Which is best, Canter or Gypsy in Ranthambore?

Jungle Safari Ranthambore With Gypsy
Jungle Safari Ranthambore With Gypsy : image credit

Ranthambore National Park is a dwelling place for tigers and other wild animals. The major attraction of this park is its richness of wild animals. Ranthambore is a tremendous and fascinating place for those who love nature and wildlife. If you are considering witnessing tiger sightings, then Ranthambore National Park is an ideal place for you.

Where is Ranthambore National Park located?

Ranthambore National Park is located on the eastern side of the Madhopur Sawai district. Ranthambore Fort is also situated in this park, a great tourist attraction and a majestic symbol of beauty with its splendid scenery and historical background. In 1955, the government of India decided to develop this area as a Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary to preserve the forest area. Later, it was created as a national park in 1980. The park is stretched over an area of 282 sq. km, but only 10% of it is allowed for tourists, and this 10% is divided into ten different zones. These ten zones differ in scenery, and the diversity of tigers spotted in these zones is also different. It is a popular destination for wildlife lovers and photographers of nature.

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How do I explore the Ranthambore National Park?

You can explore this park with the help of guides provided by forest management for every tourist group. These groups of tourists visit the whole area on safaris, which are also controlled by forest management. Generally, two types of safaris are available in this park, which are gypsy and canter. Both differ in size, capacity, and charges for visits. Generally, a canter is taller and more prominent than a gypsy. In this guide, we will explain both main features so that you can book your safari according to your demands. Let us explore which is best: Canter or Gypsy in Ranthambore in detail. 

Jungle Safari With Canter in Ranthambore
Jungle Safari With Canter in Ranthambore : image credit

Canter vs Gypsy

Both are used to operate in different park zones; however, some zones are unsuitable for Canter as it is difficult to travel on high, steep hills, so Jeep can efficiently operate in those zones. Canter is more significant and taller than Jeep, so one can get a chance to see deep in the forest from the Canter; however, there are also some advantages of Canter and Jeep. Each of them has its own significance, which no one can deny. Canter is a safari vehicle available all day, whereas Jeep is offered only for specified tours. In these vehicles, an expert guide is also provided by forest management, who guides the tourists about the park and its history.

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i. Capacity

The Canter is more prominent in size and height than the Jeep, so it has more passenger capacity. In a canter, 20 people can ride at one time, but in a Jeep, there is only space for six people. Due to its large size, a canter is more straightforward to acquire and affordable than a Jeep. Still, on the other hand, a Jeep can also be reserved in advance because this safari is a better option for families or couples due to the number of people. After all, you can feel comfortable due to fewer people, and it’s more private than a canter.

ii. Comfort

Jeep is also more comfortable than Canter because it has cushioned, comfortable seats and open windows. As it is not overcrowded, you can explore in a relaxed mood. Jeeps are also easier to ride because their tall height makes it difficult to ride on a canter. Gypsy offers a smooth ride, better views, and fresh air. It can also operate on steep hills, which you can explore in denser park zones. Canter has many passengers, and you can feel bumpy, crowded, and dusty due to its height. But on Canter, you can get an opportunity to see deep into the forest and observe the beauty of nature and wildlife. 

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iii. Cost

Gypsy is expensive in fares for visitors because it has less space; therefore, the chances of its availability are less than Canter, and you have to book it in advance. Jeep charges are INR 3700 for foreigners and INR 1800 for Indians. Besides that, Canter is more accessible and more affordable because you must pay INR 2700 as a foreigner and INR 1300 as an Indian. Due to the differences in charges, Jeep can be affected by your budget and create inconvenience for your tour, but Canter is cheaper than Jeep and readily available.

iv. Zone allocation

Gypsy is assigned to special zones specified by forest management, but Canter is guaranteed for zones 2 to 5; therefore, Jeep can affect your excitement and satisfaction for safari tours. You must get an advance booking for Jeep to avoid disappointment in the availability of this safari. But the cantor is assured of the term, and at different periods of the day, the canter went for excursions in the park. So you can visit these zones offered by Canter management. These zones are also rich in scenery, and the chances of tiger spotting are high. Besides tigers, many other wild animals and birds, like deer and bears, can be visited in these zones. Jeep offers more variety and surprises because the tour can extend from Zone 6 to Zone 10, which are denser parts of the park and have diverse wild animals. Hence, it offers more certainty and reliability for tiger sightseeing.

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v. Maneuverability

Canters are noisy, larger in size, and difficult to maneuver. But the Jeep is faster, quieter, and easier to operate. Therefore, a Jeep can be superior to a safari because its soft operating system allows you to explore more areas and get closer to the animals. At the same time, Canter limits your movement and distance. As well, due to its noise, animals can be frightened and hide in their habitat, decreasing the chances of observing them closely.

What is the best time to book a visit to the Park?

You can book your ride by contacting the hotel management or by booking online. But before booking, you have to choose the right time at your convenience because safaris do not come to pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. It would be best if you avoided visiting the park in monsoon months because, due to rain, the chance of land sliding on hilly areas increases, and on slippery tracks, the safari is not easy to operate. Moreover, you should follow the rules and regulations implemented by forest management and wear clothes of neutral colors because bright colors can frighten wild animals. Carry essential things like a hat, sunscreen to avoid sunburn, and a water bottle to prevent hydration during the summer. 

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Book the Tour Today!

So now, what are you waiting for? Go and book your safari vehicle today and prepare for an unforgettable journey full of adventures and thrills into the wild heart of India. Remember that booking in advance for 4 to 5 months is always an excellent choice to avoid any hassles. So let nature charge you and experience the freedom of the forest, because this is a place to escape from the world and connect with nature. Save your time, as the majestic beauty of Ranthambore is waiting for you.

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Final Analysis

If you are curious about which is the best canter or gypsy in Ranthambore, it is evident that both safaris have their significance and advantages for a tour. Still, due to being friendly and easily accessible, Canter is recommended for those who want to visit the starting zones of the park and cannot bear the expenses of the gypsy. But gypsy is also recommended for those who wish to explore rare wildlife species and have a craze for thrilling adventures. Additionally, the people who came as a couple and didn’t want to invade their privacy should consider Jeep for their park tour.

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