card. By using this card, you can book your accommodation in Qatar. Hotels, apartments, villas and cruise ship cabinets are also available. Hayya cardholders will also get discounts on 4- and 5-star hotel accommodations.

4. Transportation: 

Hayya card also offers the usage of public transport free of cost. To reach the Qatar expo, you can travel on public buses or take the option of Doha Metro, which is also accessible during the six months of the expo. Al Bidda station is the nearest station to reach the expo.

5. Tickets: 

Doha Expo 2023 is the first international horticulture in the Middle East, and Qatar is providing the possible and most accessible ways for its visitors to explore it. Therefore, there are no entry charges for the expo, and Hayya card holders can get a complimentary entry to the expo free of cost.


Expo 2023 in Doha is an important event, and you can learn about the technology that can make agriculture modern, be aware of the environment, enjoy the park’s beauty and entertain yourself with different family shows and music concerts in the family zone of the expo.

1. Schedule 

The area of the expo is divided into 3 zones so everyone can enjoy it in his favourite zone: international zone, cultural and family zones are 3 zones of the expo. The operation hours from Saturday to Wednesday are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the global zone and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the cultural and family area. The cultural and family zone opens on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Further, on Friday, the international location operates from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., and the timings of cultural and family zones are 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.

2. Pavilions: 

In expo 2023, Doha, 80 countries are participating, and they have built their pavilions in the expo to showcase innovative ideas and solutions on the central theme of the expo, “Green Desert, Better Environment”. Such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia, the neighbouring countries of Qatar, build their pavilions with rich greenery that show the greenery of deserts. All countries focus on sustainability, innovations and solutions for greening deserts. 

The UAE pavilion has multi-sensory installations that indicate a deep understanding of the UAE agricultural legacy. Visitors can learn how the UAE developed a diversified agricultural sector by visiting this pavilion. The building of this pavilion has all the native plants found in the UAE.

3. Gardens: 

Due to the setting of the expo in Al Bidda park, it presents scenic beauty in abundance. The expo also has beautiful views of the waters of the Arabian Gulf. The park’s expo setup is built in a 1.7 million square meter area. You can enjoy the natural beauty, sports facilities and birdwatching. 

Moreover, the indoor gardens are housed within domes and have certain temperatures and controlled weather to take care of the gardens. This place offers the learning of those plant cultivation that need some demanding environment and sunlight. 

4. Congress Center: 

The Congress centre in the expo is a well-equipped hall that is designed to host meetings, conferences, seminars and other grand events. This place is the best option to gain knowledge and for the deliverance of innovative ideas and solutions related to the theme of the expo. 

It has audiovisual equipment, and seating arrangements are suitable for handling many people during the event. Seminars are held on different schedules during the expo, and you can get a chance to listen and talk with experts face to face because the theme of the expo is applicable to every individual, directly or indirectly.

5. Shows: 

In Al Bidda Park, an open-air family Amphitheatre is also built with a capacity of 2000 viewers sitting. During the exhibition, different family entreating shows are held there. Besides the performances, music concerts are also included to entertain the visitors. 

From 5 October to 31 October, a special entreating family show is held in an expo titled “Reem and The SEED of Hope. Another family show named “Green Desert, Better Tomorrow” is also controlled from the 3rd to the 31st of October, which will explain and present the theme-related information for visitors.

6. Activities: 

This international expo has a lot of fun and knowledge-gaining activities for its visitors. To make your trip memorable and informative, you can visit the cultural bazaars; in cultural bazaars, visitors can explore the culture, traditional and artistic products and handicrafts of different countries. These vibrant bazaars have a lot of things to buy. 

You can also visit the farmer’s market at the expo. This farmer market is specified for farmers who are presenting their productions in the agricultural field publicly. The Environment Centre and Biodiversity Museum at the expo are also worth visiting. This is a space where environmental science is exhibiting to demonstrate the climate change statics and its effect on human lives. Then, after getting free from shopping, the expo also has a food market where different stalls are settled, and you can enjoy the local food of other countries in one place.  

Some Suggestions

While visiting Qatar, keep some suggestions in mind to have a memorable and hassle-free tour.

Check the health and safety guidelines and fulfil any requirements like COVID-19 vaccination. 

It would help if you also learned some basic Arabic phrases. It will help you out in accessible communication with the local community. Some of the commonly used phrases and their English translations are given below:

Hello: مرحبا (marhaba)

Thank you: شكرا (shukran)

Welcome: أهلا وسهلا (ahlan wa sahlan)

Goodbye: مع السلامة (ma’a as-salamah)

How are you?: كيف حالك؟ (kayfa haluk?)

I’m fine: أنا بخير (ana bikhayr)

Excuse me: عفوا (afwan)

Sorry: أسف (usef)

Yes: نعم (ma’am)

No: لا (la)

Make sure to follow the local laws and customs obediently and don’t try to break them. Don’t indulge in negative conflict discussions, like political or religious discussions. 

Avoid alcohol drinking as it is considered haram in Islam, and Qatar is based on the law of Sharia. 

Avoid pork eating and short dresses. Wear appropriate dresses. 

You should also exchange your money for some Qatari Riyals. It will help you make your local shopping easy to buy daily routine items easily. 

Also, don’t be rude or disrespectful to others. It would be best to be calm and polite rather than loud and aggressive. Along with that, you also need to avoid showing affection publicly. You should prevent acts like French kissing, etc, publically. Also, avoid any sexual relations outside marriage as it is Aram and forbidden in Qatari law. 


What is the Qatar Expo 2023 plan?

It is the first A1 international horticultural Exhibition in Qatar, North Africa, and the Middle East. The theme of this expo is “Green Desert, Better Environment”. The purpose of this expo is to combat desertification. 

What are the activities for Expo 2023?

There will be multiple activities like cultural and educational exhibitions, conferences, sports, and other entertainment activities, as well as workshops, in Expo 2023. 

Is Qatar visa-free now?

Qatar allows for 101 countries a free visa opportunity. At the same time, the rest can use the Hayya card platform, which is online, for their convenience. 

How much is the e-visa for Qatar?

It is around about 100 QAR. In a single trip, tourists can stay for about 30 days. 

How can I get entry into Qatar?

Before entering Qatar, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • You need to present a valid passport. Your passport’s minimum validity should be about 6 months.
  • You need to have a confirmed two-way ticket.
  • It would help if you also had a valid and suitable accommodation facility.
  • It also would help if you had health insurance.
  • Also, you should be aware of the travel facilities. You should check the eligibility criteria for your respective nationality.

Is the visa-free for someone coming from Dubai, Qatar?

Yes, the visa is free for those travelling to Oman directly from Dubai or Qatar. Remember that you need to proceed with proper paper documentation rather than online facility.

Final Analysis

This is all about how to visit Qatar Expo 2023. This article will help you explore the exhibition in its entirely highness, and if you visit the expo, follow some guidelines to prevent hassle of any type. Check the weather updates in Qatar before travelling to Qatar so you can pack your luggage according to the weather. As Qatar is an Islamic country, extra short dress is inappropriate. Wear complete clothing and respect the country’s rules, culture and traditions. Also, confirm your health insurance with any reputed company in Qatar before travelling. Don’t use alcohol openly, and follow the rules set by the administration of the expo. Save your time, and book your tickets right now so that you can enjoy many activities and learn about agriculture. This expo has something for people of every age, so enjoy your trip to the expo in Doha and share your wonderful experience with us.

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