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Are you going to travel alone? Read our solo travel packing lists for females and know how to stay safe while traveling alone. Also, explore how to be comfortable, confident, and stylish in a solo travel adventure. 

Solo travel for women is easy and exciting from different perspectives, but it also has a lot of challenges in it. The first and utmost challenge is the safety concern that females face. They have to protect themselves at every step from criminals and cheaters. Sometimes, in solo travel, you feel lonely, as there is nobody to help you in difficult situations and to share your excitement for new things. But, with many challenges, solo travel gives you a chance to discover yourself.

In solo travel, you have enough time to know about your interests and capabilities. You have no boundaries, and you can make new friends easily. Moreover, solo travel is the best way of well-being and building confidence in women. In solo traveling, packing plays a pivotal role in safety, and you should pack smartly to cover your needs and safety measures. That’s why we prepared this solo travel packing list for females. Choose versatile items that can be used for various purposes and avoid packing heavy luggage. The article will cover all necessary things that should be included in your packing, whether you are going to any destination. The guide will help you to pack smartly and will save you time.  Read Also.. 25 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Essentials and documents: 


For any international tour, a passport is necessary for immigration purposes, so this is the first item you cannot miss for traveling. Besides that, a passport can also be used for ID purposes. 


Visa and tickets are also essential, and it is best to have more than one hard copy of the visa and tickets. Try to pack all copies of these documents in your backpack and keep them separate from the originals. 

Credit Card:

Keep your credit card in your backpack because this will save you money, and you can get cash according to your needs.

Local Currency:

Keep some local currency of your traveling country with you before traveling internationally, as you may need to spend at the airport to get local sim cards or food items. 

Vaccination Cards:

After COVID-19, some countries still need vaccination cards to get entry. Therefore, keep your vaccination card in your packing, and don’t forget to keep copies of all your original documents. These copies need to be submitted on various security checks and also help out in case of lost original documents.

Bags and backpacks: 

The selection of bags is dependent on the female traveling plan, but a suitcase and backpacks are usually preferred for solo traveling. Both have pros and cons, which women should know before choosing one for their travel. 

The suitcase 

A suitcase has a large space to pack all clothes and toiletries items and is also easy to move, but on some rough roads and terrain, you can face difficulty handling it. Suitcases are easy to organize, and you can get access to every single item in it. Moreover, the suitcase is built with security measures, and you can lock your things in it. Day packs and zipper bags can also be used for carrying out phones, money, charging cables, and other essential documents.

The backpack 

A backpack has less space, but you can use it with free hands. The backpack is easily operating in rough terrain. Having both hands is essential in solo traveling, as you may need to type a message or have to use your hands for eating food or climbing up on steep roads, buses, or trains. With a lot of advantages, backpacks also have some cons, such as it has less space as compared to a suitcase. As you pack it heavy, you have to carry it all the time with you. It will compromise your enjoyment during travel. 

Our suggestion

But overall, we suggest that backpacks are a good option for solo travel due to their easy mobility. You don’t need to push behind you and then adjust in transport. Backpacks also have a lot of hidden pockets and spaces, so you can easily hide your valuable items and money in them. 

Electronics and gadgets: 

Electronics are also essential during travel. Mobile phone is at the top of the list. You need to protect the mobile phone with glass protection. 

Other electronic gadgets are also essential for solo traveling, such as:

  • Noise-avoiding headphones
  • Power banks for emergency charging of mobile
  • Universal adapters
  • E-readers

All these electronics have to be packed in your backpack because you have to use them at any place, so don’t keep them in your checked luggage.

Clothes and shoes: 

The choice of clothes is dependent on the travel season, duration of trip, and type of trip. Try to pack clothes that can be worn in summer and winter. 

  • Try to keep one short dress that can be used for sports and as a swimsuit. 
  • At summer destinations, lots of women feel comfortable with skirts, so pack at least two skirts. 
  • A dress for semi-formal occasions can be included in the clothing list for attending a party. 
  • If you are going for an adventurous trip, then pack a pair of socks and lagging pants. 
  • Pack full-sleeve tops to protect yourself from sunburn, and for protection, keep one sweatshirt or hoodie because sometimes warm areas get cool at night. 
  • During the rainy season, the raincoat is also suggested to keep in your bag. 
  • Take two pairs of shoes for your solo trip. One pair of joggers or sneakers because sneakers have a strong grip and make walking and adventure comfortable. 
  • One pair of flip flops that can be used during shower, on the beach, and for normal walk-in accommodation.


Keep only necessary toiletries and avoid being overloaded. Keep your teeth brush and toothpaste, and try to keep only solid products to avoid leaking in a suitcase. 

Take your necessary make-up, such as foundation, mascara, eye shadow blusher, and lipstick, that can be used as a lip balm. Keep a friendly make-up brush set. Keep moist wipes that can be used as a make-up remover and to sanitize hands and also can be used as a tissue. Take multi-purpose soap to wash hands, face, and body. 

Take your sunscreen with you and menstrual products also. Birth control pills also have to be kept in your bag to avoid any inconvenience on your trip. Keep your rechargeable bikini trimmer because it is more convenient to use than a razor. 

Basic medication such as mosquito repellent, antibiotic ointment, and motion sickness pills are recommended to add to your packing list.

Miscellaneous extras: 

These extras are optional, and you can add them to your packing to make your trip more enjoyable. 

  • Keep a travel pillow so that you can sleep well on a plane, train, or bus. It can be folded, so it is easy to carry. 
  • A scarf to protect yourself from sun exposure and sunburn. 
  • You can also keep a camera with you if you want to capture the memories of your trip. 
  • A sim card tool is also required to change your sim with a local sim card. 
  • Try to keep a quick-drying towel as compared to a bath towel. Similarly, quick-drying undergarments are also essential to pack.  
  • If you are a smoker, then a lighter can also be kept because by offering it to other travelers, you can interact with them. 

All these are optional items, so if you are already full of luggage, then don’t be overloaded, and you can skip these extras.

Food and drinks: 

While packing for an international tour, keep some healthy snacks. It will provide you with nutrition, hydration, and satisfaction so you will not feel hungry and will enjoy your traveling most. 

You should also need to keep a water purifier bottle along with you to keep your body hydrated. Also, focus on packing those meals that are instant to cook. It will be helpful if you need access to the kitchen. 

You should also pack tea or coffee ingredients as they will be helpful to keep you relaxed, active, and awake for long hours. Along with that, you can also pack some electrolight tablets. These tablets help to keep your body’s electrolytes balanced, and you will not feel lazy and sick. They are necessary to take because of the environmental difference. 

You can also take some protein powder, especially if you are a vegetarian. You can use it by mixing it with water or milk to cure your protein deficiency or meet your daily protein requirements. 

You can also focus on local specialties. To enjoy local cuisine confidently, try to book a manual table as by doing this you can get in contact with locals. Women can also enjoy local cuisine with groups of other travelers as in group eating, you will interact with other people and can also enjoy a family environment. 

Before trying local food, it is suitable to confirm its ingredients if you have an allergy to any food items.

Entertainment and education: 

Solo traveling can also prove to be a source of entertainment and education for women. For example, in alone traveling, you can take an educational book to read and can also download an entertaining game or language learning app about which country you are going to travel. 

Short classes of yoga or self-care can also be taken to enrich your health, or you can join a tour of historical places to learn about history. Solo travel can be made enjoyable by taking part in different outdoor activities that will also be helpful for well-being.


What should a solo female traveler pack? 

A female who is traveling alone should pack a power bank or portable power charger, mineral water bottle, and noise-canceling AirPods. She also needs to pack fast-drying undergarments and clothes, a scarf, a lockable bag, a multi-tool, necessary documents, and a travel strap. 

How long should a solo trip be? 

It can’t be specific as it may vary depending upon the nature of your tour, your preferences, budget and timings, etc. Personally, it should be as long as you can enjoy everything that you planned but not feel exhausted or bored. For an international tour, a month-long tour can be ideal, but again, it depends upon your preferences. 

How do you protect yourself as a solo female traveler? 

A woman who is traveling alone should mainly focus on her safety. A woman should not tell any travel information to strangers, avoid setting patterns of leaving and returning, avoid walking alone, feel her intuitions, talk to locals, stay connected back to her family and friends, and update them about her travel experience. 

Why is female solo travel important? 

It is important because it empowers a woman and provides her confidence. She feels independent and discovers her sense of self. She sees the world from a different angle, and her multiple perspectives will change. It can make her more creative, more friendly, and communicative. 

How do I organize my solo trip? 

To do this, you need to decide why you are planning your trip and what kind of trip you want. You need to choose your target destination and book your transportation and accommodation. You can also set an initial for you. Always pack wisely and smartly and be prepared for any emergency situation.  

Final Analysis

Solo travel is enjoyable and informative but also challenging and difficult for women. But packing wisely and smartly can overcome the risks of danger. You can handle many problems by packing versatile items in your luggage. Try to keep your packing limited as it will be helpful for your easy movement from one place to another. As a woman, try to keep all your bath-using items and other essential medications with you. May this guide about solo travel packing lists for females be helpful in your packing for future solo trips. Don’t be overloaded, and keep only the most demanded item in your luggage.

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